Pan Africanism Speech by Kwame Ture - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-04-19

With reference to Kwame Tures speech on Pan-Africanism, it is evident that he indeed was a prominent figure in the fight for liberation and revolutionizing Africa, as a continent. Having been formed in 1900, Pan-Africanism began with a conference that was organized by Africans from all over the world. In this regard, Africa was empowered to believe in herself and conquer the domineering colonial power. In the course of narrating the general development and the Future Path of Pan-Africanism, in his speech, Kwame Ture gives evidence that it through a revolutionary movement, such as Pan-Africanism, that Africans can regain their initial unity and the evolutionary process that was interrupted by the European Imperialism. In a similar vein, we understand that Pan Africanism is not a response to colonialism, but instead, it is a movement aimed at unifying Africa, especially after the interruption of her unity in the Berlin conference.

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In the words of Kwame Ture, Africans have for a very long time, been belittled by the rest of the world, due to issues such as racism. This, in essence, obscures a majority of the people across the world, from realizing Africas constant contributions to the worlds civilization. Nevertheless, owing to the fact that Pan-Africanism has a mass character, which is a feature that uniquely identifies the African people, it is, therefore, possible to gather the masses of the African people; regardless of their differences in location across the world, and empower them to stand for their rights.

Ranging from the formation of Pan-Africanism to its growth and elevation in the hands of prominent leaders such as Dr. E.W Dubois, it is evident that Pan-Africanism is an evolutionary revolution that is primarily aimed at uniting Africa as a continent. The leaders and founders of the movement can be said to share a common objective of unity and liberation Africa. For instance, in his speech, Kwame Ture highlights that the initial founders of the Pan-Africanism revolution were people in the diaspora. The core reason why the revolution was not formed and organized by Africans located in Africa is that, during this time, Africa was overly oppressed, since it was in total colonial domination which could not allow them to hold any political meetings. Therefore, based on the struggles conquered by the founders of the revolution, it is with no doubt that they were in great need of fleeing Africa from the colonial rule.

The great Pan-African successes and achievements are said to be greatly attributed to the 5th Pan-African Conference led by Dr. W.E Dubois. It is during the 5th Pan-African Congress that the African leaders decided that they would only succeed through mass confrontation. As a result, in the 1960s that the Pan-African movement saw two-thirds of African countries gaining independence and various African leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah worked towards building a base and pushing Pan-Africanism for the better.

Kwame Tures speech substantiates that, right from the beginning, Pan-Africanism was both anti-colonial and anti-capitalist. Thus, in this regard, it was formed through socialism, which like capitalism, is considered an economic system that also seeks to answer the question, who owns and controls a countrys wealth? Based on this contention, we can conclude that Pan-Africanism is an achievable objective that primarily seeks to liberate and unify Africa, based on scientific socialism. This being said, Pan-Africanism is, in a nutshell, a revolution and the only solution for the African people.

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