Paper Example on 1492: Europe Discovers the New World

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Date:  2023-06-19

Entry 1

America, The New World was discovered by Christopher Columbus in the year 1492. Europeans termed America the New World because it provided new opportunities, including wealth creation, leadership, and bilateral trade routes (Sunil Amrith & Glenda Sluga, 2008). Europeans arrived in America while they were on their missionary work to spread Christianity and also to explore trade partners. European countries, including England, Spain, Netherlands, and France, were the main giants who fought to acquire land in America. The four-strong nation's main goal to colonize America was to acquire wealth and spread Christianity religion, which in turn empowered their empire. However, the British happened to be the strongest among the four. They established more permanent settlements in America because they wanted to have full control of precious natural resources in the new world.

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Entry 2: Beginning of English in America

English was introduced in America in the 17th century by the British, who conquered America. Settlers who arrived in America came over with the language (Forest, 2009). As British migration continued in the 18th and 19th centuries, English continued to spread in many parts of America, introducing Americans and as well as immigrants from Africa and Europe who did not speak English. The fast spread was effective because of the missionary centers that were established in America, which increased interactions between Americans and British who were English speakers (Sabino, 2014). However, English developed in America was quite different from that of Britain in terms of words pronunciation, spelling, and grammar as well. The difference was attributed to reasons such as the geographical difference between England and America.

Entry 3: Creating Anglo America

In the 17th century, after Europeans conquered America, conflict and disagreements became common in the colonies. There was war between the wealthy and the poor, which lead to the expansion of settlements towards the coast; the British gained the power to acquire large pieces of land while displacing local Indians. A rule to promote unity and gain power was established by the British government (Kilbride, 2011). All wealth-generating activities were left in their control, and this was an advantage to them because more opportunities to increase benefits were opened. Therefore, they insisted on business, regulated trade, processing, and manufacturing industries. The rule also enabled the British government to establish a tax system on manufactured goods and any trade activity(Katzenstein, 2010). They gained trade power over their rivals, who were Dutch. The building of ships by the British was also started on this act.


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