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The African Americans have continued to dominate and shape the United States and the black history as well. The history of this country is primarily governed by the experiences of the African Americans and their culture that has taken roots and overridden the culture of the Americans if not being at per. Much of this history has been as a result of the contributions, and the associated experiences of this faction have emanated from the heinous acts of slavery that Africans were subjected to as well as the dominating global cases of racism. In addition, another contributing factor that has made African Americans become a dominant group in the United States. The paper describes the history of the Black African Americans and the reasons for their dominance in the states. In addition, it represents the emergence and ascendancy of the Sankofa class among the United States population. The culture of the associated community, the acts of slavery, and the roles of the civil society in their attempts to advocate the human rights helped shape the lives of the African American through specific actions. Some of these actions are religious practices, taking positions in politics, and participating in economic functions.

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Above all, the emergence of the African American can be attributed to the activities that revolved in the country during the industrial revolution. Some of the typical events that shape this culture are discrimination and slavery (Muhammad, 2017). In this perspective, African Americans were discriminated against accessing education and the school premises. It, therefore, subjected them to illiteracy. As a consequence, this discrimination mingled with the common African American cultural traditions which made the experience of this group stronger. Moreover, this tradition permeated the discriminated group making their traditions in religion, politics, and economics stronger. With this, they have continued to enrich the practices of the African American and their culture as well.

The history of the Sankofa can be traced to the Harlem Renaissance that was witnessed during the 1920's and 30's. It is regarded as one of the most vital cultural movements in the history of the black African Americans (Staff, 2010). During this period, this movement was recognized as the pioneers of the African American music. Other artistic features of this group are literature, book writing, poetry, and different sort of music that permeated through the lives (Staff, 2010). With this performance, the African American culture started dominating and becoming part of the American culture that prevails to present. The Harlem was not only instrumental in promoting the cultural identity of the African Americans but also provided a platform for the blacks to engage in political affairs. Some of the most famous political movements of the era are the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People abbreviated as NAACP. In addition, there was the United Negro Improvement Association also known as the UNIA which partnered the NAACP to shape and spearhead the advances as well as the requirements of the African American population. Moreover, these parties were instrumental in fostering the cultural traits and experiences of the black history.

The African Americans were subjected to years of established discrimination. The spirit spread across the existing black population in the country a case that even made their unity more intact than before. However, this issue was viewed as inappropriate, and the emergence and rise of the civil rights movements came at the exact time to condemn this vice. It was a crucial moment for the faction to bring to an end the discrimination effects subjected to the African Americans. It was at this period when the non-violent movement was born and led to the formation of the Black Arts Movement. In this movement, much of its activities revolved around the spread of political and racial awareness. In addition, the change made great strides among the African Americans in promoting equality and at the same time fostering the cultural characteristics and traits among the blacks. In embracing this practice, the African American knowledge was shaped by rich "by rich cultural, economic, political, and religious movements and people that refused to be minimized by the larger mainstream culture (Staff, 2010)." The two most famous aspects that are critical in shaping the experience of the black history are the Harlem Renaissance as well as the Black Arts Movement. Therefore, to understand the effects of culture and how various acts of slavery and discrimination were subjected on the African Americans, there is need to understand the contribution of arts, music, poetry, speeches, and other cultural traits that affected the African American population.


All in all, the emergence of the African American Sankofa class can be attributed to the issues discussed above. One of them being widespread in slavery where the blacks were subjected to forced labor but this act strengthened and motivated them to emerge strong. The other aspect was discrimination from accessing specific crucial resources. In this perspective, this led to the emergence of the Black Arts movements that fought against this discrimination. All these cases summarize the roots of the Sankofa class in the United States.


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