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Carlos and his mafia group were the key focus of the investigations by the justice department during Kennedy's administration in the 1960s. The attorney general by then Robert Kennedy considered Marcello to be the most threatening and powerful mafia leader in the United States, therefore ordering the department of justice to put their focus on him, alongside other leaders such as Hoffa, the teamster president. President Jeff Kennedy had planned to focus on Marcello before his official inauguration in 1961. He had the intention of either detaining him or ordering his deportation.

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In April 1961, Marcello was finally deported from the United States. As he walked to the INS offices for his usual appointment. The INS official handcuffed him and was taken to New Orleans airport. Marcello was deported to Guatemala, and the attorney general denounced his deportation later on that day. However later on the next day, the attorney declared that Marcello's deportation was done per the United States law. Later on, the federal courts also ruled that the deportation was valid, therefore denying the motion by his lawyers that it be declared illegal. Marcello's deportation to Guatemala resulted to him being held up by the Guatemala government for possession of false citizenship papers. Guatemalan president, therefore, ordered that Marcello should be expelled, which led to him being driven and released at El Salvador broader. Two weeks after deportation, Marcello secretly gained entry back into the United States. After the attorney general order his arrest, he voluntarily surrendered and was held up in the alien detention center in taxes. He was later tried, but some government official intervened, and Marcello was released on a bond.

The narcotic report of 1962 described Marcello as the country's leading racketeers and indicated that he was under extreme investigations on revenue service. The report also showed that he was conducting a legal action to stop his deportation. In 1963 under the orders of the attorneys general, the FBI director ordered the FBI offices to intensify the coverage on Marcello and his organization. This would be achieved through the creation of a special task force and the enhanced use of informants. Later on, there were several courts proceeding concerning Marcello. The first one was that of the supreme court rejecting his lawyers appeal for the deportation to be declared illegal. The second one was that which the supreme court rejected Marcello appeal on his narcotic conviction case. The third court proceeding he was that which he was charged with conspiracy due to falsification of his Guatemalan birth certificate, which he was later acquitted. Most of Marcello's cases that came up were dropped, this acted as a setback to the attorney generals intention of deporting him. He even went ahead to file for the suspension of his deportation orders based on having portrayed good characters.

Alleged Assassination Threat by Carlos Marcello

Following the death of President Jeff Kennedy, the investigators examined an account that was thought to be a threat made by Marcello towards the president's life and the attorney general who was a brother to the president in late 1962. This information was made public in a book that talked of the organized crimes that were later published in 1969. The author of the book indicated that there was an alleged meeting between Marcello and two other men in the year before the president's assassination. The meeting was about the increased pressure that had been directed towards the mafia group by the law enforcement following a directive by the president. According to an informant who had attended the meeting, Marcello was very serious about the president's assassination, and this leads to the informant believing that Marcello is, in fact, the one who committed the murder.

There was also another alleged statement from Becker who overheard a remark by Marcello in 1963 concerning a planned assassination attempt. However, after the evidence was analyzed, it was found that the evidence indicated that FBI handling of information concerning Marcello was featured by lack of efforts to check the reliability of the information together with the desire to dispose of the gathered information without taking the appropriate measure to investigate the information.

The evidence suggested that the FBI had gained the evidence early enough but had failed to take the appropriate actions to investigate on the threats. Failure to investigate Marcello's threat was a violation of FBI's director's promises to check all the situations surrounding the president's assassination even after the end of the warren commission investigation.


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