Essay Example on Quality Management Practices: Improving Operations Performance

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Date:  2023-08-31


Wu, S. J. (2019). Assessing the individual and synergistic effects of quality management practices on operations performance. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management. The author discusses how the design of quality management is a critical part of improving the quality performance of organizations. The design of quality is a significant management practice and principles, which aim at product excellence. Quality management varies with each organization's objectives; therefore, organizations are encouraged to adopt a design of quality that helps them to achieve their objectives. This study focus on defining the empirical evidence that helps in understanding the different design of quality available for businesses.

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Aim of the research project

The aim of the article is to discuss the theoretical contribution of supporting ideas on the design of quality and product excellence. It also discusses the important managerial effects of quality management in helping organizations to achieve their intended objectives. The study also intends to find reconciliation among the various design of quality practices hence harmonizing these practices into one significant framework.


The research utilized various methods, which are data collection, constructs measurement, and modeling to answer the research questions. The data collection took place in the Institute of Quality Development Strategy (IQDS), Wuhan University. A pilot test was conducted where six top management teams were interviewed. The survey data collected used the sampling technique. The research covered six regions, ensuring that local business contributed their views about the impact of design quality on product excellence.


A hierarchical regression analysis was performed, and its results showed that there are consistent effects of the design of quality on product excellence. Each operations performance variables such as the cost of quality, reliability, and flexibility is a contributor to the performance of respective product excellence. Despite the quality management practices not having significant contributions towards operation performance, the results of the research prove that each segment of the design of quality practices is of considerable importance.


The interdependence of design for quality is discussed in the article providing details on the theoretical contributions of quality management towards product excellence. The process of implementing the design of quality involves combined efforts that require quality management practices to work together. Through the data analysis results, it can be argued out that the design of quality practices is useful in ensuring performance improvements within business organizations. The study also evaluates why management leaders need to focus on specific areas when determining the best criteria to help in product excellence as per each organization's requirements.

Article Relationship to Design of Quality and Product Excellence

The article relates to the topic design for quality and product excellence through its research in finding out the interdependence existing between quality management and performance improvements. There is the relationship existing between quality management practices and product performance that exists because of interactions between these practices. Through synergistic relationship found in design for quality, combined with Just in Time systems make it possible for organizations to coordinate improvement in maximizing operational performance.

My Opinion

I believe a good number of organizations does not yet explore the design of quality. The success of quality management is going to be witnessed when there is a good implementation process from management teams. The outcome will translate to operational excellence; thus; organizations can excel in a competitive environment. I also believe that sustaining operational excellence within organizations requires firms to take consideration of the social, economic and culture of the industry they operate their business.


Wu, S.J. (2019), "Assessing the individual and synergistic effects of quality management practices on operations performance", International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol. 69 No. 2, pp. 297-320.

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