Paper Example on the Repelling of the ObamaCare Act

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Date:  2021-06-23

Dear Senator Murray,

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I am a nursing student at the Institutional Affiliation, with a strong interest in the healthcare system and social issues affecting the society. Having lived in a family that was not wealthy, and one in which I had to go through many difficulties in getting my education, and medical bills paid, I certainly have an idea of how the common citizen feels regarding health policies. In recent years, the Republican Party, through the leadership of President Donald Trump, have drummed up support for repealing the Affordable Care Act, better known as the ObamaCare Act (Sullivan, Cunningham & Snell, 2017). With the House passing a bill to repeal the Act, all eyes are set on the Senate (Sullivan, Cunningham & Snell, 2017). I am, therefore, writing to urge you not to support the repelling of the ObamaCare Act.

Since its introduction on March 13, 2013, ObamaCare has helped many U.S citizens, especially those who earn low-incomes (Dawes, 2016). The number of uninsured people has reduced by over 10 million which is a huge plus for the American people since ObamaCare came into existence (Mason, Gardner, Outlaw & O'Grady, 2016). Those against the healthcare plan will point out that access to healthcare coverage does not imply access to quality care; hence, an unhealthy population (Mason, Gardner, Outlaw & O'Grady, 2016). However, what people keep forgetting are the advantages that the Affordable Care Act holds. First, it brings about equality in the insurance coverage since insurance companies are unable to exempt sick people (O'Brien, 2016). Second, it mandates everyone to purchase an insurance coverage, and lastly, it enables low-income earners to be able to afford healthcare coverage (O'Brien, 2016). It is more like hitting three birds with a single stone.

Being a comprehensive healthcare plan that intends to get all Americans insured, the federal government clearly uses a lot of money in funding ObamaCare; hence, repealing it sounds quite reasonable, at least for most of the Republicans (Dawes, 2016). However, a question that we ought to be asking ourselves is: what is the alternative plan that the house and senate will introduce after removing ObamaCare? The answer to that question may be difficult, but one thing that is certain is that it will also take a lot of financing.

Financing for the ObamaCare comes from taxes, and most of it comes from the rich in the United States. On another note, the Republicans have an agenda of cutting citizen taxes and undoing the ObamaCare would be a good way of achieving reaching that particular objective (O'Brien, 2016). However, it will mean that low-income families miss out on the subsidies offered by the ObamaCare Act. Additionally, it also means that the wealthy top one percent of the country gets to pay less or no taxes (O'Brien, 2016). All in all, the republicans agenda to repeal ObamaCare is based on getting rid of the taxes and not for the purposes of healthcare. Given the completeness of the ObamaCare Act, it is hard to figure out where funds for coming up with the replacement act will come from.

My humble request, therefore, is to you, senator not to support the removal of the ObamaCare Act, at least until there is a better plan that would ensure that low-income earners get affordable healthcare. I would also appreciate knowing your response and position regarding the plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.


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