Essay Sample on Measuring The Fulfillment of the American Republic's Ideals: Cung Nguyen

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Cung Nguyen was originally known by the name of Minh. He lived in the village and he was a son of a very poor scholar Nguyen Sinh Huy. Even though he had a very poor and bad childhood, he later studied at a grammar school in Hue, when he was at the age of 14 and 18. He ended up being a schoolmaster at Phan Thiet and later he moved to Technical Institute that was located at Saigon. He obtained his experience, after living in London for two years that is from the year 1915 to the end of the year 1917. Later he progressed to France where he was doing manual works. Before coming to London and later moving to France he had worked as a cook in the French steamer, during this time he was known as Ba. For three years he worked as a seaman and he was able to visit American cities of Boston as well as New York together with the African Ports. He spent a total of six years in France from the year 1917 to the year 1923, during this time he was able to be an active socialist, and he was known as Nguyen Ai Quoc, he was even nicknamed as "Nguyen the patriot". He was the one who organized the group of Vietnamese who were living in France in the year 1919, later he addressed a petition that was given the name of an eight-point petition before the representatives of the great powers, this took place in the Versailles Peace Conference and it marked the end of World War I. In the petition he required that the subjects be given equal powers just like the rulers. Even though this act did not result in any response from the peacemakers, he was a hero in front of the Vietnamese who were conscious politically. The following year after the petition he was also inspired by the communist revolution that took place in Russia, in December 1920 he joined the communist after withdrawing from the socialist party. Indeed the experience Cung Nguyen had in America and in the places he lived both in Asia and Europe are able to measure the fulfilment of the American Republics Ideals.

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In the year 1938 after his return to China, after France being defeated in the year 1940, the Lieutenants that were under him decided to use his return so that they could advance in their own cause. In the year 1945 Vietnamese revolutionaries got its way to power after two events taking place during this time. In the first event, Japan was able to completely overrun Indochina, after that it then imprisoned all the French officials. Six months elapsed after this event then the United States of America dropped an Atomic bomb at a place called Hiroshima and as a result of this, the Japanese were completely overpowered. Eventually, the two toughest opponents who belonged to Minh were eradicated. Few months after Ho Chi Minh seizing his opportunity, he began collaborating office of the strategic services and this was after contacting the Forces of the United States of America he did this against the Japanese. Representatives from the eight countries in the year 1954, where Vietnam was represented by two delegates, met in Geneva, with the main agenda of finding a solution. The meeting ended with all members agreeing that Vietnam was going to be divided at 17th parallel until the elections that were going to be conducted in the year 1956, after the elections, it was agreed that Vietnam was to form a unified government. In the year 1965 American air strike against North Vietnam. However, this never stopped Nguyen from taking a position in as far as conflict ravaging on behalf of his country was concerned. Therefore in the year 1966, he sent a message to his people that were reminding Vietnamese that, there was nothing that was so important to the hearts of Vietnamese than freedom and deliverance, that message was the slogan of the people of Northern Vietnam. In response to the personal message of the US President Lyndon Johnson that was sent on February 15th, the year 1967, he announced and made clear that they will never agree to negotiate under the threat of bombing.

At the end of the year 1923, he proceeded to Moscow Russia, after spending a lot of years in France carrying out the military activities that made him socialize with a lot of working leaders in France. The death of Lenin, that took place in the year 1924, made him publish a farewell that was touching and moving, in a place called Pravda. Later he was involved in a vigorous role in the 5th assembly of the socialist worldwide that took place two months later after the death of Lenin. During this time, he also criticized the French communist in what he said was reluctance in condemning colonialism. Later in December of the year 1924, he went to Guangzhou that was known as Canton during that time, he was also known by the name of Ly Thuy. This was a stronghold of the communist. This was where he also enrolled the earliest corps to the Vietnamese autonomist association. The association became very popular. During this time all her members had been chased out of the Indochina because of their strong political beliefs and the fact that they had come together so as to oppose the colonialism. Later in the year 1927 when the Chiang Kai-shek who was the commander if the Chinese army chased the communists from Canton, he decided to find refuge in the Soviet Union. In 1928 he moved to Brussels then later went to Paris and finally went to Thailand that was known as Siam. However, his descendants were still in South China during that time.

