Paper Example on Controlling Information: Ethics, Data Protection, and Access Monitoring

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Date:  2023-09-23


To control information in any organization, it requires ethics and data protection. To determine how an individual or organization controls where information goes, it is crucial to understand how to protect the information. Firstly, identify the critical information, and this involves determining the information that needs more encryption and which should not be revealed. Secondly, monitor access and activity. It is essential to identify and keep records of what certain people get access to. Consequently, having the right protocols give an individual or the organization an upper hand in controlling information dissemination. Moreover, people should be allowed to get the information that is necessary, and other information that is not needed by the should be kept private. Third-party contractors and individuals should be given minimal information access as possible. Information in the military is always coded, this means that the receiver is the only individual how can decode it ensuring the integrity of the information is protected. Moreover, military bases use secure networks to relay information and access to the information his highly secured to ensure that the information is retrieved by the intended individual only.

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How Information is Handled

Information handling is mainly the process of ensuring that information and data are archived, disposed of, and stored in a safe manner. Data handling is essential in maintaining the integrity of information as it addresses the concerns that are related to preservation, security, and confidentiality of information. In information handling their essential consideration and they include:

  • The type of information and its impacts
  • Type of storage capacity and media containing the information and its reliability.
  • Data handling privileges and responsibility
  • Data handling procedures described

In the military information is handed differently as there is a chain of command on how information flows. The relay of information in the military is regarded as n important task such that the information is relied to the people who are only supposed to get, see, and read it for proper actions.

The Best Way to Represent the Information

It is vital to represent information in a way that any interested individual will understand. Most people do not like reading, and therefore it is essential to represent information in the way of making the information meaningful. Some of the best ways of presenting information include textual, tabular, and graphical. In textual representation, the data is presented in paragraph form where people can read, and it involves a combination of texts and figures. Tabular presentation utilizes statistical table and a systematic organization of information in rows and columns. On the other hand, the graphical presentation makes use of a bar graph, line graph, and images to represent information.

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