Paper Example on Aspiring Peer Health Educator

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Date:  2022-12-29


I aspire to become a peer health educator, my desire is to give my support to the society, to advance my leadership prowess together with acquiring experience and skills significant to mold me into a professional dietician. I have gained considerable knowledge through school activity and learned fundamental aspects of the field. However, I want to get into a challenging and competitive environment to develop myself beyond the common nursing curriculum, I want to interact with people and sensitize them on how to make a better dietary decision for themselves.

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What are your future career goals, and how do you think the PHE program will contribute to those? (250 words maximum)

My future career goal is to be a registered dietitian and nutritional speaker. I want to support the well-being of the student community and promoting healthy lifestyle management, by sensitizing on the need of healthy living health, prevention of common illness through proper lifestyle, educating on vaccines and food supplements as well as the needs of a medical checkup. The PHE program completely fits my career goal as it aims at increasing awareness and responsible decision making on wellness and health. The program develops knowledge through outreach programs and role modeling. In addition to the considerable knowledge that I have previously acquired in nutrition, I am certain that the PHE program will supplement on the practical skills and how to apply the knowledge I have with my peers and the community I am serving. PHE will be a head start for me to seek other practical knowledge and experiences that will take me to the next level, closer to my goals.

Why do you think wellness is important for the Sac State community? (250 words maximum)

I believe that wellness is an important element to be upheld in the Sac State community. The reason is that in the Sac State community most of the students get ill more often to the extent they become incapacitated to engage in the learning activities; among the common health conditions including colds and flu, mononucleosis, strep infections, accidental injuries and among others. And also it was established the students do not eat healthy food; hence they develop the weak immune system and become obese or anorexic. Such issue needs urgent attention of PHE.

How do you think the following topic areas impact Sac State Students? (Please address EACH of the five areas; 1000 words maximum)

a) Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: Most of the students are Bing drinkers, something that affects their social and psychological state. The use of tobacco together with other narcotics is also rampant; students get addicted and even drop out of school or being apprehended by the law enforcers.

b) Mental Health: due to family and other domestic issues, some students become psychological traumatized and unable to cope up with studies. Sometimes they become depressed and even commit suicide, insult or assault their colleagues.

c) Nutrition: Poor diet has become an impending issue; students are either obese or anorexic due to lack of nutrition knowledge. This has affected the mental state of some students and adversely impacting their performance. d) Relationships and Sexual Health: Most of the students are sexually active, and some are libidinous, they are not aware of birth control measure hence some girls drop out of school due to early pregnancy, some abort the pregnancy, and even to some extent both genders get into the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and STIs.

e) Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence: Sexual assault is common among some students through the majority of the incidences go unreported. Measure to curb such social evil is needed as it affects the psychological state of the victims.

What are effective ways to communicate with college students about complex health issues? (250 words maximum)

With the new technology, I believe that the uses of social media platforms are flexible and easy to use means of communication. For instance, Whatsapp groups, Telegram groups, Facebook page, Twitter handles and YouTube clips can play a significant role at reaching a large magnitude of students and with low cost.

Please list the clubs, organizations, employment, and other outside commitments you have (or anticipate having) during the 2019-20 academic year. (100 words maximum)

The commitment that I have been looking forward to taking part in the year 2019/2020 are nearly 15 units of class, online training, PHE, and during my free time, I volunteer with the IPGE. But still, PHE and school will remain to be my main focus. I have recently started taking my online course to increase my knowledge about nutrition and learn certifications after each course.

Being a Peer Health Educator requires a significant time commitment. How will you balance the requirements of the PHE program with your other commitments? (250 words maximum)

To become an effective PHE and to perform in studies all require proper time management and eliminating procrastination. I will develop a weekly schedule to plan my daily activities, I will fill my class activities, and the free time I will have for leisure I will dedicate towards PHE. I will take the opportunity of the remaining school time to develop my experience s in volunteering, resume writing, participating in online classes among other school activities. Though, I will not be working in fall or spring 2020. I will take advantage of my scholarship; I will focus more on my HE program and doing online training.

What experience and qualities do you possess that will make you an effective Peer Health Educator?

Consider myself suitable to become a Peer Health Educator especially after taking about 26 units of FACS major classes where I learned knowledge of nutrition. For instance, we took part in the 24-hour recall method I develop skills to in nutrition counseling when assisting the client in getting the correct diet. I can assist the student in selecting healthier nutrition options. Also, I have participated in several cultural competitions in high school which was fundamental in leading bigger cultural competitions all over my city. Through the competition, I developed leadership skills and deliver information through fun learning. Furthermore, my 8-year experience in completive cooking skills will be of help as PHE. I can prepare Arabic nutriments to give students a variety of food options for them to maintain a healthy meal plan.

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