Even as Nations are on inventing themselves as well as refining themselves so as they can be fit when it comes to alleging their folks. The constitution of USA still stands to be the best. Especially for people who have a privilege of living under the rule of the law regardless of their dignity. There is always a feeling of naturalness as well as familiarity that indicates that very slight devotion is channelled towards development, this also indicates that the monumental nature is supposed to preserve it as well. The American republic's ideas that are very crucial in this case include the constitution, the right people for a republic as well as the founding documents. For the folks who take themselves as self-rule as being integrally unsteady or even as being inherently self-destructive. The United States of America is the oldest founders of democracy still stands as a test case for them. Although fears were expressed from the beginning, there was also unceasing resolving. John Adams on July 3 of the year 1776, while writing to his beloved by the name of Abigael was able to offer his sober reflection on the American republic's ideals.

Another man by the name of Montesquieu after widely reading the Spirit of the Laws he was able to describe the civic personality in his opinion were right to be given to any government. According to him, Autocracies needed people to be inspired and to be directed by terror. The Dominion that is said to be worthy is dependent on the subjects that are to be dedicated to respecting. A government that is self-sufficient always, requires those individuals that are always committed to virtue. However, a critical question that needs to be answered is what were the foundations of the virtues and to what level were they operative, when it came to determining the behavior of majestic America? Christians who settled in America were also the same people who are also adapted to the current world and they are also growing very fast in terms of population as well as commerce. However, ancient America was a land of some few individuals who were tough and not the communist who was always principled and who were determined on the mutual moral all the time. This mixture of serious planning, as well as piety, brought ancient America to a community of fashionable as well as abstract philosophies. This is actuary what protected early America from excess that ended up consuming revolutionary France. Trust that was built on common sense rationality that was shared by all was enlarged further by the humanistic Calvinism that was used to guide a lot of colonial lives. The colonialist were described as being avid readers. This was found out after the speech that was given in Parliament by Edmund Burke that said that according to report that was given by the booksellers in London it was evident that the books that were sold to the colonies were many compared to the books sold to Great Britain combined.

On the establishing brochures, there is always a chance for one to locate how the establishing brochures of USA developed. Examination of the initial courses of association is very important as it anticipates the detailed enlargement of the important values that were observed throughout the constitution agreement. Ideas that are based on the colonial laws keep on evolving and they are actually prepared to endure in the Announcement of Liberation as well as the law. For example, the Virginia Announcement of Privileges by George Mason, points out very clearly that all men are naturally equal and free as well as independent and they are equally entitled to some equal rights.


Nguyen during his military activities while he was staying in the United States of America, Asia and even in France he really fulfilled the American ideologies and more especially the ones we have discussed above. For example, he was arrested for being a communist who was determined to fight for the equal rights of his subjects who were really intimidated by the colonial governments. Therefore in seeking to the know the founding documents of the American documents you will realize that people like Nguyen who were really determined to fight for freedom and equal rights for all people as they had a strong belief that all people were actually equal. They are the reason as to why the colonial constitution could later, after a long struggle by people like Nguyen provide a provision for human rights in their constitution even though they were not fully adhered to by folks of the USA and Europe at large as they really intimidated non-Americans. We have also seen him reading a petition before the representative members of powers demanding for his subjects to be treated equally as their rulers, he also later criticized the French communist for not coming out strongly to condemn colonialism. Therefore, from all that Nguyen was able to do in as far as American ideologies are concerned, it is true that the experience Cung Nguyen had in America and in the places he lived both in Asia and Europe are able to measure the fulfilment of the American Republics Ideals.


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