Research Paper on Main Customers for ADLER

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Date:  2022-10-20


The main customers for ADLER are the big corporations and families. Wooden houses are gaining fame due to the green houses initiatives. The houses are constructed in a way that they are environmentally friendly and applying less energy, thus a savings plan for the family or the business. The issue of global warming has affected very part of the world. The particles which result from buildings construction are part of the pollutants. The building materials such as sand have proven to create a hazard not only to the globe but also human health. The entire process of constructing the stoned building also results in noise pollution due to the machinery that is used. However, the call for protecting the surrounding encourages the use of wood as the main construction material. The amount of pollutants released in the environment is reduced significantly.

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Stora Enso is a wooden storey house, and according to the Transition Pathway Initiative, the building is top in managing both quality and carbon performance. The Transition Pathway Initiative deals with assessing the way largest paper producers in the world are performing as they change to a low-carbon economy (Amin, Uthamaputhran & Ali, 2015). Managing the quality is associated with determining the quality of greenhouse gas emissions and the risks and opportunities related to low-carbon transitions. Stora Enso Company has set a 2030 emissions reduction target which is in line with ensuring that the global temperature increases below 2 degrees Celsius. By embracing the greenhouses, companies and families are working towards creating a healthy environment for the future generation. The emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced as well as energy use, thus being advantageous for the family and internationally.

Analyzing an Understanding of Decision-Making Processes

There are different factors which affect the selection decisions by the suppliers. The satisfaction of the customers guides the supplier's decision. ADLER has to make sure that they are offering the best services and products to the customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the services and become loyal customers. It is essential to consider the perfect choice for each customer, for instance, the use of aqua wood native for the purists, which provides wood aluminum windows which offer protection and creating a warm and natural look for the home. The kitchen appearance is another example, where ADLER mostly uses the 'ombre' coating which ensures that the colors used are attractive and smooth, depending on the customer requirements. Through the craftsmanship activities, other wooden things can gain the same and such include cabinets, beds, tables and benches (Singh, Kalafatis & Ledden, 2014).

The other factor that affects the decision making is the availability of the wooden materials. There are different types of wood that are used for constructing buildings and making different types of wooden things. There are two types of wood, and they are hard and soft wood. The hardwood is usually expensive, and when the decision to make any products with it, it is essential to have customers ready. It is hard to get some of the hardwood due to laws by the government to preserve such wood. Therefore, ADLER has to have a source and permit to work with the hardwood so that they can get enough supply for the business.

It is essential to consider the future of the business by making sure that ADLER caries out sustainable business. To ensure sustainability, ADLER has to consider technology and innovations in the woo business. Hiring the people with skills needed such as craftsman with skills of ensuring that every product is made with the specifications of the clients and it has maintained technical skills, beauty, and elegance (Amin, Uthamaputhran & Ali, 2015).

ADLER has to keep up with environmental regulation in all their operations. When harvesting wood, ADLER has to consider all regulations such as where the construction is being made and the type of materials being used. When exploiting the natural resources, in this case, the wood, it is necessary to avoid overexploitation. The future of the business is essential, and ADLER has to ensure sustainability so that they can continue making wooden products all though.

There are several people who are involved in the decision making process in ADLER. The suppliers of the wood will help determine if the required materials for certain woodwork will be available. The customers have to be part of the decision making to make sure that they get what they ordered and at high-quality to ensure their satisfaction. The buying center is set-up through exhibitions, where potential customers can view the products ADLER is offering before they can purchase. There are also exhibitions made online, and the customers can order the products they like or decide on the type of house they prefer to be constructed (Magnusson, Westjohn & Sirianni, 2018).

At the buying center, the key criteria used for making the decision are the type of wood that has been used in constructing some woodwork. The type of wood determines the cost of the different items in the buying center. The marketing channels that affect the process of making decisions are online marketing where more potential customers will be attracted. There will be large differences between ADLER branches, countries and company structure depending on the places where the business is established. The difference will mainly be on the leadership on the company structure and the items ADLER will be distributed depending on the availability of the materials.

