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The exhibition will use a chamber type of display in which the item of the exhibition will be placed in a hall for presentation for a limited period. Killer metal will explore the theme of accidents by presenting a wrecked vehicle to create more awareness on the dangers of over speeding and the impacts of speeds. In the gallery, the exhibition space will be divided into three areas with the central space being occupied by a wrecked vehicle, and on the wall art, facts from old newspapers on accident statistics will be hanged around the main item. The chamber will measure 40 meters by 30 Meters, and the interior of the exhibition chamber will be painted white to make the exhibited arts more vivid and presentable. Most aspects of the wrecked car will be maintained to emphasize the impacts of accidents. The Killer Metal exhibition central theme is to create awareness of the high number of crashes on American roads and the need for motorists to be more careful when driving vehicles. The walls of the exhibition chamber will have art fact that gives information on best driving practices as well as different road signs which will play an educative role to the audience. The theme of the Killer Metal exhibition will encourage proper driving behavior and educate the audience on the need to observe different road signs which can help tame the killer metals on our roads. The exhibition will create a connection between killer metals and careless driving behavior and showcase the impact of wrong decisions and driving on the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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Killer Metal is an exhibition that uses a car wreck to create awareness of accidents and implications of careless driving. Vehicles are very important in our daily activities because they facilitate the movement of people and goods from one place to another. This chamber exhibition seeks to use a wrecked car from an accident scene to emphasis on the dangers and implications of accidents on the lives of people. In most museums issues touching the lives of people such as accidents and diseases are not present, and this chamber exhibition seeks to create an education based awareness to motorists and families to encourage high observance of road rules and also how to respond to cases of accidents. Accidents are less discussed and not considered in most exhibitions, but their impact on families and individuals in the societies is too significant to continue being ignored. There are many approaches to create more awareness of accidents and their causes, and through a chamber exhibition, one can be able to target urban dwellers and will go a long way in making our roads safer. Accidents cause thousands of deaths every year and leave many more maimed and nursing injuries which makes them disabled for life. Creating awareness on the dangers and also informing those that have not seen an accident how an accident scene looks like will play a significant role in educating the community on the nature of accidents and different approaches that can be used to prevent accidents from happening. The exhibition makes the audience to think about the impacts of accidents on people and measures that can be taken to create road safety and responsible drivers.

The exhibition will occupy the whole floor of the exhibition chamber and will be accompanied by other educative forms of art collected from different newspapers and the department of transport showing the number of deaths from accidents, different accidents scenes and how drivers can stop accidents from happening. In the hall, three major car makers will be invited to provide education to the audience on measures to ensure road safety and different measures that they have put in place in making their vehicles to promote both passenger and pedestrian safety. The Killer Metal exhibition should be presented now due to the rising cases of accidents across American that are mostly blamed on careless driving as well as mechanical problems. There is a need to encourage people to be more observant and mindful of the lives of other people when they are driving in the highways and streets ensuring that people comply to the speed limits on the roads. The exhibition is unique in that it will be the first exhibition that seeks to create awareness of accidents and also showcases scenes from accidents. The exhibition will encourage accident survivors to come out and share their experiences which are an essential approach to promote safety in our roads and save lives.

List of Items and Accompanying Interpretation Panels/Texts

Exhibition Chamber

= 40 meters by 30 meters

The exhibition chamber will be big enough to be able to fit all the items that will be put on display, and the wrecked car will occupy most of the space because it will be a complete wrecked car a collection from a previous accident which will paint a vivid picture to the audience of an accident scene. The exhibition chamber will be painted white on the inside which will make the items on exhibition appear more vivid. The exhibition chamber will be big enough to allow everyone in the audience to have a clear view. It is expected that the unique Killer Metal exhibition will be able to attract many residents of New York because many people have been directly or indirectly affected by a road accident before. The exhibition chamber will be lighted using floodlights which will make the exhibition item more visible from all corners of the exhibition chamber.

Exhibition Walls

The white painted walls that are surrounding the exhibition chamber where the wrecked car will be positioned correctly for 3 meters by 6 meters information graphics that will be collected from the leading state newspapers reporting on different past accidents. The exhibition walls will be lighted using fluorescent bulbs which will make them more appealing and attractive to the audience. The exhibition walls will also present different road signs and their meaning which will play an educative role to the audience an aspect that plays a significant role towards achieving road safety.


