Paper Example on DRA PS-Human Resources Management

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DRA PS aimed at improving human performance hence achieving quality operations management. It continues to get committed to maintaining a highly qualified, talented pool. All employees in DRA PS are considered for new work opportunities before getting terminated due to the unavailability of tasks. Human Resource Management requires individuals with unique skills and technical knowledge in specific areas (Kitay & Wrght, 2018). There are vital positions that may need to be recruited for various specific reasons. However, the recruitment process has policies and guidelines with challenges that can be addressed. Therefore, the method of recruitment should be very strategic to obtain quality personnel.

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Scenario 1: question 1

I need to recruit some personnel to help in the operations within the organization. A Staffing Specialist will create job descriptions for qualified personnel to be assigned different roles. A Staffing Coordinator will assist in recruiting employees and assist in new hire orientation. An HR analyst will be needed to present employee data, employees' salaries, and other statistics to the manager. A Chief Human Resources Officer is of great essence because he offers training programs to qualified employees, thus maintaining a highly talented staff pool (Kitay & Wrght, 2018).

Scenario 1: question 2

Human labor recruitment in an organization is associated with various policies and guidelines. Firstly, the pay grades must be listed for the willing job applicants to see and decide if they can offer quality services with the stated salaries. In most cases, candidates with minimal experience and academic requirements have a low pay grade, while more experienced employees begin with a high pay grade. The listing of pay grades ensures that the pay practices of a company are equitable and market-driven. However, they may discourage some potential job applicants because the pay is not worth their level of work experience. Secondly, a job-related hiring criterion is a guideline in the recruitment process. It provides an equal opportunity for potential employees whose careers are not listed in the vacancies but have a close relationship. However, the guideline demands the company to adopt evaluation strategies that will help in employing quality applicants (Bar-Isaac & Ganuza, 2016).

Scenario 1: question 3

The issue of pay grades can be addressed by assuring candidates of other monetary benefits associated with the jobs. It means that they should not get discouraged by the minimum wages and salaries since they may have allowances such as house allowances, transport allowances, and medical care allowances. In the end, candidates feel encouraged to apply for their respective qualified vacancies despite the listed pay grades. The company can also mention the possibility of increased salaries as rewards for employees who contribute much to the company's success. Job-related criteria lead to the rise in the number of job applicants that makes the evaluation process slow; thus, the company takes a long time to respond to them (Bar-Isaac & Ganuza, 2016). Therefore, the company can be specific to the job requirements for different vacancies to speed up applicants' evaluation process that provides them with a quick response.

Scenario 1: question 4

Employment recruitment strategies have a significant impact on the success of the hiring process (Kitay & Wrght, 2018). I will adopt the best approach to access qualified applicants, such as creating job posts that reflects my company. It will help acquire a large population of applicants and attract people who are comfortable with its culture. I will use social media to target a large, diverse community. I will consider and encourage college students to apply for the jobs because it will help my company discover upcoming talents and utilize them appropriately. I will also inform the students on the internship opportunities that have a little salary as an act of appreciation.


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Kitay, J., & Wrght, C. (2018). An Unexplored Relationship: Australian Management Consultingand the Management of Human Resources. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 37(3), 1-17.

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