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A critical look at the action plan proves that it was sound, well-organized, and articulate. The success of the any beauty treatment depends on planning, the perfect execution of the tasks required, the strict adherence to time, and proper administration of the aftercare. The three work in tandem to ensure that the therapist attains the required or the desired results. To prepare myself for the performance day held on 26th April 2018 at 10:30 am and 1:30pm. I contacted Angela and Linda who are my clients by calling them. Such would assist in confirming whether they would attend or not and whether they will make it in time or on time at the specified place as agreed during the previous consultation on 22th of March 2018.

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The planning aspect helped in the determination and the subsequent allocation of time in accordance to the methodology and the stipulated standards for the particular tasks. Evidently, the planning was adequate, as it allowed the therapist to accomplish the tasks at the right time. It allowed me to set up the tasks according to the degree of priority. For example, I got the opportunity to book appointments with my friend, Angela and Linda, and to provide for contingencies such as traffic. On the performance day ( 26 April 2018), I woke up at around 6.30 am to take a shower, wash and dry my hair, put on my ironed uniform and leave my daughter. I also had the chance to schedule adequate duration for the services such as facial therapy. Essentially, the practical activity met all the required standards and was successful right from the planning stage to the aftercare.

The action plan has all the elements of a good plan. It is simple, realistic, specific, and comprehensive or complete. It encompasses all the aspects of practical activity in details and in matchless fashion. At the beginning of the plan, I contacted my clients, Linda and Angela, to confirm their availability for the therapy. Additionally, the plan is specific in nature since it seeks to inquire their availability at a particular time agreed by both the client and the therapist (me). The prior consultation is of great significance since it eliminates the probability of failure orchestrated by factors such as lateness or the failure make it to the agreed location.

The objectives of the plan are measurable making it quite outstanding. For example, on the day of the performance (April 26, 2018), I purposed to wake up at 6.30 am, make the necessary personal preparations that include preparing my daughter for my child-minder and making myself presentable for the day. The plan also provided for the long distance from Hamilton to Glasgow. It means that it created room for other contingencies that include the possibility of the traffic jam. In beauty therapy, just like other industries, the client holds a special place. Provision of quality services to the client also entails keeping time, and that is why I had to wake up to avoid inconveniencing the client by arriving later than the agreed time. Towards this end, I purposed to arrive an hour and a half before the first client (9. 00 am), Angela, arrived. Angela arrived agreed April 26th, 2018 at 10.20 am.

Knowledge and Skills Gained

The good planning enabled me to prepare the work place and gather the necessary products and the equipment. It is worth noting that carrying out proper treatment on a client requires utmost professionalism. I had to adhere to the require health standards by sterilizing the equipment using the surgical spirit, cleaning up the work environment, and put all the requirements such as the hand towels in place. Learning the client also forms part of the planning. For instance, I knew that Angela had an oily and mature skin that normally requires the application of Thalgo products. The plan is quite sound as it included the various aspects of the treatment that even include the inevitable exchange of pleasantries and the best way to communicate to and receive the client. The plan was relevant and appropriate for the entire practical activity since it captured very angle including the unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, the products to use, how to receive the clients, and even allowed me to make prior contacts with the client for booking purposes. It allocate adequate for each activity.

Administering of treatment naturally involves clients such as Angela and Linda. Communication forms the nerve center of treatment and as a therapist, I have to master the art to connect with the clients and create a welcoming and sustainable environment. The quality of the aftercare also depends on the value of communication. Clients offer the best marketing tools in that their rating or recommendation will lead to a large customer pool. In this particular case, I had to communicate with the clients not only during the time of booking the appointments but also during the time of welcoming eh client, the administration of the treatment, and aftercare. The communication process was quite effective as we used the stipulated rules for the salon or the work place. The fact that both the clients were able to make it to the salon on time is testimony to the great communication skills or process applies both outside and within the salon.

I learnt that communication the term communication is wide and goes beyond the verbal aspect. Being client-based, offering treatment or beauty therapy depends largely on the non-verbal cues and such serve to bring forth and maintain the clients. The services must be a particular quality that meets the customer at the point of demand. Substandard services have the propensity of repelling the clients and reduce the position of the establishment among the competitors. I used various non-verbal cues to convey the message to the clients in an impressive, polite, and charming manner. The first and the most notable parameter of communication is the presentable nature of the therapist and the work place in general. As stated during the planning stage, I woke up, took a shower, and put on my ironed uniform. The neat and the smart nature of uniform was deliberate since aesthetics at times define the industry. I woke up reasonably early and engaged in personal hygiene (shower, brushing, applied reasonable make up, and ironed my uniform). Closely, related to that is the fact that I arrived early at work, cleaned the environment, and sterilized the equipment in readiness for the upcoming tasks. Client will always choose a clean environment.

