Paper Example on Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Nursing

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Date:  2022-05-12


When it comes to a research project, researchers from different fields do use both qualitative and quantitative methods in their work which leads to a competition of the two approaches.

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Qualitative Method

Research which gives the findings involved in interpreting pure and natural approached data. The following are its advantages; firstly, it provides detailed information by, using the correct relationship between the participant and the outcome. Secondly, it focuses more on the problems which require keen analysis of related variables such as patient and doctor test analysis. Lastly, it's the best research when it comes to studying individually specified cases in hospitals such as guidance and counseling section (Hussein et al., 2014).


This method of research is said to give low results outcomes for many cases it tends to neglect background of the variables, e.g., patent background when examining certain diseases. Nevertheless, in most cases, it said to focus more on the meanings and experiences rather than its conceptual framework (Hussein et al., 2014).

Quantitative Method

Focuses more on analyzing the collected data information hence, its findings are said to include all location of the study. Moreover, its arguments are always best when investigating real variable methods (Hulley et al., 2013).


Since it focuses on the positive measures, therefore it doesn't focus on a more profound meaning which underlines the study. And lastly, it doesn't focus more on the information instead it gives samples of the variables (Hulley et al., 2013).

How Evidence-Based Research Applied in Hospitals

Prevention of infections, in this scenario, nurses follows factual information they have concerning control measures strategies and policies. Therefore, they put it in the application by keeping the working environment cleans well as wearing protective clothing (Doyle et al., 2013).

Administering Oxygen to patients diagnosed with COPD In this case, they keenly follow all the evidence related cases in delivering oxygen to the patients (Schmidt, & Brown, 2014).


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