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Currently, Small cab is new in the cab service industry. Small Cab market intelligence currently involves advertisements and offering discounts to consumers so as to increase its consumer base. However, their current marketing strategy is outdated as a result of improved technology in the cab business. Therefore, it is essential for small cab to device new and improved market intelligence strategies which ensure that it is at a competitive edge. These digital marketing tools involve mobile marketing and SEO marketing which are crucial in improving consumer base at small cab.

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Mobile Marketing

Cell phones are far reaching and of great importance towards humankind. The intensity of the World Wide Web enables individual from all over the world to immediately interface despite the place and time. Be that as it may, cell phones are more than just specialized devices. They are being used for the payment process while shopping, as working taps in areas inaccessible areas, and to safely keep one's savings (Leppaniemi and Karjaluoto, 2008). The rising prevalence of cell phones gives numerous new chances to organizations and in addition people. As per ongoing investigations, they are the main favored correspondences medium, and on the grounds that they are close to home and available consistently it is no big surprise that an ever increasing number of advertisers are receiving cell phones in their crusades.

All through the world individuals have progressed toward becoming interlinked with one another on their cell phones and different gadgets. The close 'universality' that cell phones bring to the table is producing numerous new financial open doors for the entire society. The extent of cell phones has achieved extraordinary extents (Bosomworth, 2015). Almost everybody on the planet can be locked in with a cell phone. In creating nations, it might be the best way to draw in somebody carefully. What's more, with respect to cell phones, it is assessed that there are 1 billion dynamic versatile application clients overall spending a sum of 101 billion minutes every month on applications. Consequently, the functions of a mobile device have been transformed from just communication tools to powerful marketing tools that can be used by organizations to advertise products and services. Mobile phones offer an interactive wireless capability that is essential in transmitting data and information from one person to another (Shankar and Balasubramanian, 2009). Mobile marketing will ensures that Small Cab is in a position to increase its consumer base as a result of the number of people who own smart phones in Portsmouth. Mobile banking will also ensure that Small Cab is in a position to acquire user data, monitor and trace potential clients for the organization.

Elements of mobile marketing

The internet is one crucial tool that will be used during mobile marketing. As smart phones continue to evolve with better designs and features, they are also shaping the current market. Small Cab will ensure that consumers are engaged through their mobile phones to order for services and make payments at the same time (Bauer et al., 2005). Additionally, the universal nature of mobile makes them a crucial marketing tool. Currently, mobile phones are multi-media rich gadgets with tools capable of sending and receiving videos, images, text and audio files. Since the whole concept behind marketing is to attract the attention of consumers by triggering their emotions, the mobile marketing is the best way to achieve such results.

Additionally, the in-context nature of mobile phones ensures that data and information can be delivered in real time to consumers. Small cab will gain from this element because consumers will be able to view any changes and improvements within the organization. When customers receive a message Small cab can easily triangulate their location making it easy to advertise their services or make pick-ups. Mobile marketing also offers a personalized marketing basis since it can be used at work, at home, in the gym or while walking. By considering consumer location, the market intelligence can be used to serve the customer needs. This offers localized solutions to consumer tastes and preferences. This will enable small cab to implement context-aware advertising which ensures that consumers receive a pull-type advertisement.

Mobile marketing also offers permission based marketing. Consumers can easily opt-in or opt-out of updates and promotions (Armstrong et al., 2015). A mobile phone also enables a buyer and seller to conceal their identity making it an efficient and secure form of marketing. However, small cab will have to put strict regulations in order to safe guard its client's crucial information and identity. Mobile marketing also ensures that consumers can easily interact with Small cab through different tools and applications on their mobile phones.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a gradual process which frequently changes. As a result, it is essential to be updated regularly. Therefore, for Small Cab to get more views on the website, the company should prioritize in surging the search engine. This is because SEO raises the chances of grading website keywords (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). Placing the website of the company in the search engine does not guarantee that customers will find it, however, but applying SEO good marketing strategies will help escalate the rank of Small Cab better than other Cab service competitors. However, to keep up with changing SEO effectiveness, Small Cab will consider deploying the following strategies:

Target Market Analysis

Typically, Small Cab will delve in some analysis to substantiate the relevance of the SEO. Primarily, website analysis involves analyzing important words, codes and visible texts which help in determining the best position for the website in the search engines (Sen, 2005). This will help the company to decide how relevant the code on a specific text is. Secondly, the competitive analysis will involve evaluating the content of crucial words in addition to the current engine listing of the company competitors. The website is to necessitate efficient engine position strategy that will enable Small Cab Company ranked better than other competitors. Additionally, initial keyword nomination is relevant because the company will come up with a preferred list of the essential search words of the market and the consumer preferences.

