Paper Example on Managers & Co-Workers: The Key to Quality Output

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Date:  2023-09-23

I would wish to address the critical behavior that affects the relation of managers and their co-workers in a job environment. The above is directly proportional to the quality of the output they generate in their workplaces and life in general. A good relationship between the two is thus essential for progress in organizations and companies. Many health centers tend to give an upper hand in morals and ethics as a measure of workers' standard code of conduct in their workplace, a move that has been found to bring discrimination in their workplace.

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Some workers are practicing their religion while at work and even delaying work procedures to partake the same. This act of some workers practicing spirituality as outlined by their religious norms instead creates a gap concerning those other co-workers who are of different religions. Some workers openly pray and worship their separate deities while at work. There is diversity in religious beliefs, and thus the act makes some people feel left out and consequently uncomfortable. These acts of religious separation significantly affect performance and the working environment; it influences the emotional part of workers.

Workers who differ from their counterpart's beliefs will suffer both mental and physical challenges. Some managements end up isolating them and denying them some other privileges at work because of their religious inclination. This condition may even worsen if there is no real solution. Some workers who share the same belief will receive privileges from their manager if they also have a common belief; these privileges will assume a large gap to those of other faiths.

The above is brought up by the numerous hospitality organizations when they begin to favor those of their faith and discriminate against those of other faith. This, however, led to groups that are more religious to sway away from other doctrines. They set faith as a standard measure of morals and ethics in their working places. The relation of separate religious groups with their managers will depend on the individual groups with their manager; managers will always prioritize the groups that share a common faith with them. The talk about a case of Noyes v. Kelly Services Inc. (2007) in their Journal article. Its outcome and ruled that the employer has committed an act of religious discrimination because a woman was promoted because she did not share the same religious beliefs as her employees. In contrast, the other employees who were members of the Fellowship of Friends religious group were promoted.

The assertion of faith in organizations that outline and favor each group about the manager's position creates more discrimination among the workers; this cut of some workers against receiving promotion, benefits, and fair treatment. The act of spirituality division promotes work-related conflicts that have always hindered production in the employment system; this is contrary to the fact that beliefs about faith solve workforce-related disputes.


Managers and co-workers' disagreement will forever be a great challenge as much as there is a difference in religious understanding. This is well observed from the point that conflicts among the co-workers and inmates from spirituality adaptation. To achieve the best of this great challenge, we need to adopt a neutral in the field of work as far as religion and faith are concerned. There will be less conflict and discrimination arising among the workers, and this will curb the issues of managers and co-workers conflict.

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