Paper Example on Cyber Bullying as Ethical Issue

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Date:  2022-04-19


The widened allay of technological harm constitutive to a violation of use of computing technology amount to cyber-bullying through compromising messaging or other forms of harassments. This work illuminates the properties of technological bullying that compromises the ethical professionalism in computing.

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What the Taxonomies of Cyber Bullying

Topic Sentence: The Advent of technology widens the electronic connectivity of people either on a social network or electronic tools. Exposures to online antisocial behavior that constitute to cyber-bullying are on the rise with the advent of sophisticated technological connectivity.

"Development of taxonomies drawing clear definitions and forms of cyber-bullying that requires strict conformity to computing professional ethical code of conduct advocating for avoidance or mitigation of such perpetration. The different incidences of cyber-bullying taxonomies occur in ambiguous or known relationships between the victims and the perpetrators."

"Cyber-bullying taxonomies: Definition, forms, consequences and mitigation strategies" by Ali Al Mazari 2013

What Are the Ethical Dilemmas Emanating From Cyber Bullying

Topic Sentence: Ethical anxieties emanating from technological bullying obliges considerable deliberation of the essential ideologies of the virtual existence.

"The diversification of ethical dilemma advances with the advent of technological connectivity in the modern age. The invention of sophisticated technological grip increases the global connectivity of online village raising the chances and incidences of cyber-bullying. Sending of hurtful messages or picture to other online has extensively endangered teenagers' misuse of internet reach deterred by vast connectivity and the creation of unauthentic social media accounts."

"The ethical dilemmas of virtual reality" by Darrell M. West 2016

What Is the Application Moral Concern Theory Driven by Cyber Bullying?

Topic Sentence: Nurturing the character virtues of internet users especially young people to influence their communication morality requires recognition of positive perspective on virtue ethics and technological determinism.

"The adoption of the tenets of moral theory on virtue ethics in computing professionalism requires sensitivity in distinguishing right and wrong on properties of self-discipline, humility, compassion, positive regards, and trust of the members of the unseen global online village. Upholding self-discipline directs individuals to actively engage with others on online platforms without violating their decency through provocative messaging."

"Virtuous reality: moral theory and research into cyber-bullying" by Tom Harrison 2016


Upholding vital universal morality on compromised harming other people through online texting and other technological platforms have in recent age advanced with the sophistication of internet connectivity. Cyber-bullying perpetrates morality that leads to compromised self-esteem leading to social seclusion or suicidal repercussions of harassed victims.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Essay:

What topics does this essay focus on in relation to cyber bullying, and what are its taxonomies of cyberbullying?

The essay explores cyber bullying and its effect on ethical professionalism in computing. An understanding of taxonomies of cyber bullying is vital as this helps define clear definitions and forms, leading to improved strategies for avoidance or mitigation while adhering to ethical codes of conduct in computing.

According to Darrell M. West's research, what are the ethical dilemmas that arise from cyber bullying?

West's research highlights how modern technologies have led to global connectivity of the online world, escalating risks and instances of cyber bullying. Ethical dilemmas may arise from sending hurtful messages or images through unauthentic social media accounts which create vast connectivity.

How does the application of moral concern theory contribute to combating cyber bullying?

Moral Concern Theory in computing professionalism emphasizes virtues such as self-discipline, humility, compassion, positive regard and trust among members of an online community. Upholding these virtues guides individuals towards actively engaging with one another online without resorting to provocative messaging or harming another party.

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