Organization of Information Security Policies Essay

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Date:  2022-08-01

How my Organization is Developed concerning Information Security Policies?

American Public Health Association abbreviated as APHA started by upholding the privacy of the visitors of its website (APHA.,n. d.). The policy was used to explain how APHA planned to collect use and safeguard the personal information on the visitors of website. APHA collects various data which the members and visitors of the site provide knowingly (Lafky & Horan, 2011). The facility ensures that cookies do not access member accounts or approve any single financial transaction through a requirement of additional login. Another approach that the facility alludes to as a way of enhancing information security is avoiding the collection of members registration details, payment information, and publication of orders.

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The Policies and Measures Used to Enhance Confidentiality, Reliability, and Availability of Information and Data

Information on members and visitors is only used for the primary purpose that is specified. Additionally, the website offers a chance for changing their information preference on My APHA as a way of promoting information security. There is also an action center for reporting phishing activity or misuse of a visitor or a member's data (APHA.,n. d.). Another policy that is evident in APHA is opting for not providing sensitive data like one's ID, password and any other data that might result in compromising one's private information. The visitors are advised of the challenges of following links to other websites that usually collect personal data of the visitors. The visitors are also encouraged to be continually checking the privacy policies for possible chances of protecting their data.

Protection of Data from Loss, The Steps Taken to Make Sure that Data Remains Accessible in a Catastrophic Incident

APHA has adopted an enhanced approach towards coming up with Incidence Command System (ICS) that is capable of coordinating all possible response activities for various disaster services agencies. There is also a public health incident command system (PHICS) that is responsible for approving a memorandum of understanding in times of catastrophe. The accessibility of data during the emergence of a calamity is enhanced through an Emergency Information System abbreviated as EIS (Appari & Johnson, 2010). In case a catastrophe affects the flow of data to stakeholders, there are a platform and agencies that are responsible for determining the public health data that is fundamentally important in communicating ideas to health professionals, responders and the public.

What the Organization Could Do to Enhance Information Security

The facility should come up with research concerning the pre-impact analysis of information security breach. By carrying out a pre-impact analysis, the facility will be able to identify the gaps in the security frameworks amid focusing on ways to curb the red lights. There should be a frequent update of Information security systems as a way of minimizing the possibility of the hackers to affect the privacy of the facility's information (Lemos, 2015). On the other hand, firewalls should be checked frequently to ensure that no single problem ends up challenging the private data of the visitors and stakeholders of APHA facility (APHA.,n. d.). APHA should also enhance physical security to avoid logins from non-members of the facility as a way of promoting the general safety of APHA organization. The pre-impact analysis should check on the possibility of piggybacking to affect the privacy system of the facility. Security frameworks should accompany all development of the website for enhancing the privacy of the visitors to the site.


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