Paper Example on History and Trend of Craft Beer in British Columbia

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Date:  2022-04-02


Craft beer makers apply the traditional techniques of beer brewing to produce the alcohol. No additives or preservatives are employed in the making of a craft beer. Also, the content of the beer must be fifty-percent malt. Today, British Columbia (BC) is one of the few places in the world where the culture of craft beer is still prevalent. Over the years, craft beer business in BC has seen remarkable development and a rise in revenues more than any other food and beverage industry in the area. A research study conducted between 2014 and 2015 showed that the market share of craft beer had risen by about 17%. Besides, a report compiled by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) mentions factors such as the implementation of the new pricing timetables in the liquor stores. Apart from that, the British Columbia region is experiencing a rise in the number of microbreweries being set up. Nonetheless, from the percentage, the conventional breweries still control a more significant portion of the market. There has been a compromise on the sales of industrial beers, with the industry recording an annual loss of about 2% during the past five years.

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In an attempt to understand the reason for this boom in the craft beer business, I decided to visit the Bard and Banker pub in downtown Victoria, British Columbia. I contacted the pub's management via email a few days before my trip to let them know that I was coming. The General Manager, Trevor Romanow, replied to my electronic message a few hours later, expressing his pleasure to host me. After driving for three hours to Port Angeles, and being on board a ferry for 80 minutes, I finally arrived at the place, though late in the evening. The location of the Bird and Banker is at the Victoria urban street adjacent to the Fort and Government Street. Trevor Romanow gave me a warm reception and guided me inside to my table. Julie was my very resourceful and well-informed waitress. She responded diligently to all my questions all through the service and was very keen to take care of my wants. Mr. Romanow informed me that at least 800 people attend the pub when there is a band performing. To my surprise, there was a band playing later that night, and indeed the pub started to swell by 9 p.m.

The mood in the room was exhilarating, and I could see many people sited drinking craft beer. The design of the pub is fantastic. The decor is eccentric with enough space to accommodate a broader audience. The atmosphere is also socially suitable for sit in with friends. The wine vaults are magnificent. "They were designed and made in Italy," said Trevor while giving reference to the vaults. Trevor suggested that I begin with a homemade root beer. Wow! It was so light and lacked the licorice after-taste. After that, I ordered for three types of Victoria Flight beer, that is, Hoyne Pilsner, the Philips Ale, and the Lighthouse Amber. Admittedly, the latter was sweet with a smooth taste while Philips Ale was light and clean with no licorice taste. The Lighthouse Amber tasted like honey, and I swear I could drink three glassful of those.

Comparing the Bard and Banker with Darcy's Pub and the Garrick's Head Pub

Firstly, the three pubs are similar in that they are both located in downtown Victoria. The Bard and Banker's location is at 1022 Government St, Victoria, British Columbia. Darcy's pub is located at 1127 Wharf St, Victoria, British Columbia, and finally Garrick's Head Pub at 1140 Government St, Victoria, BC. Also, the three pubs boast of providing the best service in Victoria. In both, the waiters and waitresses are friendly and understanding. Similarly, both pubs are known to off some of the best craft beers in town. Bard and Banker are famous for its Hoyne Pilsner whereas the Darcy's Pub is known for its Darcy's Live Lager. Besides, both pubs also provide beautiful scenic views of the surrounding environment. For example, the Government Street where the Bard and Banker are located in a major tourist attraction. Similarly, the Wharf Street where the Darcy's Pub is situated provides a magnificent view. The primary attraction nearby the Garrick's Head Pub is the Theatre Royal Bath.

However, the three also differ in certain aspects like the rate of service delivery and the prices charged. For instance, the pace of service in the Bard and Banker is slower compared to that in the Darcy's and Garrick's Head pubs. The food prices in the three pubs differ as well as those of the drinks. For example, the food prices in Bard and Banker are relatively high compared to those of Darcy's Pub and Garrick's Head Pub. Lastly, they also differ in the types of food offered. For instance, fish and chips are common for both Bard and Banker and Garrick's Pub while nachos is the favorite dish among those visiting the Darcy's Pub.


Today, many pubs are emerging in cities and towns. From the illustrations above, we can relate this explosive change to some factors like the reemergence of craft beer industry and the rise of millennial drinkers. Craft beer culture is increasingly becoming popular as consumers shift from industrial beers. The new generation or Generation Y mostly embrace this culture. The Generation Y are those individuals born between the years 1990 and 2000. They are considered technologically aware and are well conversant with the digital technology. In future, it is evident that the number of millennial drinkers visiting pubs is likely to increase. In turn, the number of pubs operating will increase as well as the revenues earned.


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