Paper Example on Instructional Intervention: A Case Study

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Date:  2023-07-12


The above case study is an example of an instructional intervention. Instructional intervention is a setup program put in place to improve a specific area that kids experience challenges in. Instructional intervention is set up by the school management with participation by the student's parent, to come up with a way to help improve the performance of children who experience specific academic challenges. Instructional intervention can be applied in any subject or any other skill a student could require improving at. In the case study, Abdulla lacks necessary writing skills, which makes him fall behind in his new school. Instructional intervention is formalized and specific, which lasts for given weeks or months, which is continuous reviews a particular time interval. Abdulla and the other four kids were set to attend the writing skill remedial every day with close monitoring by their teacher and their parents. Instructional intervention is also intentional, which aims at one particular challenge to improve the specified area in a student's schoolwork. They are also set up in a way that the progress of the child is monitored by both the teacher and the parent. In the case of Abdulla, the school sends a letter to the parents with a clear indication of what area their child will be helped to improve through the daily remedial.

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The best way Abdulla's teacher to assess his progress daily includes observation, performance tasks, and having a teacher-created test. Through observation, the teacher could identify the progress Abdulla was making daily. Observation of the growth and development process could determine if the remedial was adequate for the student or not. Through giving the student performance task, the teacher could identify the specific area that required more infancies to improve the results of the remedial effectively. Through creating tests and Giving Abdulla, the chance to handle the test alone could assist in identifying the progress made by the student. On passing the test, the teacher could be confident in introducing more and better training to the student.

Alternative Assessment

The water cycle consists of three processes that include Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation. Evaporation is the process water turns from liquid to vapor or gas. Water starts to evaporate at 32 degrees, which occurs slowly, whereby the higher the temperature, the more evaporation takes place. Evaporation mostly occurs from the ocean, lakes, and rivers. Condensation is the process the water vapor turns into liquid or water, which forms clouds. Condensation is caused by the water that has evaporated into the air from the ocean. Precipitation is the process that the water formed after condensation falls from the sky to the earth in the form of rain. The water from the rain flows back to the rivers, lakes, or oceans, leading to more and more evaporation. The tree processes continue to take place over and over again, which is known as the water cycle.

The students require to identify the difference between evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. They should include a simple explanation of the different processes and determine how the rain cycle is formed. Explain how each process takes place and identify where every process in the rain cycle takes place. Every student will be provided with a photo of the rain cycle with each process defined in the picture. The student is also provided with an assessment rubric to help guide them on the essential points.

Assessment Rubric

  • Explain the three processes in the rain cycle.
  • Identify where every process takes place.
  • Identify how every process in the rain cycle is formed.

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