The beauty industry largely depends on impression based on the communication process. Quality customer service plays a major role creating rapport and making the client feel right at home. I welcome Angela to the establishment with a great smile and then led her to the treatment area. The treatment was based on the information gathered during the previous consultation. Consultation is of essence since it helps meet the clients at the point of need. Acknowledging the fact that Angela is a special needs client is consistent with the requirements of treatment or service in the industry. Having in mind that the client requires special services allowed me to make the suitable changes to her treatment plan and agree on this before embarking on the treatment. The procedures were quite on point since I directed Angela to lie on the plinth in a position that is prone then I covered her with the towel as expected. The fact that she sits a lot in the office means that Angela carries a lot of tension across and around her scapulae. When dealing with a client, the first step is to carry out a diagnosis the same way I did and determined the places that have great levels of tension. Applying my expertise and experience allowed me to settle for the treatment G5, to relax and improve cellulite. It is worth noting that the G5 portends a wonderful improvement in cellulite and texture of skin. The elasticity and detoxification results are normally instantaneous depending on the expertise of application.


Keeping time is an important element of the treatment that I adhered to faithfully. As stated, I woke up unusually early to ensure that I prep eared in time. In addition, the stretch between Hamilton (where I live) and Glasgow (where I go to school) has serious traffic issues. It is important to leave early to beat the traffic jam, as I did, to prevent any inconveniences. I arrived ne and a half hours before my first client (Angela) and spruced the place up in preparation. Time keeping is essential since it allows the therapist the opportunity to apply any special mechanisms based on the needs of the client. The G5 treatment chosen for Angela lasted only 10 minutes (10.30 to 10.40) before embarking on the facial treatment. The entire took 2 hours (10.30-12.30), which means that everything was well planned. It gave her the opportunity to return home and take care of her three children. The therapy on Linda (the next client) also took approximately two hours. Keeping time proves my commitment to the profound tents of professionalism.

I also showed great professionalism and determination. A as professional, it is imperative to do much of the listening as part of the communication process. That way, I was able to learn the clients' tastes and preferences and determine the right products to use on each of them based on dermatological evaluations. For example, I was able to establish that Angela had a sensitive skin. I was able to change the procedure and the products used. I used a tonerany excess iontophoresis gel then apply ozone cream to Angela's face using a mask brush, which helps the client increase cellular function and memory. Additionally, it helps in stimulating the growth of the skin cells while speeding up the healing time for skin ulcers and wounds. I also used the Direct High Frequency, which increases the blood flow thus healing the tissue. Such is beneficial for a toning effect on oily and mature skins. Listening was also important in securing the appointments since the communication of time and the venue requires discipline. Generally, the communication process was effective and efficient to ensure the accomplishment of every planned activity during the treatment. The client and I conformed to the required procedures and standards of both the verbal and non-verbal communication to facilitate and ensure the success of the entire process. In this regard, we were able to receive and interpret information from each other. It is imperative to note that the language used throughout was professional and appropriate for the work place.

The Conformance of the Assignment to the Original Brief

The fact that there was a sound plan to guide the entire process attests to the high levels of professionalism that defined the entire treatment just as stipulated in the original brief. It is important to manage the equipment on a particular basis, especially before embarking on the any treatment. The first step towards offering treatment is to book or acknowledge an appointment. In this regard, I contacted Linda and Angela through the phone and reserved time for the both of them. Such is of profound significance since it prevents clashing with other clients. The first hallmark of professionalism and adherence to the professional standards and procedures is the reservation. As mentioned, Angela and Linda had designated times. Angela's session began at 10. 30 am while Linda's session began at 1.30 pm after I had enough rest. The planning and the conformity to the provisions of the plan, especially the timing aspect, ensured that every item went on smoothly.

The sequence of the treatment was timely and relevant since I began by body brushing using a bristled brush on Angela's dry skin. Such has the propensity of according the body the exfoliation advantage and increased blood circulation w...

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