Paper Example on Setting and Achieving Goals: Examining Goals, Plans, and Results

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Date:  2023-02-11


A goal may be defined as an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envisions, plans, and commits to achieve (Blaylock & Allen, 2014). A plan refers to a detailed proposal or way of doing or accomplishing something (Palomares, 2017). A result refers to an outcome or consequence that arises from something (Samp, 2013). The primary purpose for this research is to critically evaluate the goals that one has, the plans that one can use to achieve them and the results that are likely to arise after all these have been done.

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The main goal is to improve public communication. This is a challenge that one needs to overcome as it has a lot of effects on the individual's life as well as other peoples. Public communication is critical towards a proper understanding of people, and if one does not communicate clearly and effectively, misunderstandings may likely arise as well as the wrong interpretation of the information being communicated. The main reason for facing this goal is because it has a strong relation to my future career in Digital Marketing Manager which is a critical position in the organization and therefore communication is crucial (Blaylock & Allen, 2014). It is also essential in studies as one is involved in group works where one has to communicate clearly with fellow group members as well as one's social life as one requires to interact with other people in our day to day operations. The thing that scares me is the fact that I lack the confidence to make new friends or socialize with others. I have overcome my uncertainty, and this is related to my career since English is not my first language because I am an international student. My English is improper and has an accent, and this makes me feel embarrassed to talk to others. The reference setting for this objective is going to the event of "Why professional networks are so important and how to build one event" which hold by the outcome, life organization and collaborated with NSW Study at 30 July, from 6-9.


To achieve the set goals, the plan has to be well-executed, and this is through thorough preparations. Preparations have to be done before, during, and after the event so that proper communication is achieved. Before the event one can do several things such as registering for an event, researching the speaker and the organization, creating a LinkedIn account, picking a professional and smart outfit as well as checking the location of the event. One can also prepare on what to share with others, the questions to get them talking as well as editing a LinkedIn account to make it look more professional(Samp, 2013). During the event, one can get there thirty minutes early, proactively talk with other participants, exchange contacts with other participants and also take pictures and business cards of other participants. One can also have a picture with the holder of the event and speaker talk with them and exchange contacts with them. One may even stay longer after the end of the speech to interact with other participants. After the event on checking the speaker of the event and other participants on social media and follow them as well as share photos with both the speaker and the participants of the event. This shows how critical communication can be before, during, and after the event.


The outcome has been incredible. This is because a lot of things have been achieved and accomplished. By stepping outside my comfort zone to challenge my fear allows us to build up the confidence to socialize with strangers or in a group. One can speak freely with strangers and interact with them by talking about different issues that surround us in our day to day such as politics, sports, and even or daily challenges(Palomares, 2017). Socializing helps one make new friends daily, and therefore, one does not feel isolated or as if people dislike him or her. The confidence one builds by facing the fear and problem of public speaking has helped get friends who have the same interests, and this has made life more and more enjoyable as one shares fun moment with others.

One is also able to feel more comfortable to communicate in public. This was an issue in the past, but it is solved as when one accepts that he or she has a problem in public speaking, one can look for strategies to tackle the problem. The result of handling the problem is more comfortable to communicate in public, and one can address even large crowds of people as one believes in himself (Blaylock & Allen, 2014).Another result is that one can meet new people who one can ask for help, suggestions, or even opportunities in the future when one needs work or to advance his studies. Therefore, proper public communication allows one to meet with people from different fields, and this exposes them to more experiences and openings in life.


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