Paper Example on September 11th Attack

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Date:  2022-06-23

What Caused the Attacks?

The September 11 attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon in the state of New York and Washington came as a result of decades of interference in politics of Arab states. Secondly the use of military might to undermine and over throw governments perceived to be anti-capitalism and the exploitation of natural resources was a major contributing factor. This perceived invasion of Islamic nations, a challenge to their sovereignty and demonization of their religion called for an aggressive response by the aggrieved citizens, believers and leaders from these countries (Plotz).

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The United States aids Israel in cash and also military armaments and technology. This is perceived as aiding a foe, given that the nation of Israel is accused of illegally occupying the land of Palestine (Robert). Their killing of Muslims in Palestine and Lebanon is regarded as massacre against innocent Muslims and the United States is perceived to aiding these atrocities. In the same breathe America aids Israel in spreading Semitic policies of usury and capitalism into Arab states; over ruling sharia law.

The attacks were therefore an act of revenge by grieved Muslims who felt that their people were being severely mistreated. The perpetrators abided by the Qurans call to fight against oppressors, infidels and liberate their people. They are martyrs whose lives have been lost defending the teachings of Muhammad. Permission to fight is given to those believers who are fought against because they have been wronged and surely, Allah is able to give them victory (Quran 22:13)

What Created More Causalities and Victims?

The total number of casualties from the attacks was 2996: 265passengers from the four planes, 2606 occupants of the world trade Centre and 125 in the pentagon .There were also 343 fire fighters and 71 law enforcement officers. 200 people fell from the towers while escaping the inferno.

The greatest cause of death was not the impact of the planes or the severity of the flames. Most casualties passed on during the collapse of the towers due to inability to access the emergency exit stair case on time. People were trapped above the crash site mostly in the first tower; doors had also jammed because of distortion due to the impact of the planes hence some people were trapped in their offices and inside elevators (Smith).

Fire fighters and law enforcement officers unfortunately succumbed in the line of duty while evacuating people from the buildings. There is also a growing number of rescuers succumbing to cancer emanating from exposures incurred during their rescue operations.

How Might Being a Muslim Influences Objectivity and Perspective?

Being born in the U.S qualifies one to be a citizen, to enjoy the rights and privileges that come with citizenship. However, racial profiling amongst the American society heavily influences the lives of Arab - Americans. Reports of a bombing incident are met with sadness and grief throughout the community, but for Muslims there is also an element of fear. Fear of being stereo typed as terrorists even before the perpetrators religion or race is established (Robert).

Consequently Children are taught to be keen of their surrounding and be fully aware of what people are saying or projecting. Islamophobia is still rife especially after terrorist incidences and there is still a general misconception that Islam teaches hatred or revenge against other religions (Plotz).

What Lessons Have I Leant?

I have learnt the terrorist's side of the story, their reasons and justifications for the September 11th attacks. I have also leant the intricate details of the plane crashes, and what caused the twin towers to collapse. I have also learnt the economic and political consequences of the terrorist attack.

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