Paper Example on Timeless Literature in Ancient Greece Culture

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Date:  2022-08-10


The most significant aspects of ancient Greece were literature and theatre which later influenced modern drama. People from Greece were known all over the world for their sophisticated architectures and sculptures (Phillips, Tom & Armand D'Angour 56) One significant impact of this ancient culture is the influence it had on the Roman Empire and other modern civilizations, and it continues to affect modern cultures today (Foster 67). Greece is said to be the cradle of Western culture and the system of government where citizens exercise their power through voting. Through the Greek beliefs in democracy, today, many governments believe in the government of the people, trial by the legislature, and the aspect of equality under the law. The primary purpose of this essay is to comprehensively discuss the timeless literature in ancient Greece Culture and how it was applied in different situations as well as context.

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Literature in ancient Greece culture can be classified into Music as well as drama and how it was applied. Music was part of the Greece culture and was significantly structured on the lyre which is a string instrument used in their classical antiquity. Furthermore, they used related mathematics developments to define the western classical music although there is less information regarding the precise character of the music during the ancient times. However, that kind of music left a high impact on the culture of Rome, the capital city of Italy. Apart from the art of music, dancing was also a significant part of their culture, and the ancient Greeks believed that the gods invented dancing and therefore the practice was associated with religion (Foster 80). Moreover, it was also thought that the gods chose specific mortals to give the gift of dancing. Activities such as dancing, singing, writing, and physical exercise were done in a circle, and the participants would end up dancing while facing each other.

The art of painting was a significant part of the culture in Ancient Greece. Due to the various technical differentiated developments, these paintings had technical differences. Furthermore, only some of the painting techniques were equally represented in the archaeological records. According to prominent authors like Pliny, the most important paintings of all time included panel paintings which were made on flat panels of wood (Foster 70). Moreover, the culture of wall painting in ancient Greece was rampant and involved lavish fresco decoration sites, for example, Knossos which is the most significant archeological site in Europe's oldest city. Most of the architectural sculptures in ancient Greece were painted colorfully. However, due to intensive weathering, most of the ancient statues have partly or entirely faded in most cases.

The monumental sculpture, a combination of function and size in art history in Ancient Greece is composed entirely of Bronze and marble. Bronze was the most favored medium for major works of art in the early 5th century because it was easy to bend and is durable as well (Phillips, Tom & Armand D'Angour 45). Sculptures made from gold and ivory were less frequent, and only fragments have survived. During the 19th century, massive excavation of ancient Greek sites led to the discovery of many sculptures with multicolored surfaces. However, these paintings did not become a fact until two German archeologists published their findings in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Some of the materials used to prove if the materials had been painted were high-intensity lamps, powdered minerals, and specially designed cameras among other tools (Phillips, Tom & Armand D'Angour 28).


In conclusion, Ancient Greece was rich in culture and art which are significant in the modern world today. For instance, their music became a stepping stone for modern European music. Moreover, modern paintings were influenced by some of the prominent artists in ancient Greece.

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