Essay Sample on Promoting Safety

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Date:  2022-11-26


Safety is fundamental in a well-functioning office to all employees whether manager, supervisor or executive employee. When proper safety is promoted in the workplace, it helps reduce the negative side of the organization and promote their sustainability and competence. My Suggestion on the ways to promote safety in the workplace includes:

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Staff Training

All staff in an organization requires first aid training even if the employee has skills or experience in a certain field. When the employees are well trained, their jobs become easier and safer as well. Also, after training the workers on safety in the workplace, they need also to be shown where they can locate safety tools, for example, first aid kid. In this case, the employee can be able to locate this essential item in case of emergency without any confusion.

Keep an Open Dialogue With the Employees

As an employee, you should ensure you have an open conversation with employees on the issue concerning ways of promoting safety in the workplace. Make it easy for workers to report to you what challenges they face regarding safety in the workplace by appointing a leader among them who can represent them. This will help in promoting safety in the workplace.

Keeps Things Clean in the Workplace

The issue of cleanness in the workplace should be paramount . When the workplace is left in a messy situation, it can lead to cases of accidents. Make sure that there is regular checkup of the workplace cleanness by ensuring that documents are placed safely and messy floor properly cleaned. In this way, safety in the workplace is promoted.

Post Signs in the Workplace

Despite employing workers who are well trained on the issue of safety, you need as an employer to post signs around the workplace like "kit tool area" since workers can easily forget sometimes. Post signs will assist in reminding workers of everyday risks associated with their job, and this will, in turn, make them comply with safety rules and regulation.

Ensuring That Workers Have the Necessary Tools and Resources Need for Safety in the Workplace

If an employer cannot provide enough tools and resources in the workplace to employees, then there would be high chances of accident incidents reported in the workplace. The tools required by a manufacturing company, for example, include safety glasses, helmets, and boots. This will help in promoting safety in the workplace.

There are many practical ways to promote, recognize and reward safety performance among the employees at the workplace that include:

Giving holiday, rewards and bonuses- When employees uphold safety in the workplace, he/she is awarded a holiday gift, special awards, and cash bonuses. This will keep employees keep encouraged especially concerning the issue of safety.

Providing opportunities - Employees who maintain safety in the workplace to their best should earn opportunities for job promotion and extended responsibilities. This will encourage workers to work harder to have this kind of opportunity.

Recognizing employee's passion - For greater performance in the workplace, workers love most to be given the opportunity to enjoy their passion, because if they are denied they feel they are useless.

Giving financial incentives - The best thing to ensure workers work to their best is by motivating them with a financial incentive. This will act as an encouragement tool for them.


In conclusion, safety is a very vital issue, especially for all employees in the workplace. When the workers get injured or fall sick at work, the production of the organization reduces dramatically because the remaining workers have an added workload that that alters their efficiency. This act shows the importance of having safety in the workplace so that employees can access instant assistance in case of emergency.

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