Facing the exhibition chamber located adjacently from the wrecked vehicle will be the auditorium which will be raised 7 meters from the ground, and the audience will be able to interact with different car makers who will be able to give the audience on various safety measures that their companies offer. A large digital monitor will support the auditorium for visual presentation and interpretation through which the companies will demonstrate defensive driving techniques and safety practices on the road. In the auditorium, every car maker will be given 15 minutes for their presentation, and the space will be able to seat 100 people at a time.

Learning Space

In the exhibition hall on the far right, a 15 meters by 20 meters learning space will be set up to provide the audience with a chance to learn different road laws that have been passed in New York state as well as the statistics of accidents in the state and what causes them in most cases. The learning space will provide the audience with rich information on road safety and the purpose of the federal traffic laws. Different books and magazines touching on the topic of road safety will be available in the learning space which will encourage the visitors to be more conscious when driving to reduce cases of accidents.

Killer Metal Exhibition Schedule

Killer Metal exhibition will take place for a whole week with the aim of attracting many people in New York State to sensitize them about road safety and accidents. The event will run every day from 8 AM in the morning to 6 p.m. between 16th and 22nd of July 2018. The reason behind this timeline is to ensure that more people can access the exhibition especially the working class who are mostly held up at work. On Monday 16th July 2018 will be the initial opening date of the exhibition. The exhibition will be opened by a speech from the local leaders and in line with the United Nations Road Safety Week which seeks to create awareness on road safety. Amongst the guest speakers will be the local mayor and the head of the fire department, who are directly involved in rescue operations after an accident. On Monday 16th after the opening speech, the audience will be treated to performances by local schools students sharing poems on road safety and also will be allowed to visit the learning space and later on the wrecked vehicle will be unveiled in the afternoon by the City mayor and other important guests. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the activities schedule will remain the same, but on Sunday the exhibition will close on a grand scale with a live performance by Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Killer Metal Exhibition Marketing

The exhibition will be marketed through the local media and newspapers which will help attract a greater crowd to the Killer Metal exhibition. In the local media stations and newspapers, there will be an emphasis on road safety and also the items that will be on exhibition to derive even greater audience into the event. Creating awareness of the exhibition will be important because the exhibition will play a significant role in improving road safety and also allowing people to interact and share ideas on different avenues that can reduce accidents in New York City roads which claims many lives every year.


The exhibition is a public display of an item of public interest with the aim of creating public awareness or education. Killer Metal exhibition will use an exhibition chamber approach to display a wrecked vehicle which will be the item of interest with the aim of creating awareness on road safety. This part seeks to explore the method of the exhibition which includes the exhibitions space background, arrangement of items on display and the duration of the exhibition.

Exhibition Space Background


Lighting plays a significant role in making the exhibition space more appealing and representative of the theme of the occasion. Lighting designs in exhibition spaces make the environment more attractive and emphasize the location of the item being presented. This exhibition will use lighting to make the environment more thrilling and exciting for the visitors and will serve expressive purposes. The exhibition space will use fluorescent flood lights that will directly illuminate the items directly to create a more spectacular and unusual image which will create an identity and emotional charge on the exhibition image. The lighting, in this case, will play a significant role in creating boundaries in the exhibition space and will help to create centers of attention in the exhibition chamber which will attract greater viewer attention. The lighting of the exhibition chamber hosting the primary item will use a minimalist approach and clean design to create emphasis on the item. Although the exhibition will be during daytime, the exhibition chamber will be sealed off to disallow any external light from sunlight which will help increase the effect of the artificial lighting minimalist design. Lighting plays a significant role in creating the spatial impression and promotes the enjoyment of the primary item. Room lighting will use diffuse and directional light which will determine the impression created in the room. The exhibit light will use directional light to accentuate the items on display and also it this light will be supplemented with softer room lighting with the differences between the room and exhibit lighting which will create a greater impression. In addition to the room and exhibit space lighting, the route lighting using luminaries will be used to provide direction inside the exhibition chamber.


The painting of the exhibition space plays a significant role in the overall impres...

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