Paper Example on Supporting Illegal Immigrants in the US

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Date:  2022-07-11


The issue of illegal immigration has brought forth heated arguments in almost all sectors of the U.S community. For example, the political realm establishes the undocumented immigrants as a threat to internal security; therefore, creating various ways of deporting the immigrants even without committing any crime (Van Horn & Schaffner, 2003). On the other hand, socio-political elements have brought about movements established to create awareness towards the inhuman treatment of these individuals. These movements have been the voice of the undocumented immigrants since they are hunted up and down by the federal government, especially after President Trump signed the 13768 directives. Ideally, immigrants are human beings, and it is the moral obligation of treating a person with love, humility, passion, and consideration (Hamilton, 2017). Power and authority are enemies of humility and considerations; critics have it that the political and social norms will never be equal since politicians are driven to grasp power and exploit opportunities while the public embraces ways of understanding and co-existing with one another. It is due to the division on perception on the role and place of illegal immigrants that the paper will support the public perception that analyses immigrants as a section of the community and the U.S population.

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There have been researches done over the years as to why undocumented immigrants are not needed in the U.S community. First, according to news trends and articles reflecting on the California economy, Hamilton (2017), state that the role of the immigrants documented or not is felt not just heard. The ideology behind the statement promotes the fact that even though these individuals are in the U.S illegally, they take the moral duty to perform their tasks with the aim of satisfying their customers and employers. Also, according to Hamilton (2017), it is clear that economic values are of less importance to the employers, who grant jobs to the undocumented immigrants, but the skills they have and what they bring to the market with the aim of providing quality. Moreover, there have been issues concerning the manner to which these individuals are treated. There have been cases on how employers take advantage of the undocumented immigrants; thus, offering them jobs with minimal pay. To some extent researchers state that it is the millennial myth and with the world full of activists, there is hope for their livelihoods.

There is a huge difference between ancient and current illegal immigration trends. First, years back most of the illegal immigrants fled into the U.S in search of jobs. To make matters interesting immigrants both documented and undocumented constituted to the majority share of the U.S workforce (Van Horn & Schaffner, 2003). They worked for long hours and received minimum wage, and they were satisfied with all that. Currently, the economic grounds have changed, and according to research, the immigrants are leading in the entrepreneurship sector. To understand the concept, one needs to realize that diversity occupies America and it is its main strength. With the intention not be deported these immigrants are using their skills, passions, and knowledge to create employment opportunities in the U.S (Van Horn & Schaffner, 2003). The tides have changed because decades ago natives employed the immigrants to work on their plantations and enterprises, but currently, the employment grounds between the two is level; thus, stating that the illegal immigrants are more humane than the natives since they do not exploit them and neither are they treated as outsiders.

To some extent, the U.S has not lived to their expectations. First, with the fear of losing power to immigrants with use and success rate, the federal government has decided to do away with the undocumented immigrants. To elaborate, the nation is experiencing a steady decline in the numbers of the undocumented immigrants because of deportation due to the legality of being in the country but not the individuals' contribution towards establishing a stable U.S. Nevertheless, in some states illegal immigrants pay taxes in both state and local levels. These taxes aid in the learning, construction, and upgrading of the communities that these individuals cannot afford to live in. To make matters worse, they are taxed yet they live in harsh environments, lack education, suffer from depression and other mental illnesses but come to their turn to work they perform their duties in an excellent manner (Van Horn & Schaffner, 2003). It is due to these facts that these people need amnesty. They need to reconnect with the community, and the government needs to embrace the fact that they are part of the U.S community.


To conclude, it is quite unfortunate that the political system is cutting off the workforce resource of the U.S. Even though they believe that fewer immigrants more jobs for the natives, experience, passion, and commitment are not measurable. Also, deporting the illegal immigrants only cuts short the advanced stages of building the nation, for example, few immigrants will definitely reduce the tax collection; hence, the nation will lack the funds to support the growth of the U.S. Finally, immigrants are essential because of their intense business oriented thoughts and the idea of creating employment opportunities for the native. It is for the above reason that the paper state that losing the immigrants is of great risk to the nation.


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