Paper Example on Formal Project Proposal: Cleveland Fitness Centre Expansion

Paper Type:  Research proposal
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  774 Words
Date:  2023-08-31

Executive Summary

The purpose of this memo is to present an analysis of the Cleveland Fitness Center project, which was marred with ample irregularities and risks compromising effective project management. The analysis is focused on identifying risks and strategies to manage the risks. Cleveland Fitness Center embarked on an ambitious project to expand the center for purposes of serving more clients and integrating digital technology in order to match the modern competition.

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General Approach

The approach involves revisiting the plan used in Cleveland Fitness Center and revising it to match a proper project management plan

Stakeholders and Communications

The main stakeholders will include; Tom Grant (business founder and director), Mark Grant (Tom’s son, who holds a degree in business).

The stakeholders will be required to meet every three months to evaluate the progress.

High-Level Scope:

In-Scope: Extensive advertising, expansion of the facility space – showers, changing rooms, incorporate digital platforms for customers interaction (WiFi hardware and software), and diversification by adding gym equipment

Out-of-Scope: Relocating the business, demolishing the current building, or advertising outside the local coverage

Challenges: The main challenge is to incorporate digital technology for customers, expand the fitness center to offer more room, upgrade the changing and washrooms, and incorporate a platform to interact with the customer through social media.

Key Risks and Opportunities: As with any project, there are some potential risks that will need to be addressed. I do want to bring a few of them to your attention

  • If we relocate the center to a new location for purposes of expansion, we stand a risk of losing the current clientele who chose the Cleveland Fitness Center of bases of accessibility
  • If we fail to plan adequately, we may end-up with unrealistic goals that do not match the available resources
  • If we don’t have established milestone objectives, it will be challenging to monitor the project progress increasing the risk of failure
  • If we don’t encourage teamwork and frequent meetings as a team, we risk having a disjointed project implementation destined for failure
  • If we don’t assign tasks to competent people, we risk having substandard outcomes

Draft Schedule

Milestone Personnel External Dependencies
Month 1-2
Month 3-4
Month 5-6
Month 7-8
Month 9-10
Month 11-12
Month 13-14
Month 15-16
Month 17-18

Brainstorming meeting – pro and cons of options available Tom Grant, Mark Grant, Jane Young, Bob Jones, and directors Finances

Government Regulations Designing concepts Tom Grant, Mark Grant, Jane Young, Bob Jones, Jeanne Black, and contractors Workability of the concepts Developing stages of implementation and budget Tom Grant, Mark Grant, Jane Young, Bob Jones, Jeanne Black, contractors, and qualified project manager Resources availability Obtaining approval from necessary authorities Tom Grant, Mark Grant, and the project manager Approval requirements Preparing the final plan with targets, timeline, and objectives Tom Grant, Mark Grant, Jane Young, Bob Jones, Jeanne Black, contractors, and qualified project manager Ability to develop SMART goals Identifying and Procuring the necessary materials Tom Grant, Mark Grant, Bob Jones, and project manager Availability of resources

Market dynamics Remodeling the structural building Contractors and project manager Availability of necessary materials

Government policies Fixing the amenity facilities Contracted personnel and project manager Availability of necessary materials Installing WiFi, electricity, and piping Contracted personnel and project manager Availability of necessary materials Summative evaluation and Testing the upgraded facility Tom Grant, Mark Grant, Jane Young, Bob Jones, Jeanne Black, Tim Brailsford, contractors, directors, and the project manager Based on the project objectives Approval from authorities Respective government entities/agencies Fulfilling the necessary steps Launching the facility – first week free services to loyal customers All relevant stakeholders including invited customers Timing is crucial Aggressive advertisement to regain and expand customer base Mark Grants Availability of media airtime

Feasible online platforms Draft Budget

Items Categories Cost
Personnel Project manager, contractors, auditor, and labor $2000000
Equipment WiFi appliances, air-conditioner, washroom appliances, piping, wiring, and construction materials $13000000
Operational cost Launch
Logistics $2000
Approval cost Charges for project inspection and approval $1000
Miscellaneous $1000000
SUM $16003000.00

The Plan for Logistic Support and Administration

In terms of logistic support and administrative, the project will rely on competent personnel outsourced based on their merit and scorecard. Also, the project will be under a qualified project manager and deputized by Mark Grant. At all times, the team will have to report to the founder and main director, Tom Grant, and other relevant directors. The project will also require frequent monitoring every three months.

Past Experience

Based on past experiences, the project is achievable under careful implementation and supervision.

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