Paper Example on A Remarkable Discovery: April May's Encounter With The Alien Carl

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Date:  2023-09-19

"An Absolutely Remarkable Thing" is a novel by Hank Green Giving a story of a young lady, April May, who has graduated in art school and lives in New York City. One night she saw a statue, 10 –feet tall on the sidewalk, which was strange. Her videographer friend disclosed to her that it was an alien figure. April May decided to name the figure "Carl." She decided to have a staged funny interview with the statue, which later she posted on YouTube. The following day, the video went viral, where she became the centre of attention on the internet. They later learned that the figure is one of the figures showing up all over the world at specific locations. April had become famous, but she quickly realized that people were looking for her to tell them who the carls were their origin and their mission. April had to work together with her friend to get to know the mystery behind Carl. She started to have strange reveries in parallel dimensions that she named dreams and helped her solve puzzles to determine the origin of Curl. She was encouraged to write a book advising people to unite to solve the puzzles as well as sequences that they had found. The novel "A Remarkable Thing" has been helping the young adults to emotionally and physically overcome the negative crisis that comes through their way.

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April is the victim who came across an alien, which later turned out to trouble her. She had met with a conservative expert who pointed out that the Carls are intruders from foreign countries to bide time and strikeout (Indianapolismonthly.Com, 2020). The experts had found out that Carls belonged to a movement called defender. The members of defenders would use Carls to attack people, killing many of them. April was able to study Carls motives, where she discovered that its purpose on earth was to study the behavior of human beings. The Carl had chosen April to be the first human that it contacted. After disclosing that, the Carls that were on earth disappeared into the sky through a flight. It shows that April is a young woman who came across a challenge but made her strong (Indianapolismonthly.Com, 2020). After she came across the Carl, she took a video alongside its figure that caused her to trends on the internet the following day. She got an opportunity to make a mark on the world, and she became famous. Her friends were happy for her though it came to be known that the Carl figure had only ill motive on the earth.

April became the star in the television interviews. She became the princes of late-night appearances on the magazine profiles for being the first to discover the first Carl (Kane 66). After sending her first tweet, she struggled to maintain her past relationship because her life was drastically changing. The young woman is getting rich each day after, but she is not reliable because she cannot stick to one company that is sponsoring her to appear in the journal. She appears to all papers that strengthened her ego. The president also wanted to meet her because she had helped to solve the mystery of the Carls. However, April was not willing to meet her, for she did not trust her(Kane 66). Hank Green had a conviction that the internet had a positive potential for the first ten years he had been working in video blogging. April had supported it when she got involved with Carl and received recognition after video that went viral on YouTube. However, some comments from the viewers made Hank feel like reconsidering the worth of the internet. He comments that the meditation of fame and celebrity on social media is 'An Absolutely Remarkable Thing" and can be sickly.

Hank Green and his brother had been bloggers for years but had not come across good stuff until they met April. Hank had confessed that he had never been pound of what he was saying “it was my fallback for when I did not know how to say something any other way.” However, he was content after finding a new celebrity who was trending on social media. April's friends kept on encouraging her to post but to be careful about what she was posting (Kane 66). "I can tell you care about what you post on Instagram," You are not fooling anyone." Hank Green only remember how his novel sold out after his brother helped him out through Vblog. The two brothers have been working together to promote Hank across the globe.

The greens have been working together and made careers through their interaction online. They had become very famous for sharing their smart ideas on the internet. The two brothers have been giving sincere speeches on self- identity and also for their affectionate ribbing. In this case, the young adults who have been watching them online can learn through them and become resilience by focusing on what is right even after difficulties (Cain n.d). The internet in early days seems different in the videos because each brother had the freedom to film themselves, and at that time, they would kill their target for about 15 hours. In these days, the two can comfortably give lectures to millions of viewers and show their virtue of being nice. John is now the wrenching best seller while his brother John is an expert for his posts in the YouTube Channels. John revealed the Book that Hank had written talking of a 23 years old April who had been chatting online after her video about an alien robot after arriving on earth. The book is teaching its readers to be strong and consistent in winning in life.

After writing the book, Green said that he was only writing through fiction and that April can never be him. "I definitely think April is me or anything." He says that he concentrated much on what human reacted after the aliens arrived on earth (Cain n.d). Green says that there were so many differences between him and April. At the time Green became famous online, he was older than April. Moreover, he had moved out with young people of 19 years who reminded him that he had many more years to live. The young adults around him were encouraging him that his book would be one day be read.

The young adults, as pictured in the novel "An Absolutely Remarkable Thing" are seen resilience because they have been doing extraordinary things in life to succeed. Green and his brother John have been working together to ensure the novel is selling well. John has been doing it through blogging it through the internet on YouTube. The story of April has been a fiction that made the book sell to many millions of people after it was advertised through the internet (Cain n.d). Hank had presented April as a young woman who is not swayed away with the things that seem anonymous. She is determined to get what she wants, no matter what. The three characters in the novel have been presented as young adults who have succeeded in life through hard work. They are setting examples to the youth that they should never give up in life. They should strive to put more effort into what they are doing even when it seems like not working


In conclusion, "An Absolutely Remarkable Thing" is a novel that encourages young adults not to give up in life and struggle to make it to be famous. It teaches through the eyes of the writer Hank to press on even when things are difficult. It turned out that even though it took Hank sometime to be famous, he later because successful. It is also important to have the right friends who would be helping to make it in life. It teaches that John and Hank are the role models to be emulated by the readers. The two worked together to succeed which set an example of how the young adults should be working together to help each other in life matters.

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