Paper Example on Business Strategy: Achieving Goals Through Vision and Direction

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Date:  2023-11-20

A business strategy refers to the decisions an organization makes to achieve set objectives and effectiveness by utilizing opportunities and mobilizing available resources. It defines how a company will interact with its environment to achieve a competitive edge and achieve a set goal (McGee et al., 2010). The strategy also gives the entire organization a vision and a direction. When a common strategy leads all stakeholders, goals are easily achieved, as there are minimal chances of losing sight of the company's primary aim. Whittaker & Sons is a company that manufactures chocolate, and it is located in New Zealand. It is among the oldest companies that are still running. It has managed to stay competitive in the industry due to its effective business strategy.

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Whittaker & Chocolates NZ uses the differentiation strategy as its primary business strategy, and that explains why its chocolate has remained sweet for more than one century. The same family has produced the products for a very long time. This shows that its magical process of processing chocolate, its trademark, has remained in the family. This conventional approach preserves the authenticity of the chocolate, which maintains consistency in the quality of the chocolate and builds an authentic client base. Customers identify with these products due to the high-quality products they get. The company is very specific about where it sources its cocoa seeds; it seeks premium ingredients to bring out a premium product that stands out. The company sources its cocoa seeds from West Africa, Ghana, which happens to produce high-quality seeds. It ensures to management of every step of the production process, from sourcing, roasting, blending, and embracing the best machinery. At the end of the process, a bar of high-quality chocolate is produced (Whittaker's Chocolate Worldwide, 2020). The company has grown to become New Zealand’s favorite chocolate maker because the differentiation strategy focuses on producing unique products, which attract customers and increase the competitive edge (McGee et al., 2010)

Whittaker also uses the product development strategy. The marketing manager has consequently launched new product extensions, which have attracted more customers. Through innovations and new creative delicacies and products, the brand has grown inferentially by making more chocolates and maintaining its brand as the best chocolate manufacturer but not the biggest. The company has not focused on market expansion in terms of penetrating the global market. However, 30% of the chocolate produced is exported and sold in the international market. It has also expanded the factory to meet the chocolate demand (McDonnell, 2018).

The company also relates well to its stakeholders. It upholds the business ethical standards and social responsibility. Whittaker has concentrated on New Zealand’s milk in all their chocolate and supported their community and suppliers. It encouraged the community and social setups to be straight with them and join Whittaker on the road to good and honest chocolate. It ethically produces chocolate while minding the health of its customers. The company also values its employees. It acknowledges them as an important part of the company, protecting their rights and valuing them. It is also quite expansive in its marketing strategy (Whittaker's Chocolate Worldwide, 2020). Since it is from both traditional and digital errors, it incorporates different marketing mediums. By using traditional mediums like the point of sales and billboards, utilizing sites on social media, it has connected with all sorts of customers genuinely with Whittaker's chocolate lovers, hence engaging them in ways that both mediums (McDonnell, 2018).


Conclusively, Whittaker has improved its products, kept everyone on the same page with and authentic products. Through their marketing teams and sales teams, their products sound more authentic and genuine. Their brand is more authentic and desirable hence creating a unique and viable value proposition.

Individual reflection

I agree with Whittaker & Chocolates’s differentiation and product development strategies. However, I do not agree with their reluctance to market expansion. I believe that a company can either stand out through differentiation or offer products at low prices through the cost leadership strategy. Whittaker Chocolate Company was able to brand its business by standing out as an authentic chocolate producer, which produced high-quality chocolate. It has maintained the consistency of the chocolate's quality by managing the supply chain to reduce the chances of quality being compromised. The family manages the production process, which plays a significant role in protecting the company's trademark (Whittaker's Chocolate Worldwide, 2020). The company must be able to maintain its loyal customers and attract more through product development.

Moreover, practicing social responsibility and maintaining ethical standards helps the company to build a strong relationship with the company and community and the customers at large (McDonnell, 2018). I do not support its strategy of choosing to operate in Zealand only. I feel like one operation location is not enough for such a company with such quality products. It has the potential to thrive on the international platform because it sells authentic chocolate. Even if it exports its chocolate, I think advancing in the global market will help the company explore its optimum potential.


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