Researching and Developing the Keyword

Consequently, keyword analysis pertains pointing out essential words and phrases. It can be done by evaluating crucial lists as well as other related market sources. Small Cab Company will use the provisional agenda to highlight common search issues and the number of service providers in the search engine. Therefore, the company will incorporate the keywords, phrases, and misspelling (Hoffman et al., 2003). It will be profitable for the company to use baseline ranking evaluation. It will help to point out where the company needs to rank in future, at the same time to assess the recent baseline grading correctly. The frequent assessment will be an adequate signal of the keyword work in the search engine. Many businesses tend to give attention to traffic, moreover ranking will be used as a signal of confirming keyword progress. Additionally, objective and goals will be used to evaluate profit on the investment of operating programs.

Content optimization and submission

It will be essential to Create title pages that help to establish keyword-based title to match the page theme. Placing strategic search phrases on pages by Small Cab will assist in integrating marked keywords with the website sources (Kirtis and Karahan, 2011). To achieve this strategy, the Small Cab will have to incorporate procedures of more phases in every web page while adding more pages to fill the required list. At the same time, this plan will be vital for the search engine operations. It will be crucial for Small Cab to Submit the website to the URL directories since it is not chargeable. However, in future, the Small cab will pay directories such as Yahoo to acquire links.

Continuous Testing and Measurement

Generally, it will be necessary for Small Cab to test and measure strategies to determine the effectiveness of the programs. Furthermore, the Company will assess search engine rankings and web traffic. It will also help in evaluating the effort of the individual keyword. At the same time, maintenance of the keyword will be necessary to improve the progress of the search engine.

Getting Customers Interest, Desire and Action

To acquire customer choice, Small Cab will use promotional strategies and communication process in the website to surge the relationship between the customer and service providers. Promotional strategies to be used will include web advertisement and the optimization of the search engines (Chen et al., 2011). Additionally, the commercials will be compatible with main website words to match the searching methods of the new users.

To match with the key market, Small Cab will engage micro-blogging and social media plans in making it simple for customers to interact with the website administrators. This will, therefore, simplify the communication where the administrators will explain the company values, and services provided and objectives. The small cab will use the following promotional strategies to drive them to the website and glue their attention: Designed social media marketing with specific groups to escalate communication between administrators and customers. In addition to that, the company will use web advertisements such as banners and posts to get customers attention as well as retain their interest on the web page. It is also essential to use E-mail marketing strategies to inform customers about recent services. Small Cab will use e-marketing to determine efforts of customers in promoting activities on the web page. A collaboration of the above promotional strategies, Small Cab will be able to create a vital bond with customers and assimilate them to loyal and reliable customers.

Consequently, it will be essential for Small Cab to carry out an annual assessment of the strategies to ensure their effectiveness. Most strategies will require more funding to get more parties to conform to customer needs. However, plans for promoting Small Cab will be carried out in four distinct phases. Each phase will involve four months of operation. Operations such as social media marketing and web development will be affected concurrently.

The Company will use banners for image advertisements and visual for the company. The banners advertisements will help in creating awareness of the existence of Small Cab services and making it simple for customers to visit the website. At the same time, the webpage character will be designed in a way that it incorporates required fields with essential data for the customer to administer. Additionally, Small Cab will include the necessary form for registering the customer into the website.

Email Welcome Letter Hello [customer name]

Small cab gladly welcomes you into our firm. We want to reiterate how much we cherish to have you as a customer. Small Cab is a leading Cab service dealing with transportation and courier services. We offer high-quality services at customer friendly prices because we value our customer financial needs. To reach us, you can use the hotline numbers. We appreciate your feedback, complaints, and questions.

Generating Revenue

Online marketing and web development will require more funds. However, the promotional strategies will not interfere with revenues because they are company owned. The objective of these strategies will be to increase yearly profit whi...

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