Essay on Adapting to Ambiguity: Opportunities & Dangers of Tech & Revolutions

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Date:  2023-04-24

Conspicuously, the aspects of communal revolution and the speedy growth of technology have established multiple opportunities and potential dangers for existing commercial and startups similar. The disparity involving those who influence opportunities and the rest who surrender to the latent risks depends on the individuals who happen to view, comprehend and operate appropriately in the countenance of ambiguity. Apparently, the most effectual organizations establish their policies, procedures, and mores to sustain an incessant stream of novelty that compels top-line advancement and bottom-line effectiveness. Fundamentally, the triumphant innovators also tend to take on cohorts to incessantly obtain indulgence and to discover fresh opportunities.

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Remarkably, Qatar National bank has launched multiple products and service innovations as part of its obligation to offer eminent banking services and products to all individuals. Markedly, Qatar National Bank (QNB) has commenced an inventive fresh service for blind populace whereby they can now unearth applications in Braille at selected QNB branches. Fundamentally, the organization tends to entail quite a number of identifiable strategic roles of the event of product and service innovation. Outstandingly, the following is a precise outline of some of the strategic roles played by the aspect of novelty in the organization:

Easy problem solving- Qatar National Bank has endorsed and established the aspect of generating responses for the reason of dealing with multiple predicaments experiences in the event of commercial operations.

Productivity increase- Remarkably, product and service innovation has prompted Qatar National Bank to enhance productivity. Essentially, this has been achieved through the commencement of new procedures of how operations are carried out. The organization has developed an aptitude of working smarter and focusing on the mere aspects that ought to be streamlined. Qatar National Bank has also been able to focus on the significant initiatives and workflows that can be utilized to appropriately enhance production.

Marketing the organization- Essentially, Qatar National Bank has ensured that it stands out from its competitors in the Qatar's sector of banking. With the aid of product and service innovation, the organization has established a vigorous brand that has over and over again stood out it from the rest of the banks in the jurisdiction. Besides, with the help of innovation on both the products and services, the bank has established a marketing strategy that suits its commercial personality.

Beating its opponents- Another strategic role of product and service innovation is providing a competitive edge to Qatar National Bank. Fundamentally, in the event of comprehending ingeniously, it has turned out to be quite easy for the organization to put out its competitors.

Apparently, there is the existence of product and service innovation process objectives in the organization Qatar National Bank. The ideal significance for these process objectives is to ensure that the organization achieves the aspect of innovation efficiently, appropriately, and satisfactorily. Some of the product and service innovation process objectives include the following:

  • To successfully generate an idea that ought to be fueled mutually by the pressure to contend and by the liberty to survey
  • To measure the idea's merits and demerits
  • To scrutinize the sustainability of ideas in the organization at a given duration
  • To verify that the aspect of innovation essentially deals with the organizations predicaments
  • To scrutinize the expenses and advantages of initiating the event of novelty

Remarkably, Qatar National Bank has sufficiently ensured the process of product and service innovation definition. The process is as follows:

Idea commencement and mobilization- Essentially, the generation phase happens to be the commencing line for fresh thoughts. Whenever a fresh thought is spawn in Qatar National Bank, it is consequently conveyed on to the mobilization phase, in which the notion travels to a diverse corporeal or logical position. In essence, this stage is imperative for the reason that it ensures the sequence of a fresh idea, and the event of jumping it may possibly delay or even disrupt the procedure of innovation.

  • Backing and screening- In this phase, Qatar National Bank scrutinizes the idea to pick out those that deficient prospective devoid of permitting stakeholders to refuse the ideas impetuously based on the their novelty element.
  • Carrying out tests- Markedly, the experimentation phase examines the sustainability of the notions. Besides, in this stage it is imperative to resolve on the intended consumers or customer the mode of innovation utilization. Putting that into consideration, the organization either considers the ideas or rather revokes them.
  • Commercialization- In this phase, Qatar National Bank looks to its clients to substantiate that the novelty essentially deals with their predicaments and as a result should it analyzes the expenses and merits of implementing the innovation.
  • Dispersion and execution- Dispersion is the course of obtaining ultimate reception of an innovation, and execution is the course of establishing the appropriate configuration, preservation and resources demanded to create it.

Notably, the aspect of innovation happens to be problematic to a certain extent. For this reason, multiple organizations endorse a focus on novelty but as an alternative hearten the event of firm, incremental escalation, which happens to be fairly costly and feels less of a peril. Fundamentally, regardless of the aspect of risks, the rewards of innovation in the event it is carried out appropriately happen to be constantly enhanced. In regards to the Qatar National Bank, the resources for mounting appropriate product and service innovations are adequate. The appropriate resources appropriate in the organization include the following:

Dedicated capital that permits the organization's workforce generate appropriate notions and to ensure their sustenance.

The workforce is another resource adequately entailed in Qatar National Bank. Remarkably, the resource of workforce entails both the human employees and the aspect of technology


In conclusion, the event of developing the products and services and the precise process utilized for their creation is simultaneous. Conspicuously, this means that the two events happen at the same time or rather they tend to be concurrent. In essence, the reason for this is to ensure that, there is a high level of validation and verification.

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