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Date:  2022-06-27

Topic 1: Personal Information

The nursing field has been dogged with much of the processes in negotiating for better and amicable working conditions across the country especially in my state in Colorado. Nurses tend to believe in the articulation and the fight of what they feel is right according to law. On a personal ground, I think I need to undertake a complete overhaul in the system and the pattern of my work in the jail facility where I work in Colorado to help come up with better service delivery skills to the patients whom I serve. The concept on the models in the business has been evolving based on the changes that have been taking place in the technology sector. This gesture then calls for the professionals in the nursing field to give the best practices that would go a long way in allowing the clients in the modern world to engage the nurses in the corporate world.

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There have been many changes in the systems used in the corporate business world, and this notion has thus called for the better participation of the entire program in the health sector. Both the small and medium enterprises have been used as the driving force in dealing with the menace in the health sector. This idea then calls for the nurse to keep herself with the current transformations in the health delivery and care to the patients in the hospitals. For one to avoid any form of failure in the business structure, it would be significant for the nurse to have sound knowledge of the entrepreneurial skills that are linked to the running of the business and driving the health delivery system to success. The main issue in the health sector is for the nurse to understand the needs and the goals of the patients who are the primary clients in the health sector.


I need to address my salary increment strategy by communicating through the email based on the current and most recent development in the IT sector. After requesting for a meeting with my supervisor, I had to set ready my performance index that would be very important in the articulation of the appraisals from the senior staff in my line of duty. There was also the need to bring in my list of the achievements and commendations that would then help me in the aligning of the right skills needed for the new salary increment. At the meeting, I had to ask some open-ended questions to give room for the panel to provide me with an insight into what exactly they expected of me as a nurse in the facility. From the approach, the supervisor felt impressed by my request and gave me an increment in salary through the laid procedures.

After the meeting, it was clear that I had been offered a salary increase and this meant the goal of the partnership was very successful. My salary was based on the profits derived from the expenditures obtained after the monthly reorganizations of the services in my nursing career. However, the pay was given an allowance of negotiation of 17% of the net profit, and this was equally shared among the available five partners. There was the need for the panel to meet and reach an amicable agreement on the right salary based on the rules set by the salary and remuneration commission in the Colorado state.

Fringe Benefits

There were some fringe benefits that I would be entitled. These included the vision and the dental benefits, and the most cost-effective health coverage plan for my family. The figure was pegged at $ 401 with a room for 2% match after every two years of my work with the facility.


There is the need for a vacation where the supervisors would offer me an annual leave of 12 days. This form of leave is not inclusive of health leaves. However, there would the need for me to get to solicit and discuss these with the panel of five personnel before agreement.

Topic 2: Personal Requirements

I would require the following three main offers in my employment place:

  • Affordable and lucrative salary package
  • Desirable fringe benefits especially in health
  • Cordial working environment


The aspect of salary negotiation is important in the assuring of the nurse in her role in getting the right appraisal in the process of the recruitment process. The same gesture also helps in the realization of the right and correct compensation of the work done. Fringe benefits would be significant in the process of creation the atmosphere of job satisfaction. Cordial work environment would ensure greater harmonization and understanding of the diverse work force population in the health facility. The cost of the items realized in this negotiation process could create some form financial burden to the hospital if not properly articulated based on the actual performance matrix by the employee.

Topic 3: Team Work

Forming could arise when there is confusion on the roles and responsibilities of the persons concerned in the entire process.

There could also be the aspect of the norming that would lead to the members are involved in an open communication network and has to help each other in the articulation of the responsibilities to help better the plight of the patients.

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