Paper Example on Joy Inc.: Building a Successful Organization in a Competitive, Tech-Driven World

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Date:  2023-02-12

Organizational success is dependent on management techniques. The modern commercial space is very competitive. Technological advancement has robed the gate keeping role of many firms by giving extensive platforms for anyone to pitch ideas. In the developed world, commerce has been continually shifting to service-oriented from goods-oriented, ushering the corporate world. The book "Joy Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love" is a representation of the ideal corporate firm in the current world. The book has the setting of Menlo Innovations, a software company located in Michigan. While every business is keen to create appeal to the employees and customers, the desired effect may not be achieved if creativity is not employed.

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I consider the author Richard Sheridan as one of the forces that drew my attention to the book. Sheridan has an extensive entrepreneurial portfolio, reflected by his efforts in putting up a software firm which is considered heavens like from its values and operational culture. He has also extended his influence by making keynote speeches in various events in which other giant corporate are involved (Sheridan). He has headlined several entrepreneurial events.

Books are known to be detailed guides and manuals. Harboring entrepreneurial instinct and the desire to create my own business, I needed some advice. This book made my first read because of the subject it carried. The information inside is personified and reading it felt like a conversation with the author. Reading and reflecting, asking myself questions created a rapport with the author, which kept me immersed in its content.

The book discusses at length, topical issues about creating a work-friendly environment for the employees and other stakeholders. One of the topics focused on is molding the business to be a people-oriented venture rather than too much focus on profits. The company is packaged to bring joy to all, by ensuring satisfaction to the customers, suppliers, employees, and the rest of the interested parties. Satisfaction, according to the description given by the book, is achieved by creating a long-lasting effect on the clients. Services provision should identify with society, and it should put into consideration the challenges faced by members of the public. Giving lasting solutions by offering advice, selling the right software, and recommending are some of the ways of creating a joyful society, by keeping them away from bothering experiences. The rallying call of any firm is to ease the burdens relevant to community.

Cultivating, conducive environment for employees to serve is also extensively discussed in the book. The Menlo software development facility is described as a noisy place, filled with constructive conversations and consultations. In a traditionally managed firm, there is no room for error, and any mistakes are severely punished to the extent of employees subjected to pay cuts. The humanitarian touch of the business should not only be applied to the customers but also employees. They are also human, which predisposes them to make errors. Consultations at work also need to be emphasized by pairing workers. Two workers on the same task avail two brains and hearts, at the same time, four hands on the same job. The pair are bound to learn from each other, and being there for each other in life. Overemphasis on papers like enhanced job resumes is not favorable compared to employing human beings with authentic abilities and personalities. The polished applications create the impression of human-machines which does not allow for healthy growth of skills.

The book has valuable lessons which can be derived, which form the basis of any entrepreneurial venture. Firstly, it requires a lot of creativity to bring all people on board in your organization. The founder of Menlo Innovations Richard Sheridan opted to come up with a book, which tells a story about him and the journey of the organization. People like to listen and read stories because it is from the narrated experiences where they can match events with their individual skills. Telling a story with emotion and purpose can significantly help in walking people through a subject matter, rather than taking the direct instructive approach. It is, therefore, important that leaders become cognizant of the creative skills they possess in rallying people behind them.

Secondly, an important lesson derived is to be always keen on leaving a positive impact. Any entrepreneurial venture should be designed to impact society in a positive manner and contribute to a thriving organization. In this sense, the positive desired effect should be exerted on humanity which entails employees, customers, and all other stakeholders. An employee should leave the organization as a more responsible person, a listener, considerate as well as have compatibility in any goal-oriented team. The client should have success stories, long after the products and services offered.

I would recommend the book to anyone interested in founding and growing their own firms. The book could even be more inspiring to an individual with in-born entrepreneurial instinct and a passion for serving humanity. Great encouragement awaits them in the book. From a personal perspective, the book has shed some light on my perception of entrepreneurship. I am now keen to start off my entrepreneurial venture. This is because entrepreneurship is more than making profits and being my own boss. It is about serving humanity and transforming lives.


Conclusively, attention on the creative mechanisms involved would definitely take an entrepreneur to the coveted greatness. Getting the customers, employees, and other stakeholders to understand the length of the journey gives them an insight into what the organization stands for. Recognizing and appreciating the roles played by each is the key to keeping everyone in the team. The psychological advantage is to make everyone know that their input is needed. An entrepreneurial venture anchored on humanity and creativity is no doubt a successful one.

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