Paper Example on Benefits of Personal Injury Attorneys to the Society

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Date:  2022-06-23


Personal injury attorneys primarily play a vital role in advocating for the rights of plaintiffs whenever they are subjected to any form of the tortious act. If an employee suffers the injury while at the workplace, the personal injury lawyer comes in place to intervene. Own injury attorneys research on behalf of the employee to ascertain the magnitude of the injury suffered or loss incurred by the employee (Gallagher, Williams, Skelly, Haugh, Rauh, Milhous, & Frymoyer, 1995). After conducting adequate research, the attorney comes up with a watertight case that will ensure the company compensates the employee (Butler, & Worrall, 1983). The company, in this case, is termed tortfeasor or defendant while the worker/employee is the plaintiff.

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Many compensations can be facilitated depending on the kind of injury. Benefits can be considered justifiable when the injury resulted from negligence or inaction of the employer/company. For instance, when an employee suffers respiratory health illnesses arising from contaminated hazardous industrial emissions, the employee can sue the company for negligence. Failure to provide all the required safety measures for the employee, in this case, is deemed as negligence. In such a scenario the employer is supposed to provide compensation for the injuries suffered by the employee and also carter for hospital bill incurred in treatment.

The central question is, when does an employee need to seek help from a personal injury attorney for compensation? The aid of a personal injury lawyer becomes crucial when the company/employer denies the employer's claims or fails to pay him/her benefits. Private injury attorney also facilitates full compensation in case the cover provided by the employer does not match carter for medical bills and or wages lost in the event of injury. For an employee to secure the full settlement, he or she needs approval from an attorney or legal lawyer. Another case was when the injury suffered bars an employee from adequately performing his/her tasks or when such injuries completely make it impossible for the employee to resume duties in his/her former workplace (Gallagher, Williams, Skelly, Haugh, Rauh, Milhous, & Frymoyer, 1995). Permanent injuries may as well call for comprehensive compensation that an employee cannot process by his own. A personal attorney will help the employee draft settlement agreement that can aid employee's compensation benefits. Furthermore, personal injury lawyer advocates for the rights of an employee in case the employer deducts his/her wages, he/she has been fired on unjustifiable grounds. For instance, when an employer fires an employee for filing a worker's compensation claim, it is the role and responsibility of a personal injury attorney to safeguard the rights of that employee and protect her legal rights.


In summary, it is worth noting that no matter the situation, workers have their rights inclusive of rights to compensation in the event of injuries suffered at the workplace. Failure to identify legal rights as a worker may cost one dearly. Therefore, the significant benefits of personal injury attorneys are to safeguard the rights of workers. The intervention of personal injury lawyers into judicial matters provides relief to workers and their family from medical bills that may be very intensive in some instances. Private injury attorneys also enable workers to secure legal compensations resulting from tortious acts of the employer. Following the due process ensures that every party accounts for their actions or deeds. Handling differences between the employer and an employee create harmony among the two parties at long last.


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