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When we say marketing objectives, we refer to goals that are set in a business to promote its products and services that target specific consumers. These set of goals should be achieved within a certain time or a specific time frame. They are the marketing strategy that should be employed so as to achieve the overall objective of an organization. For instance, the marketing objective of this company will be:

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  • To increase the product awareness, for instance in our case is to improve the product awareness for Tile Pros Company among the targeted consumers which are real estate homes, restaurants, and many other possible clients.
  • To provide more information on the Tile Pros Company products features.
  • The plan also aims at developing structures that will reduce consumer resistibility to the products of this company.

To build a strong strategy for brand awareness will not only be a great idea but it can also directly help impact the company's sale in the long run. The brand awareness will require a specific approach that will target at improving the how the brand will engage the customers (past, present and future customers). In this world where more than 70% of customers' buying experiences are usually based on the customers' feeling on how they being are treated. It is important that the brand develop a loyalty from active customers.

We understand that in marketing strategy, the brand awareness will give this company an upper hand in the field where this is not the only title company. With brand awareness, the company will accomplish three main objectives that will help or seek to increase the tiles sale in the market. This awareness campaigns will be designed in such a way that it will be flexible so as its growth will correlate with the company growth. This will also help in performing any adjustment when needed. These three main objectives will be to build customer awareness, to add value and to promote the company website ("Three Objectives of Brand Awareness", 2018).

In many cases, brand awareness is known to have a certain trend that usually follows a certain process, although many customers don't think through these process/steps when they choose the product to buy. It is very important to note that when the customers are looking for a product, they have a perceived need for that product. In many instances, the customers will always want to seek information on a certain product before they buy that product. Many will do an evaluation of the possible alternative and would prefer buying what is convenient. Any customers will come with their value of what they want to buy; it is always financial value or personal value, on the product they wish to purchase. Customers are known to be judgmental they will review the products after they buy and try to make a judgment after they buy them. For instance, in this case, the customer may buy the tile which he will, therefore, make the judgment on the quality and the price of the tile we sell. And if in case he dislikes the quality this company offer, next time he may consider buying tiles from another company although it may take a long period before he buys the same product.

Build Customer Awareness

The main idea here is to target what the customers' desire most. By doing this, this company will easily asses all the things that should be done to grow the customer awareness ("Three Objectives of Brand Awareness", 2018). For instance, our audiences are the real estates, homes and offices and our marketing strategy will focus on them. The company will have to use different advertisement platform in order to capture the attention of the customers. TV stations, Radio, and billboards will be the main advertisement platforms that will be used to increase the customers' awareness of the company's new tile products. We will have to overcome many challenges that come on the way so that the customers will understand the importance of working with this company.

Promote the Website

The website promotion will be of the essence as it helps create customer base worldwide platform. Customers will no longer need to limit themselves to purchasing our products in a specific location geographically. The products displays will be online and the online payment services will be avail so that the payment of the specific products can be made online. The customers will be given a platform where they can research the products and make a follow up using the phone or the catalog orders and not necessarily visiting the company location. The company will hire a graphic designer who will help the company to project the kind of image that the company will wish to portray. The website will also play the role of coordinating the business cards, act as the marketing material and make additional advertisements which will help increase customer awareness. The company will also be consistent in web design which will help the customers to connect the logo with the company's product.

Add Value

Customers are known to determine value in a different perspective ("Three Objectives of Brand Awareness", 2018). Therefore, the brand awareness will give this business that 'edge' hence making the customers aware of the extra services the company offer. For instance, the company may provide free transport services to the customers after they have bought our products. The company will offer a slightly bigger packaging for its products and thus be increasing the quality. This company will also sponsor events and many other promotions that will help improve the face of the company.

Provision of Information

Provision of information in any company plays a competitive advantage. It always provides answers to questions about the company and sometimes resolves some uncertainties in the company. It relates the data and the knowledge about the Tile Pros Company as the data represents value attributes for the product and services the company offer and relays understanding the reality and the concepts that will help in communication to the customers.

