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Organizational management is a crucial phenomenon that should be executed with a high level of proficiency to promote the overall success of an institution. There are a number of roles that should be executed in an organization to promote its overall success in the market. Such roles should include but not limited to identifying the potential management issues that could affect the overall success of an institution. Also, a good manager should consider both the short and medium-term factors that can influence the successful implementation of a new product in the market. Moreover, a good leader should identify and adopt a good leadership style to be used in an organization and also evaluate the decisions needed at the board level to improve all challenges in his/her company.

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Potential Management Issues Underpinning Jan's Challenges at the Organization

Lack of motivation

Jan faces a poorly motivated workforce at his company. Lack of motivation can be measured to be the primary impediment affecting the overall performance of workers at SweDigi. In addition, lack of motivation can be manifested by the resigning of some of the top officials like the marketing manager in the organization. Also, it can be manifested through the decision of the production manager to resign for another work position in a different organization. Such lack of motivation can have detrimental effects on an organization (Renninger & Hidi, 2015). Also, the issue is a phenomenon that should be corrected using effective intervention strategies to promote the overall performance and productivity of workers in the institution (Renninger & Hidi, 2015).

Lack of motivation in the organization could have serious ramifications to the stakeholders like employees employed at the organization (Ferlazzo, 2015). Also, some of the notable problems that can be observed in an organization include higher rates of employees' turnover, low levels of personnel engagement as well as the development of poor communication infrastructure at the organization. Moreover, lack of motivation could lead to diminished productivity of workers and some of the issues affecting the personnel at the organization could proliferate and ultimately result in the development of a toxic work environment (Ferlazzo, 2015). As such, Jan should capitalize on enhancing the level of motivation experienced by workers at his organization.

Poor Leadership Style

Jan's use of authoritarian leadership style has acted as a major impediment to his acceptance at the organization. Additionally, that is because, from the time of his appointment, Jan has preferred to provide directions on how he would like various activities undertaken at the organization. In this case, it is evident that the other leaders such as the marketing and production managers used to be included in the various crucial decision-making processes at the organization. Subsequently, this is the primary reason that has created conflict in the way they reciprocate to Jan's senior leadership role.

The challenge of accepting Jan's leadership method has, in turn, yielded several negative effects such as the development of poor communication between the organization's stakeholders. In this case, for instance, the marketing manager opts to quit his work position due to dissatisfaction instead of talking with Jan who is his chief executive officer. In a different case, the company's production manager also plans to quit his position for a different multinational corporation instead of addressing the problem he is facing at SweDigi. Such an overall breakdown in communication can be deemed to be a major reason why the performance of the company has deteriorated during Jan's term of leadership.

Lack of Trust in Leadership

It is evident that all the organization's subordinates under Jan's governance are not "with him" in reference to his management style. Additionally, that is because the personnel has low trust in Jan as a leader, which is a crucial phenomenon that can compromise the overall productivity of the company. Several advantages can be derived by personnel or team in an organization that trusts its leaders. First, such a team increases its commitment to undertaking all activities that are focused on the attainment of desired the organization's goal.

Also, the team develops an effective communication system between themselves and the organizational leader. Subsequently, this aid in improving the flow of ideas between the staff and managers promotes an increment in creativity and also helps in the enhancement of organizational productivity. Also, by trusting the leadership of a lead manager, like Jan, at the organization, it is possible workers teams to accept change in promoting their overall performance at the workplace. Also, it enables such personnel to be able to embrace new visions and strategic objectives that can promote the overall success of their organizations.

In addition, having trust in a leader can help workers to have the potential to execute all their functions on time. Additionally, that is possible due to the ability of the workers to listen and accept their leader's operational guidance in an organization environment. Also, to a leader, being a trustworthy leader can aid in reducing the workload that he/she might have since it is possible to delegate the work to subordinates who can execute such roles with ease. As such, the lack of trusting leadership can be referenced as a primary factor that has escalated the personnel's problem at the SweDigi. Also, it is the problem that has ultimately affected Jan's ability to yield positive results in his management role at the organization.


