Dance in Ancient Egypt Essay

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Date:  2022-03-09
Spencer, P. (2003). Dance in ancient Egypt. Near Eastern Archaeology, 66(3), 111.

Dance in ancient Egypt, dancing itself has played an essential part in the lives of all social classes in the ancient Egyptians, whereby they were affiliated to the creation and communion with their gods during their festivals. I have chosen this article because I like and, love dancing hence I need to traverse more in different dancing styles in other countries. When I was undertaking my 9th- 12th grade in high, I was determined, aggressive and, effective dancer both in school dancing team and basketball dancing team in my sophomore year at Alabama A&M University.

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Ancient Egypt was a supremely organized community. It started to emerge in the old dynasty with two group of classes coming together (upper and lower) during the festival or funeral times. Dancing in ancient Egypt was a critical section of entertainment whereby dancing was group into the different part which includes gymnastics, acrobatic elements and, broad classes dance. Most of the dancer were professionals, which consist of women and girls from the royal harems and were to as Chebet. Dancing was categorically divided into religious, dramatic and funerals in which dancers or people were dancing separately by order of gender (women and men), women were mostly favored than men. Dancing clothes were different depending with the occasion whereby some occasion women or ladies wore short skirts or fringed skirts and other events they use long flowing tunic hung, this kind of clothing was meant to allow the movement of arms or legs during the dancing. The dancers have their hairstyle changed where some will wore short frizzy wigs and others will use longer wigs. Necklaces, bracelets and round earrings signified the beauty of ladies or women.

The dancers danced were either as soloists or in the group wherein the king will perform the sun dance in a solo dance scenario. Girls were holding their hands when they were performing dramatic movements and unison symmetrical while they were doing par dance, this was to show or express their emotions. They were using a different type of musical instruments which includes flutes, drums, flutes, harps, clapper and, tambourines which were playing an essential role in melodic. Clapping musicians, tambourine players were the only musicians that were close to the dancers hence when the musicians were picked the dancers were not far away. Funeral dances were sub-divided into ritual, postures, gestures and secular dances. Dancing dwarfs were dancing mostly at the entrance of the shaft and were used to perform farewell dances which were associated with the disappearance of the sun. They were being used as they were representing the sun due to lack of growth in height while in happy dances, dancing was taking place during the jubilee ceremonies which happened to the reflection of the local myth of their god.

The article confirms that what we read were accurate and factual, for example, the noblemen lived in a close range of proximity to the royal family which used to offer their families the best life in which sufficient food was available and wore the right clothing. The article was so exciting to me as I choose to know much about the different dancing that other countries are using which will equip me with knowledge of how ancient Egyptian were conducting themselves. Dancing in ancient Egypt could have been better if the gender parity could not be existing.

Dancing was impressive. The mode and method people were using are so much different from the modern technique. The ib3 was the term being used for the dance, while the trf was a dance being performed in pairs. For further studies, I would wish to know, what would have led to gender parity during dancing only? Are the footnotes identify in the topic are factual?

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