Paper Example on Annexation of the State of Texas

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Date:  2022-05-05


The opposition to the Annexation of Texas stems from the fact that it is lacking in both legal and constitutional merit, and that it portends no notable or predictable benefits to the union or its citizens. Standing alone, a brighter destiny is in the offing for the State of Texas. The state would be happier, glorious, and prosperous as an independent entity than forming a tributary or a part of the United States. Joining the union means high levels of tariffs and being victim of certain oppressive policies by the North. Therefore, the union should carry on the annexation of the parts of Mexico, make it part of Texas, but leave the state as independent, which would be beneficial in terms of securing resources and protecting her citizens against the British and any aggression from Mexico. The annexation of Texas goes against sectional and national interest. My disapprobation of the annexation is because such a measure will serve to curtail the independence or the freedom of state, which is not only beneficial to Texas but to the Southern states as well (Tyler 34). From the onset, Texas was a slave state and uniting it with the South spells more benefits due to the shared interests, meaning the annexation will benefit neither the state nor the South. The nullification of the Texas Treaty thus makes a lot of sense.

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Most of the benefits are merely short term, but the state would suffer in the long-term. The advantages of the annexation include immediate protection and the real possibility of protection from war with either the US or Mexico. It is worth noting that the war with the two countries is a far-fetched notion that might not happen. The disadvantages are long-term, profound and outweigh the disadvantages. Annexation would interfere with the economic specialty or productivity of the North and South that would certainly interrupt the impressive economic progress witnessed in the contemporary and the recent times. Maintaining the economic balance means that South must remain an agricultural hub while the north should remain a manufacturing or commercial hub. Notably, the two regions have varying roles to play in that the North has the holds both the political and economic power for the nation while the south hold the wealth. Annexation of Texas would disrupt the natural order and thereby plunge the country into a state of political and social chaos, and the economic order would suffer serious losses.

The realization or in the wake of the ensuing spate of events, the constitution offers the only credible solution to the apparent standoff. The annexation spells serious insubordination issue from Texas to the Union (Hill 1). As currently constituted, the State of Texas is highly corrupt and rotten to the core with illegal activities. The high levels of corruption witnessed in Texas may spill over to other union members if admitted to the union. The treaty, which acts as the prerequisite for Texas joining the union, should be annulled and the state should be allowed to determine its destiny, run its affairs in ways consistent with its culture, tradition, and economic capabilities. Admitting Texas into the union might open a Pandora's Box in that other misguided sates may also yearn for the same, bringing their unique problems, which will culminate into a national catastrophe of unimaginable measures.

The solution to the Texan impasse lays in strict conformity to the letter and the spirit of the constitution. The treaty is based on the reckless fanaticism of a few individuals whose wish is to cause chaos and to import economic liabilities to an otherwise stable union. The annexation of Texas interferes with its sovereignty and the dignity of its citizens. The constitution of the State of Texas presents a remarkable improvement of that of the US. Therefore, the union between the US and Texas should be because of interest and not just merely creating a confederation of states. It is imperative to note that Texas is against the abolitionist policies propagated by some of the Northern States. The abolitionist movement or advocacy is a major rift among the states and admitting a new member that does not share in such an ideology will definitely cause more chaos. The creation of a single commonwealth has greater opportunities, particularly in the creation of a harmonious unit of citizens, uniform, satisfactory, and a just legal system than a confederation of nations that have varying interpretation of the constitution. Keeping Texas away from the union will enable it to curve its constitutional path and develop even better laws than the ones the US uses.


Finally, the annexation of the State of Texas has far-reaching consequences in terms of international relations. In the contemporary times, Spain, Mexico, and Britain have strong, possibly credible claim on Texas (Carlson 1). While Britain's claim is mostly due to politics, economics, and the strategic location of the country, Mexico's claim seems legitimate since there is shared stretch of land and a bit of heritage and culture. Permitting Texas into the union will help it secure its borders and improve its security, thereby preventing the encroachment by the two mentioned nations. However, such a move would lead to direct confrontation between the US and the other nations leading to serious strain in diplomatic relations. It is better and more beneficial to leave Texas out of the union.

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