Lack of effective communication in the organization is also another major issue that has negatively impacted Jan's leadership in SweDigi Corporation. Additionally, it is evident that Jan does not have good communication with his senior subordinates, such as the production manager. Also, it is a phenomenon that has caused a disjoint in the execution of various functions at the organization. Moreover, it is also plausible that Jan has very poor communication between the casual workers employed in different departments of his organization. As a result, poor communication with his workers can explain the reasons why Jan's corporation has recorded a declined sales level, compared to the forecasted sales volume. As such, it would be an imperative undertaking for Jan to improve the communication infrastructure between the management and personnel ah SweDigi, as an effective strategy of promoting the organization's operational performance.

Steps Should Take in the Short and Medium Term to Get the Launch of the New Product Back on Track

Having an ideal strategic plan is imperative in ensuring that a new product is successfully introduced in the market. When creating a strategic plan, it is imperative to consider both the short and medium terms goals that should be executed to promote the successful introduction of a new product. In SweDigi there are five undertakings that should be implemented to ensure that the new product can be introduced successfully. The short term goals that Jan should achieve include adopting effective staff motivation strategies, trust development for the organization's leaders and adopting a new leadership style at the organization. Contrary, the medium-term goals that should be implemented should include creating a new production line and adopting a new product promotion strategy.

Short Term Goals

Adopting Effective Staff Motivation Strategies

It is an important strategy that all employees should have in an organization in promoting their overall performance or productivity in executing all the organizational functions. In SweDigi, the employees lack motivation in executing their work functions and this explains why some of the key officials like the marketing manager have quit the company for other work positions. Also, the production manager has expressed his desire to quit his job position for a different company in the city. Also, it is as such presumable that even the lowest level workers at the organization are facing the problem of lack of motivation while executing their work.

There are a number of strategies that can be employed by Jan to promote the level of motivation among his subordinates. Such methods include the promotion of a good communication infrastructure between all employees at the organization. In this case, Jan should include all his subordinates in the decision making process at the corporation. Particularly, by involving his managers in the company's decision-making process, the heads of the departments will be in a position to feel recognized and appreciated in the organization, a phenomenon that aid in boosting their motivation at the organization.

To achieve this objective, Jan should perform regular meetings with all his managers to discuss the methods that they can use to promote the overall functioning of the organization. Also, in such meetings, it would be possible for Jan to identify the ways in which his managers would like to be governed and to attain an insight into their feelings about his leadership style. Lastly, the other personnel at the corporation who are not in the management team should also be motivated by Jan by offering them incentives like bonus packages for successfully meeting the organization's sales objectives.

Trust Development for the Organization's Leaders

The top officials like the production manager at SweDigi have lost trust with Jan's leadership for the organization. Additionally, this can be manifested by such individuals' desire to quit their work positions for alternative employment. Lack of trust with a leader can be detrimental to the overall performance of an organization in the market. Also, the occurrence is attributed to low productivity and decreased morale to succeed among workers in an organization. Lack of trust could also create the resistance of employees to all forms of change that could be introduced in an organization by a leader for the improved performance of its business operations.

As such, the development of trust is a crucial undertaking that should be created by Jan in the short run to promote the successful implementation of the new product in the market. There are a number of strategies that can be utilized by Jan to make his subordinates trust his leadership at SweDigi. However, the primary strategy that Jan can use is to improve his communication style with his employees. In this case, through effective communication, it will be possible for Jan to convince his subordinates on why they should execute various activities in the organization to support the new product implementation process.

Adopting a New Leadership Style

Jan should also change his leadership style as a method of promoting the organization's efforts to launch the new product in the market. Additionally, it is evident that Jan's current leadership style is not appreciated by his subordinates, a phenomenon that has made the marketing manager to quit his position and the production manager to plan to resign. The current leadership style that is used by Jan is the authoritarian style, whereby he prefers to dictate directions to his subordinates for them to follow in implementing the organization's functions. However, it is evident that the previous chief executive officer at SweDigi had been using a transformational leadership style.

It is thus evident that they do not prefer to take orders from Jan but instead they would like to be involved in the decision-making process. Additionally, for that reason, Jan should use a transformational leadership style, which is a method that encourages all personnel to be involved in...

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