Paper Example on Integrating DESC & CR Models for Civility in Organizations

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Date:  2023-09-24


The article by Clark (2015) presents the theory of integrating the DESC model and the cognitive rehearsal (CR) model to form a single effective and efficient method of ensuring civility is maintained and observed within an organization. The cognitive rehearsal model is a crucial technique majorly suitable in shaping behaviors in a behavioral setting like in a nursing organization. In most instances, the staff in an organization are taught how to apply the model under the close supervision of a skilled facilitator with advanced and diverse knowledge in the application of effective communication.

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The skilled facilitator's primary goal is to coach the staff members on how to respond to potential problems and stressful scenarios that are inevitable within the workplace. As such, the staff can comprehensively handle any form of anxiety, impulses, and build constructive confidence. Most importantly, a skilled facilitator teaches the staff the value of practicing and maintaining effective communication. The lessons are further solidified in the staff's memories by carrying out frequent simulations followed by debriefing sessions to analyze the errors that might have occurred during the simulation sessions.

How the Theory Relates to Results of My Work Environment Assessment

The postulated theory by Clark (2015) has a dramatic connection with the results my organization obtained after the completion of the work environment assessment using the Clark Health Workplace Inventory. My organization’s overall score was 50; according to Clark (2015), it reflects an unhealthy work environment. Nonetheless, the low score was significantly contributed to by poor communication, unsatisfied employees, and ineffective means of conflict resolutions, which are elaborately addressed by the theory in the article.

Furthermore, the DESC and CR combination theory is a promising method of addressing multiple incidents of incivility within a workplace environment. The combination yields various effective solutions; the application of the integrated model's solutions leads to improved teamwork and communication within the organization, hence resulting in better care of patients. It is essential to comprehend that sensitivity and self-knowledge, particularly to what other people within the organization are in need of is vital in starting and embracing a culture of effective communication within the organization.

One of the causes of the poor scores, as recorded by my organization, is ineffective leadership. Consequently, a communication gap exists between the leaders of the organization and other stakeholders in the organization. However, the theory in the article articulates the central role played by leadership, or the management of an organization in ensuring a healthy environment exists within a workplace. Some of the interventions listed by the article's theory involve engaging all the stakeholders of the organization while formulating and implementing policies within the workplace that might influence a more significant fraction of the members. Also, creating platforms and sessions where both the staff and the management of the organization can regularly meet and engage in the collective decision-making process, and effective communication conveniently improves the organization's cohesion and collaboration, thus aiding the organization in bettering its workplace health status.

How My Organization Could Apply the Theory to Improve Organizational Health with an Example

My organization can apply the theory to solve the unhealthy workplace environment, as illustrated by the Clark Health Workplace Inventory results. Ideally, both the cognitive rehearsal and DESC models have been designed to address workplace incivility by encouraging constructive conversations. As such, the integration theory of the DESC and CR models can be used by my organization as the base of training the leaders and management.

My organization should ensure that the leaders embrace the DESC-CR theory by extensively illustrating how the model works, regular meetings with the leaders can significantly aid the process. The leaders are then expected to disseminate the strategies of the model to the rest of the staff. Moreover, the theory can be applied by the organization to induce a sense of shared vision by engaging all the levels to present within the organization.

It is equally crucial for the organization to formulate and establish policies that define how civility should be observed. Such systems can further be reinforced by suggesting disciplinary actions for those members who fail to adhere to the policies. For example, if a civility model entailing stringent policy compelling both the management and employees to embrace the DESC-CR had been in use in my organization, the human resource manager would have opted for the purpose of effective communication and effective methods of conflict resolution in solving most of the challenges experienced by the employees within the organization. Howerver, the failure of such a model to exist within the organization has encouraged such management members to use inappropriate means that lead to communication gaps hence an unhealthy workplace environment.

Two Strategies That Can Be Used to Address Shortcomings in My Work Environment

Two strategies can be capitalized on by my organization to address the shortcomings in the workplace, resulting in an unhealthy work environment. First, the organization can consider implementing the evidence-based practice model (DESC-CR); the model is highly efficient in developing and instilling effective communication within an organization. This issue has dramatically affected my workplace environment. However, the organization must implement the model with policies that ensure the members observe the model's dictates.

The other strategy entails adopting various methods that encourage the hiring of more nurses to address the issue of understaffing within the organization. Adequate staffing of workers helps in equal distribution of workload within the organization. In turn, the unnecessary stress and frustrating conditions that occur to nurses are minimized hence preventing instances of incivility within the workplace leading to a healthy work environment

Two Strategies That Can Be Used to Bolster Successful Practices in My Work Environment

Numerous strategies can be used to bolster successful practices in my work environment. However, my organization can consider increasing the frequency at which the staff meetings occur. The organization should be keen to stress the necessity of structured and effective communication in the workplace. Consequently, the organization can foster healthy and meaningful relationships among the staff members and the management.

Furthermore, the organization can embrace the culture of using effective communication while conversing with the stakeholders as a strategy to bolster successful practices within the work environment. The process can be fostered further by ensuring that all the stakeholders in the organization are engaged during the implementation or formulation of any policy or strategy within the workplace. Nonetheless, the effective communication strategy would dramatically ensure that every member of the organization is committed to change.


Clark, C. M. (2015). Conversations to inspire and promote a more civil workplace. American Nurse Today, 10(11), 18-23. Retrieved from

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