Paper Example in Planning an Event: Financial & Procurement Tasks

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1. Create a list of tasks that need to be accomplished to complete this assignment and categorize this list into areas of responsibilities.

Financial planning and procurement

The first major task will be on the financial perspective where there include various tasks that include: procurement and asset management, the financial control process, estimations on sourcing and cash flow management, the development of an even budget, and the obtaining of event underwriter. The aspect of the event will involve the utilization of resources in the right manner to make the event a success (Monk & Wagner, 2012). In this case, we will need a procurement department that will be in charge of the finances and making sure the event's activities are financed

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Public relations and communications

Public relations and communication will be an essential aspect of the event that will need close attention to the success of the event. The tasks available in this category include communications channel organization, planning on speeches and the decoration theme to be used. Planning on the trophy categories and process of present presentation. The task will also entail the process of communication to coordinate all activities in the event, the staff in charge will make sure proper communication channels are set where information concerning the event will be coordinated. In addition, this task will involve the coordination of music and entertainment as well as the catering services (Monk & Wagner, 2012). Finally, it will involve collaboration with staff members for site selection and other necessary aspects that need consent during decision making.

Scheduling and event coordination

This is one of the most important parts of the event as it involves the program making, where all employees will be placed at their respective roles at the event. This task will involve coordination of procurements and all prior arrangements that make sure that all the things are in the right place before the event (Monk & Wagner, 2012). Finally, this task will include event site selection and will be in charge of negotiating for sponsors and prices in needed scenarios.

Physical, Emergency, and Security planning

This task is important for the event as it includes the role of event coordination and setting up a secure environment for the event to successfully happen. The task will involve secure structuring of the event while a prior collection of intelligence information to ensure team security. This task is critical as it will involve proper setting up of emergency protocols and procedures to be used in case of an emergency (Mtshali, Mbhele & Neboh, 2019). On the other hand, operations will involve coordination of the various activities at the physical event site.

2. Assign members of the team to each area and provide a brief 1-2 paragraph explanation about why this person was chosen to be responsible for this area.


The marketing offer will have a crucial role in event scheduling as well as the coordination process. This is based on the strategic role of the event in the company's marketing strategy and success. The marketing manager will prove to help make sure the event achieves its strategic role for the organization. In this perspective, he will guide the respective team members on the proper procedures to take to make sure the event is a success and to make sure the event is well organized and coordinated to help the company in marketing (Mtshali, Mbhele & Neboh, 2019).

Based on the connections the company has with other businesses around the city, the company will have proper knowledge and understanding of event management, hence, crucial in helping the company negotiate for sponsors and opportunities that may arise as a result of the event. This will help in improved financing from the event sponsors and the organization.

Chief financial officer

The chief financial officer will be in charge of financial planning, budgeting, and procurement processes in the event. This role would best match the chief financial officer’s needs in the event planning process because of the financial coordination aspects involved in the process (Mtshali, Mbhele & Neboh, 2019). This was based on the immerse experience the chief financial offer has in budgetary and financial planning makes the officer best for the task. The financial offers’ experience in financial management will help in cash flow management and financing management.

The financial officer will be crucial in this role as they will help in finding proper financing options for the event. This will involve making proper arrangements on financing and acquisition of cheap capital where necessary. In this case, the officer will play a major role in negotiations to facilitate trade. Finally, the financial officer will be crucial in organizing for sourcing of aspects needed for the event.

Human resource manager

The human resource manager will be crucial in physical, security, and emergency planning task. This aspect can be attributed to the manager's increased experience in handling and making proper policies that make sure of a convenient working environment for the employees. The officer’s role will be to make proper planning procedures that make sure the area of the event is secure and employees know where and what they need to do once at the event site.

On the other hand, the human resource manager will help in the design and coordination of the event site to suit the professional needs of conferencing. Hence, the human resource manager was selected based on his understanding of employee psychology to help design a formal cooperate event (Mtshali, Mbhele & Neboh, 2019). This would be vital in making sure the event is well planned and organized to attract sponsors who will need their products to be marketed in the event.

Front line manager

The front-line manager will be tasked with the role of coordinating the event activities to make sure there is adequate information transfer from the necessary channels. Due to the good relations, the officer has with the company’s staff, the manager will prove to be vital in organizing communications in the event. In this case, the manager will help the planning committee seek consent and opinions on employee preferences and demands for the event (Monk & Wagner, 2012).

This role is crucial in managing expectations and making sure the event is a success. In this case, through the focus on the employee side of the event, there will be an inclusive aspect to the event, hence, improving satisfaction levels within the staff.

3. Create an agenda for your first team meeting where you will present this task list. As you build your agenda, keep in mind that you may have missed tasks that need to be added to this list or possibly removed from this list based on feedback from your team.

Agenda: Event planning coordination Team

The main agenda of the meeting is to introduce the event planning committee to each other and introduce them to their assigned roles for the event. This will be the primary meeting objective and will include discussions on the comfort as well as the willingness of the members to work on the respective roles assigned to them. In this aspect, there will be a discussion of the members and their respective roles and how they will be coordinating the planning process (Mtshali, Mbhele & Neboh, 2019).

Based on the simplicity of the respective tasks assigned to the respective members, the team will have to include important members to help them in the task. Each member will suggest a two-member team to help in them in planning and design phases

Theme setting

The second agenda will be the theme set for the meeting; this aspect will involve setting the theme for the event. This will be vital to allow the teams to get to work. This will be essential in selecting the venue for the marketing manager to get find sponsors for the event. By selecting the event theme, the marketing manager will develop an insight into businesses to approach for sponsorship deals (Mtshali, Mbhele & Neboh, 2019).

Direction Moving forward

This agenda will focus on the direction of the teams in terms of operation schedule as well as important deadlines to meet to ensure that the planning process to be on schedule. Members will debate on the three main dates to meet and the progress rate in terms of the preparation of the team (Monk & Wagner, 2012). The Chief financial officer and the marketing managers were the two main persons to help in decision making concerning this aspect.

Next meeting date and requirements

The agenda will involve a discussion of the date for the next meeting and how the minimum level of progress the respective members need to submit. However, based on the level of completeness of the team selection process this agenda can be dismissed or carried forward to a future date to allow for conflict resolution.

Any other Business

This agenda seeks to open up the team members for discussions on the meeting and how to makes sure the event gets the best touch. This aspect will open up discussions on the best ways to handle the respective tasks and offer help to members in need of guidance on how to design the process.


Monk, E., & Wagner, B. (2012). Concepts in enterprise resource planning. Cengage Learning.

Mtshali, N. N., Mbhele, T. P., & Neboh, N. D. (2019). Demand Planning Information Sharing: N ZAR. Journal of Reviews on Global Economics, 8, 1391-1401.

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