Paper Example on Motivation: Key to Automobile Business Success and Luxury Lives

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In this day and age, motivation has become an essential aspect of any organization. Whether it is within the automobile sector or any other business industry, it is a crucial component of any company's success. The automobile business is a vital part and one of the essential jobs or organizations running because it provides luxury lives and helps earn income. To have an effective automobile system that can eliminate some of the barriers stopping it from going to the next level in luxury, having a strategy of employee motivation is essential, especially in the U.S. automobile industry, such as General Motors (GM). Therefore, the paper aims to look at company culture, TeleConnect Cable Services strategy for motivation, economics, managerial accounting, decision-making, and risk management, which are of importance in increasing employee motivation.

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GM Company Culture

GM is an automobile organization that is amongst the “big three” apart from Ford and Chrysler. The organizational beliefs and values instill accountability and responsibility among the employees. Therefore, such cultural features assist in the minimization and mitigation of problems within and outside the company. For instance, responsibility is a motive for General Motors employees to take basic movements or actions that will address the issues encountered by them when carrying out their day-to-day jobs. Thus, the company has an agile culture, emphasizing speed in handling problems, issues, and opportunities in its operations (Hashim, 2014). For instance, a business culture enables the company to establish a competitive benefit on the foundation of rapid modernization and positive association with stakeholders. Furthermore, agility's organizational culture is aligned with company objectives and goals, optimizing its success in the automobile bazaar.

TeleConnect Cable Services Motivation Strategy

I feel that you have to examine how employees feel about their job and how they can be motivated to have a positive outlook while on the job. Having a positive outlook on the job is vital when it comes to automobiles because it can ensure that the job is done correctly and effectively saving time and resources. Therefore communication is the secret behind employee motivation, especially for the automobile industry. Without communication, work cannot be adequately done; hence it results in poor quality products and wastage of resources, which affects the organization's revenue.

Alfayad and Arif (2017) Herzberg two two-factor theory, motivation does not just reward and bonuses, but satisfiers and satisfies determine employees' motivations. From my perspective, TeleConnect Cable Services involves the provision of telephone service and the internet of high speed that are dependable and affordable. Therefore, when an organization provides such services to the employee, the employee will be motivated since the organization will be keeping them informed and connected. For instance, when it comes to decision-making, employees feel motivated when involved. Thus, TeleConnect cable services can help in communication between the managerial and the subordinate workers, hence stopping the communication barrier that affects most organizations in the automobile industry.

Navimipour and Zareie (2015) mentioned that employees who fail to deliver the required directives are among the most effective communication barriers. Furthermore, relationships and knowledge affect the business. As a result, TeleConnect cable services can improve work relationships, knowledge sharing, and, generally, the organization's communication, making the environment more habitable for its performance.

Importance of Motivation in an Organization

Motivation is a way for an employee to feel valued, and it allows them to feel like they add value to the organization and that they are essential to the organization as a whole. When an employee feels expendable and thinks they are worthless to the organization, they tend to be unhappy at work, and they produce less effectively. To ensure that any organization has wholly motivated employees, they have to implement some strategies such as TeleConnect Cable Services, which keep employees motivated in working within the organization due to communication effectiveness.

By taking a more in-depth approach to motivation as a whole, communication helps get to know your staff on a professional level, and helps to understand how they work or their style of motivation is needed. "Being able to motivate your employees, and also inspiring them is key (Benett et al., 2013)." Thus, through motivation, company performance, as well as revenue, increases as a result. For instance, Imran and Abbas's (2020) research on automobile industry managerial account performance mentioned that due to employees' motivation in the industry, GM earned a total of 1.9 billion dollars without tax, which was 58.3 % compared to 2017 (Benett et al., 2013). Therefore, motivation is the key to improving performance and profit generation, thus improving the economy.

In addition, through effective communication, decision-making becomes effective such that when the employees are involved in decision-making, the company is more likely to be effective and make informed decisions that improve on performance and profit generation. Moreover, through motivation, the organization can help address some of the issues and problems that affect them in a job. For instance, through communication, risk management can be attained such that every worker knows what needs to be done and how it should be done. Therefore, TeleConnect Cable Services will aid in effective communication, improving the performance of all departments in an organization hence improving employee engagement in GM through decision-making and risk management.


In conclusion, overall, motivation is a component needed within any organization, and it is required within all healthcare organizations as a whole as well. Increasing employee motivation within an organization is key to the overall success of the organization as a whole. Communication achieves overall company success and employee satisfaction since it effectively motivates and inspires your staff to perform well every day.


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