Organizational Leadership and Behavior Essay

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Date:  2022-06-20

Leadership can be defined as the direct or indirect influence, behavior, attitude, thoughts and also actions to a specific number of persons either in an organization. Leadership also include motivation and inspiring others to do better or keep up the excellent work that the individuals are delivering. In this review paper, we will look at four different aspects of cultural leadership and organizational behavior. The first aspect is the cultural and gender similarities and differences in leadership. Lots of studies have been carried out to explore the cultural and gender similarities and differences in leadership and most of these studies there is no significant difference between gender and smartness of the mind(Khalil, 2018). However, some of the reviews show that female bosses tend to be more democratic as compared to male individuals in leadership. More research shows that women in leadership are more nurturing as compared to men in leadership positions who tend to be more impersonal and also task oriented. In my previous working experience, I tend to agree with the statement that women bosses are more nurturing. I remember when I lost my uncle my boss who happened to be a lady gave me a one week off to grieve, whereas the maximum numbers of days for leave due to death of an immediate family member was only three working days.

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The next aspect is about how external environment, size of the organization, technology, and strategy affect the firm. The external environment includes all the players who are not directly involved in the day to day business of the firm, they include competitors, government, and many others. the government is there to make sure that the company does not break any rules while the competitors are there to provide a healthy working environment for the company. We are in the age of technological advances, and the business needs to integrate into new methods of production to compete favorably (Shen, 2018). A strategy is the planning and execution of ideas in the firm, all the stakeholders, should be to offer their views on what projects the firm should undertake. In 2015 the Volkswagen motor vehicle recalled a number of their cars in the United States since the cars were emitting toxic doses of fuel to the environment and compensated all the customers who had bought the vehicles. The discovery was brought by new technology designed to inspect harmful fuel emission in the United States.

The model was designed in the 1960s by Fred Fiedler who was a scientist. The model states that there are no perfect leaders. The model also acknowledges that good leadership does not only depend on the style of leading, however also considers on how the leader controls the situation. Fred came up with a scale called the least preferred co-worker (LPC) that evaluates the traits of leadership in a worker. High numbers in the scale show good qualities like being cooperative, while lower numbers show bad qualities like hostility. In an organization, the leader might have exceptional academic qualities and has excelled in almost everything, but he cannot socialize and communicate with people. Thus, marks that the leader is very qualified regarding academics, but he will have shortcomings when delegating duties and working with his co-workers.

The final aspect is the people-oriented and task-oriented leadership behaviors. In this scenario, we use the experience of a teacher and a student. In school, the teacher knew the best students in specific subjects, with this knowledge he used to group us in groups each comprising of the brightest students in the subject and also those who are not so gifted. He did this so that we can learn from each other since most of the time we spend with our friends. The groups would receive assignments weekly, and the grouped performed the task together.


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