The information will be conveyed through messages (SME) calls or either through direct or indirect observation. The information in this company will be encoded into various transmission forms and various interpretation forms. For instance, this company will encode and transmit its information in the sequence of signs and also transmitted via the sequence of signals. The company will also not take any chance at it will be encrypting its information for safe communication and storage. Provision of information by any company is very important and this company will not leave anything to chance when delivering messages to our customers.

Decision Criteria That Will Aid in Comparing Alternatives

Decision criteria in an organization are the characteristics or variables that are very important in decision making. For instance, in this company decision criteria will help the company evaluate the alternative from which choose to meet the objectives of Tile Pros Company. The company will observe the variables and the characteristic about the tiles that the customers always like the most in its decision making regarding the type of tiles to be made and in what quality and quantity it should be made. By decision criteria, the company will be able to certify the alternative needs of its customers.

The main objective of this company is to be a leader in the sector where there are nearly equal competitors. To attain this company need to follow the following measurable criteria which will help them in decision making. The first consideration is the ease of product implementation. Before making any decision, the company will have to first consider the ease of that product implementation or if it is the service, the company will have to consider the ease of providing that particular service. This company will probably consider choosing to provide products and services that can easily be implemented. The second is the cost that the company will have to use when performing certain alternatives. The company will always wish to incur low cost in the implementation of its products and services thus it will prefer using the projects that have a low cost of production and bring the highest quality according to customers' preferences. This is just but a few but there are many other typical decision criteria that will help in decision making like flexibility, risk levels, employee morale cast saving, investment return, increase customer satisfaction and many other criteria.

Alternative Approaches To Establishing the Business

Marketing has been known to come in a different form, and many businesses often think of advertising their products in TV, Radios, Magazines, and Newspapers which are also in our list of marketing approaches. But this company has the plan to bring more alternative platforms for marketing these tile products. Gratefully, there are many alternative marketing techniques that will help this company make its mark.

Internet in our case will provide many alternative strategies for marketing that will be used by this company. With many people now days spending most of their time on the internet, it will make sense for the authorities in this company to consider online marketing as an alternative to establish its tiles business. This has been acknowledged by many people to be an affordable strategy that has allowed their companies to target their intended audience in a very effective manner. It will be the most cost-effective way that will help this company to promote its tiles products and also it will provide the company with value for many in its marketing activities. Below are the alternative online marketing tactics/strategies that this company will use:

  • Social media products marketing
  • The company will consider buying ad space on the websites
  • Creation of video sites video sites
  • Creating email campaigns and offering a sign-up bonus
  • The company will also talk different app managers so as to run app ads on this app.

Many researchers have shown that there is an increased number of people who are accessing smartphone devices in the recent past. Thus, the mobile app will provide the more reliable and robust way to visit online services and have an insight view of our tile product. This company will use these apps to run ads, and this will directly target the potential audience of this company. These ads will be used to target clients from offices, real estates and homes through Snapchat, Instagram, and many other user interface apps that can be accessed online.

This company has a vision of considering the approach of creating the extensive and great campaigns to establish a flexible connection with the customers. These campaigns will help boost the campaign's sales by a reasonable percentage.

Marketing Strategy

Tile Pros Company plans to start its awareness in the United States and thereafter move to other locations across the world. The company first plan to capture the tile market in the United State market by impressing the Real estates, homes and the offices and win the trust of these customers. It will be easy to extend to other international markets when the company first wins over the local market.

The company will set aside a budget that will help facilitate all the activities and the campaigns for building customer awareness, website promotion, and value addition. The budget will also be set for other marketing activities. In order to choose the alternative approaches to establish the business, Tile Pros Company will conduct an extensive research on all the possible alternatives before choosing the most appropriate one that will highly boost the marketing of the company.

Tile Pros Company will divide its target market into a different segment that will be so helpfu...

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