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Literacy does not only entail writing and reading as it were traditionally, but it has evolved with time to include much more essential literacy component. According to Alberta Education (2015), Literacy denotes the ability, the willingness and confidence to utilize language so to enquire, communicate, and construct meaning information in daily life. In this light, Literacy is viewed as a culturally and socially systems created to pass information. The literacy journey began when a child is born where children's abilities of Literacy are nurtured and developed by his or her close family members and communities. This paper discusses important principles that can be used by educators in the UAE to teaching and assessing Literacy to young Emirati learners in the 21st Centre (Kuhlthau, Maniotes, & Caspari, 2015).

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Situations which shows literacy development in children include; children crying or smiling to their parents to communicate for needs, the toddler starts forming words, symbol interpretation by young children, preschoolers begin to sing songs, and when parent and a child are laughing together. As children start the education system, their Literacy entails development in reading and inclusion of writing skills. The school-aged children engage in learning opportunities where they interact with different texts, digital forms, and in prints, word usage, and graphics as well as visual. At this level, the children start to learn the rule of language, methods of acquiring information, evaluating it, and using it, communication skills, and construction of meaning from texts. The School system in the process helps the children in redefining fundamental skills from different versions and technologies they may explore. In this light, children's way of reading and communicating have changed due to vast information found in documents and the Internet and communication possibilities of different audiences. Therefore, Literacy today enlightens preparing children to become critical as well as ethical consumers of information.

Principle One: Print Concepts as a Tool to Help Young Emirati in the 21 st Centre

In Developing Teaching and Assessing Literacy.

According to my position, print awareness help in Literacy as it helps young children to gain knowledge on how to read and write. In this light, the prints in books which comprises of pictures in books can help the young Emirati in the 21st Centre to develop vocabulary and oral language when they are playing independently or when reading storybooks. In this sphere, print is used to read and also utilized to develop stories in the process of literacy development by young ones. Print development to toddlers and young Emirati involves recognizing the print, a child knowing how it works, and children being able to understand the meaning of a certain print.

The educators I suppose they can incorporate the usage of print when teaching and assessing Literacy since it can help the young children recognize and understand prints and relate them in reading activities. The print concepts help young learners to know the front and back of a book, comprehending the right side of a book the upside-down, as well as integrating prints are what is to be read but not the pictures. Also, children knowing the importance of punctuation marks in reading comes as a result of prints. I believe when young Emirati are learning on print concepts, they develop a foundation in early reading, whereby print concept helps when reading or writing English.

Moreover, the connection between written language and oral language is strengthened with print concepts. In addition, the appliance of print in young education can help them in recognition of words as being a vital component of both the oral as well as written communication. Furthermore, word concept, when applied by educators, will help to determine how well a child will be able to read in early grades in studies; also, it helps children to how each word is separate and space is needed to separate words in a sentence. Finally, print helps young learners in UAE develops the text mechanics and text characteristics, which include capital letters, small letters, and punctuation marks (Vukelich, Enz, Roskos, & Kristie, 2019).

Principle Two: Integrated Technology as a Tool to Help Young Emirati in the 21 st Centre in Developing Teaching and Assessing Literacy.

Globally, technology has developed that even the learning practices are affected by the wave. The Internet has taken a big role when it comes to literacy development in the UAE. In this light, both the educator and the young Emirati are supposed to utilize emerging technology to upgrade and fasten literacy development. I believe the educators in UAE have incorporated the use of the internet in a learning atmosphere in teaching and assessing Literacy for it facilitate education. Since children have been taken over by the internet, teachers must be in a position to understand and speak their language. In this light, students' interests are to be strengthened with technical skills, and educators should be able to be in the front line to spearhead literacy development with the appliance of technology.

Educators in the UAE should keep up with internet latest fashions by integrating the technology to help Literacy skills development. Internet safety should be considered by the educators, whereby if not well protected, young Emirati may be exposed to some other harmful information. I believe that both the educators and young Emirati should all incorporate technological skills in learning to develop Literacy. For instance, the use of telecommunication whereby online classes can are possible, also the use of pictorial in-class learning, help literacy development (Christ, Arya, & Liu, 2019).

Principle Three: Learning Structures Cooperation Tool to Help Young Emirati in the 21 st Centre in Developing Teaching and Assessing Literacy.

The existence of cooperative learning within the teachers and young Emirati can help facilitate literacy development in UAE. I believe a strong teacher-centered instruction will sustain Literacy since cooperative learning leads to engagement in class, for it encourages interaction between learners themselves. In this light, cooperative learning is attained when the educator does not call each student at a time but increasing participation capability by forming learners' groups where discussions are held overall. This cooperation requires the student to work hard just as teachers, which leads to great achievement and prompting to class and team building.

Teachers in UAE are supposed to act as a role model for the young Emirati in learning practices, which can be facilitated by discipline maintenance and accountability. Development of practical in classwork as well as easy to implement plans should be incorporated in literacy development since they facilitate team building. Through everybody, class participation, the class is transformed into discussions and movements that can help to young Emirati attain literacy skills. Finally, teachers in UAE are supposed to arrange a variety of activities sheets where every young learner are assigned a duty to undertake, in this regard, literacy skills are developed (Piasta, Park, Farley, Justice, & O'Connell, 2019).

Principle Four: Goal Setting tools to Help Young Emirati in the 21 st Centre in Developing Teaching and Assessing Literacy.

Young Emirati in the 21st Centre should be involved in the goal-setting process in UAE, for it encourages them to take ownership of the learning. I teachers and the learners should come together when formulating their goals and objectives in the semester. In this light, goal setting should be done in a clear way that every learner can understand. For instance, a two-way talk with a child about their progress would help the educator to analyze the children's difficult areas and help solve the difficulties. Educators can also use organizers and anchor charts when setting their goals. The main goal of setting up objectives together with the children is that it facilitates problem-solving since the teacher will be in a position to provide feedback and give time to children for self-selection (Keane, Keane, & Blicblau, 2016).


Teaching and assessing Literacy should be made as simple as possible to both the educators and young Emirati in the 21st Centre (Piasta et al.,2019). In this light, the educator is responsible for ensuring sustainability in literacy skills developed by young learners. Technology appliances are the major boost that can be incorporated as it smoothens even the other principles. For instance, goal setting should be formulated following technology advancement. Adoption of technology, goal setting inclusion, learning structures cooperation, and print concepts can all be used in teaching and assessing literacy skills in UAE.


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