Paper Example on Health Informatics and Use of Computers

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Date:  2022-07-11


During the past few years, policies concerning health care have encouraged the use of modern technology and proper data storage. Lack of proper communication between the clinicians and the patients has led to inefficiency in healthcare provision (Taylor, 2001). Electronic health records and online health portals help in capturing and sharing information across the various health providers. This promotes collaborative care and also helps in providing critical data aimed at improving health care. Health informatics help in reducing the general cost of health care services. This is done by reducing duplicative processes and identifying areas of opportunities. The informatics management consolidate data from various sources making it accessible to all providers. This provides them with the patients' history-making communication between the provider and the patient efficient. The records also help reduce medical errors that are believed to cost so much to a country.

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Health Care Cost and Management

Over the years, concerns have been raised about the high cost of health care. The main concern is on the increasing price of health care services and the drugs prescriptions. This is even after the government involvement in the whole process. The government spends a lot of its resources on health care, but still, individual families offer direct payments for healthcare. The families are subjected to medical bills that are a burden to them. Some end up using all they have under savings and even borrowing money from money-lending firms. Introduction of health care insurance policy for employees would provide a cheaper alternative access to a health care. Through this, employers can pass health benefits to the employees free of tax. To contain the high costs, wellness programs are introduced. To control the general cost of health care, consumer-directed health plans are introduced that can help employees in setting up a health saving account.

The Process of Changing Professional Life

Choices on worthwhile and fulfilling professions are not easy to make. Change of a career may be due to the urge of following one's passion or following what is valuable. One key step in the process of career change is the ability to link current skills and experiences with the new chosen field. Doing something valuable involves identifying a pressing problem and doing something about it. One may also be engaged in a new career with the interest to apply specific skills. The skills are identified through past successful role or projects. Speaking with people who changed their professional life also help in providing one with appropriate advice. Sharing the idea of changing career with experts help in making the transition easier. This key steps will lead to successful career changes in nursing domain.

Integration of New Employees

Most business organizations face difficult moments when assimilating newcomers to an organization (Raghuram, 2001). Through organizational socialization, newcomers are transformed from organizational outsiders into insiders. The socialization leads to job satisfaction and organizational commitment. This helps in maintaining the performance despite the change. The integration activity helps the newcomer adapt to the work demands and accommodation of his/her personality to the organization. This includes familiarization with the new workplace and conditions that develop a sense of belonging. This helps the newcomer to develop new work satisfaction, the clarity of the new role and understanding the culture of the organization. This integration helps facilitate the knowledge of transfer, making the rules and the culture of the organization clear to the newcomer.


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