Miracle Works Agency Client System Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07


The agency is a new service provider that usually offers supervised visitation to the clients. The agency provides more than just a service to its clients by focusing on a strength-based approach to attaining the desired outcomes in empowering families and individuals to better their interpersonal relationships. Miracle Works emphasizes satisfying individual and family needs with its trauma-informed and community-based services.

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Orientation into the Agency

In my initial orientation to the agency, I was required to do a background check of the organization, CPS check, and a federal background check. We went over the expectations of IWU as well as those of the agency. I was informed of the different services Miracle Works offered to cover the main areas that the agency served. During the orientation, new programs that the agency was seeking to introduce were highlighted. Expectations of the organization to the new workers and the requirements that were necessary to launch the new programs were thoroughly discussed. The mission of the agency was explained in detail as well as different state requirements that must be met every year. I believe my orientation is still ongoing.

Agency Mission, Purpose, Programs, Services, and Resources Provided to the Clients

The mission of the agency is to give families the tools they need to live a normal and healthy life by promoting their interpersonal relationships through the use of the clients' strengths. Miracle Works helps empower clients through advocacy to inspire families and individuals to enhance the social and emotional well-being. As such, the agency helps by providing its clients with the tools necessary to attain healthy relationships in their lives. It also works to ensure social justice to those who cannot advocate for themselves.

The programs provided include supervised visitation, behavioral management, education mentoring, recreational and social mentoring, and life coaching which is also known as independent living skills mentor. Each program provides service that is guided by the Code of Ethics. Services availed to the clients depend on the needs and the goals which are usually set by the client. Services can range from behavioral plans designed to meet specific Service Coordination Plan outcome to working with a client to help address emotional and behavioral needs in a recreational or social setting. Each client has a different plan designed to help solve their personal needs.

Client System Served

Miracle Works mainly serves a client system of minors whose age could range from newborns to 18 years. However, the agency also serves adults in some cases. Because Miracle works are community-based and work to provide social justice for the community as a whole, race, sex, and income could vary. Additionally, the agency is not geared toward serving a specific client base. Therefore, it is possible to find a case in a suburban area and another in the rural area.

Agency's Impact on Client and Community Needs and Problems

Miracle Works has helped families and individuals in various communities to establish normal intra and interpersonal relationships by working with the clients to achieve the goals set by the clients. The agency has also addressed community needs by providing social justice to those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Problems, Limitations, and Dilemmas of the Agency

Some of the challenges that the agency faces include lack of commitment by some of the clients as some people find it hard to commit to a cause. Poor communication skills can also be a problem especially if the client does not know what they want as the outcome of the process. Miracle Works has sometimes faced the dilemma of addressing the clients' needs especially if they are conflicting with the Code of Ethics or are not in the best interest of other people involved in the process such as family members.

Role of Intern

The role of interns in the agency is to assess the client's satisfaction from the process. As such, as an intern, I have to do follow up with the clients after they have the left the agency. Follow up procedures include visitation, assessment of behavioral or emotional changes, and evaluation of the established relationships with the families.

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