Paper Example on the Origin of Food Production

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Date:  2021-04-09

The origin of food production started near 10,000 years prior when additional proof for agribusiness expands additionally back in ancient times. What can be unequivocally expressed is that horticulture had as of now developed a few circumstances in various parts of the world in the last 12,000 to 20,000 years, and perhaps as right on time as 50,000 years back, with the most recent 6,000 years creating the most confirmation for this social wonder. Research has, in turn, challenged the speculation that people initially started as hunters and gatherers and later developed to agriculturists about 10,000. Sutton went ahead to explain the origin of food production through theories as stated below.

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1. Oasis theory

From the article, it is a center idea in prehistoric studies, alluding to one of the primary speculations about the sources of farming. The desert spring hypothesis contends that individuals are beginning living in settlements because-because amid a drought, the main reasonable place was close desert gardens.

2. Hilly Flanks Theory

Robert Braidwood suggested this theory, and he states that food production started in Taurus and Zagros mountains. The locality had dry type of weather, but still, Childe opted it to be productive land to cultivate plants and rare animals hence introducing crop and animals raring in the region.

3. Cultural Evolutionism

It is the notion that people can adjust to meet the kind of life they want to. As seen in the article, the alterations exhibited in communally broadcasted understanding, learning and way of communicating with each other. During the origin of food productions, the people did not have enough knowledge or skills to run their Farms. But due evolutionism, they came to adopt new skills and maximized the entire opportunity.

4. Environmentalism

As skills and knowledge advanced, people came to notice that some plants and animals could service depending on the environment. As they continue learning more in as far as farming is concerned, they moved to areas which were seen to be fertile for instance along Taurus and Zagros Mountains and regions along Jordan River.

5. Optimal Foraging Theory

The advancement of knowledge gave the people skills to know the techniques employed by animals when in search of food and water. Because such practice needed animals to have enough energy to allow them to move far in search of food, they had to move areas where food was never a problem to their animals.

6. Rationale Choice Theory

Before the origin of food production during this era, people used to be hunters and gatherers. This means that they relied on fruits, insects and bush meat. When the idea of farming came into their minds, the rationale choice of theory makes a proving point to the fact that the decision was never a regrettable move.

7. Cultural, ecological theory

Similar to environmentalism, the article gives the process from which the people changed from being hunters and gatherers to farming. The shifting process involved changing from one lifestyle to another meaning they had to adapt to the new ways of farming.

8. Unilinear Cultural Evolution theory

Being a culturally diverse society, they had to come together at least to make the effort of working together easier. They believed in working in numbers in that it provided much labor force as compared to lesser people in introducing farming in their livelihood.


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