Improving Understanding of Customer Approach

There are various strengths that ADLER should highlight. The availability of technology and innovation is one of the strengths the business has and has assisted in achieving the highest standards from the trees and roof truss. ADLER is able to make products such as laminated timber, which is a massive multi-layered construction material. The sheet can be used as a construction material, and it helps maintain the quality of the building.

ADLER has various renewable products they provide which improve the diversification of the business. Some of these products are wood products such as buildings which can be recycled, bio-composites, bio-based chemicals, lignin, pellets, paper, specialty papers, market pulp, intelligence packaging and others (Amin, Uthamaputhran & Ali, 2015).

Research Approach

Literature Review

Brand positioning is done at different levels from the regional, national to international levels. ADLER is planning to position their product at the international level, which means they are targeting the global market. Brand positioning helps in developing a specific place for the brand and its products in the marketplace. The position created is able to attract a certain type of customers and making sure that their needs are achieved by delivering the merits of the product. Brand positioning has to consider two factors, which are the ability to supply and the demand created by the customers. Since competition in the global market can be stiff, there are various principles used in positioning and such include product attributes quality, price, usage occasions, and distribution.

The features of the brand determine the position it will be taking in the international market. The features can impartial, positive or negative. The way the brand will be perceived will determine if it will gain a market share. In the case of ADLER, for example, which is creating awareness on protecting the environment may be considered as a positive feature. The company will be supplying wood materials which are eco-friendly, thus receiving a positive embrace since it will help reduce the issue of global warming. In international positioning, the brand has to have features that are considered outstanding in comparison to competing brands (Wang, He & Barnes, 2017). There are different ways in which the outstanding features can be provided in the case of the woodwork, such as making sure that innovative items and improving the wood have been done. Wood can be improved through lamination to achieve higher standards wood such as laminated timber, glulam BHS, due or trio beam plywood and solid construction timber. Such improvements will make sure that the quality achieved will meet the needs of the clients.

Depending on the reception that the brand receives on the first time in the market, it helps to decide on whether repositioning is essential or not. Less literature has been written about brand positioning as it would take lots of changes for the brand image to be changed successfully, without affecting other parts of the business. Instead of reconstructing, since it would result in confusion from the users, reviving the brand image can be done as the main activity and ensuring that the brand value legacy remains.

In international positioning, there exists a large relationship between the money available for creating the brand of a business and the financial performance. Lots of finance is required in positioning, due to the determination of the target customers and establishing ways in which they can be reached. The execution of ground activities requires money and diligence to make sure that the correct position has been created. If a company does not have the money for the positioning, then it will be reflecting their financial performance, since it is an indication that they cannot compete fairly. There are several brand equity models that can be used to describe the situation, especially Aaker theory. The Aaker models postulate that brand equity is made up of combining brand awareness, loyalty, and associations, thus giving value to the product and service (Gengler & Mulvey, 2017). Therefore, a brand in the global market has to use the three attributes to create their position in the market. The loyalty of the customers to the brand can be seen when the business is able to attract new customers, reducing the marketing costs so as to maintain the clients and same time attract new ones, responding to the competitive threats and trade leverage where the customers make the business to have a stable source of revenue.

There are several parameters that can be applied to measuring the extent to which a brand is recognized among the public. The familiarity and liking parameter, where the consumers who have a positive attitude towards the brand are willing to talk about it openly, thus creating brand awareness over time which means it will attract more people. Commitment to the brand is other parameter which is seen by the number of times customers are using the same brand over time. The next measure is the ability of the brand to attract new associations, which will help in influencing the awareness created on the brand. The knowledge of the brand is also established during the purchasing process, where the number of other brands evoked in the mind of the consumer is determined (Wang, He & Barnes, 2017).

The perceived quality of a brand can be measured using several factors such as the quality offered by the brand, which is the reason to purchase it. In the wood world, for instance, the cost could be the reason people prefer it and environmental friendliness in the midst of awareness being created on efforts to stop global warming. The price factor is used to indicate quality considering that products are at times hard to access. When the quality is high, in most cases, it can be stated that the quality of the product is high and when the price is low, the quality is also perceived as low. Therefore, it is essential to establish the target customers i...

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