Operational Management of the McDonald's Company

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Date:  2021-03-15

One vital aspect of the operation management plan of Mcdonald's company is keeping and maintaining of well-trained staff. The company does motivate the staff on monthly basis to ensure quality deliverance of service. For instance, the monthly staff party brings together both the managers of the company to celebrate. It is due to the party where most of the staff get motivated. Besides, they also maintain the food within the restaurant across their offices worldwide (Franckle, Block and Roberto, 2016). The aspect of well-trained staff maintenance amounts to increased customer service per day. This contributes to a good reputation of Mcdonald's company. However, the issue can become a threat when the staff fee underpaid for the services they deliver. However, the advancements can see the company treat the staff to discounted or free meals, free uniforms and benefits. Keeping the workers happy to dedicated duties and at work ensures better client service (Mujtaba and Patel, 2011).

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Since the quality of the managing workers is essential, it is also important to keep food quality at all times. With the state and federal laws regulating numerous food industry operations, Mcdonald's promises their clients the service they offer are 100% pure beef with no preservatives or additives. The vegetables McDonalds company offers are from local farms to make fresh when served to the customers (Frank, 2012). In fact, the stand of Mcdonald's foods keeps the customers returning in the restaurant.

Cleanliness is another key operational aspect of Mcdonald's company. They keep the counters, kitchen, floors, bathrooms and tables clean at all times. The aspect has seen the critical success of the company globally. The company ensures that they clean bathrooms at least once every hour. They also ensure they leave the restaurant well-kept and looking clean (Schlegel, Yong and Foo, 2007). The facet of cleanliness makes new customers and the existing one feel welcomed when driving by or just walking.

Pricing is also a primary concern of operation management. McDonald's company has a fast-food mindset. Thus, it is not essential to pay the staff members extensive salaries. Low salaries enable the firm to depend on product and volume movement. Reduced pricing is an aspect most customers like. The readiness and convenience of McDonald's fast food ought to be monitored by the management closely (Caspers, 2000). In maintaining one of McDonald's largest selling points, the administration ought to be on top of making things. They need to ensure the orders are correct and every client has a pleasant timely experience.

McDonald's company when entering new market, especially a new geographical location, they offer their research team to inspect the area and perform studies. The selected team looks into the interest level of the average individual consuming fast food. In addition, the team looks for the average body type, the average income level and other miscellaneous factors. After the team has collected the information, the management uses the information to determine the type of food to serve. In addition, the information aids McDonald's company to design and decorate the restaurant (Schlegel, Yong and Foo, 2007). The information can also aid in how to determine low or high doorframes, counters and seats. The idea is a good help especially in locations that individuals may reject the idea and not yield clients.

The kid's meal was a tremendous success in acquiring individuals of all age brackets to dine at McDonald's. They consent that providing a smaller portion, toy and drinks is the need of every kid and would be purchased due to the easiness for parents (Mirabile, 2007). The decision was wise made by the management and rapidly, the sales increased.

Improvement strategy of McDonald's company

McDonald's company has simplified their menu. The menu has developed 42.4% over the past years. According to Serrano and Jedda (2009), McDonalds company has the reduced some menu items and franchised the same items. This has attracted more clients to drive in the restaurant and dine. Thus, the simplification of the menu has attracted customers globally. The implication indicates that in case a company needs to open a restaurant in new location with different cultural practice should engage in extensive research. The company thus analyzes average body type, the average income and types of food in the area. In addition, the company decides the general interest of eating level in fast food restaurant (Ingaldi and Skurkova, 2014). With the information at hand, McDonalds company can decide on the menu, the price how high or low quality door frames are and the types of seating arrangements. The type and quality of food can be the primary influence to their clients.

McDonald's Company has set up self-service kiosks in all their branches worldwide. Since the operation of the kiosks has been centralized, the convenience of customers shop in has also improved. With current kiosks offering both vegetables spices, whole grains, and fruits in the market. The taste of the kiosks' food is of another tale. McDonald's have imposed foreign foods in the kiosks that have extraordinary taste. The taste has seen to attract more customer.

Besides, the advancement of technology has been experienced in McDonald's Company. The use of automated machine in producing the receipt by the cashier has been employed. Besides, the menu in most kiosks globally is displayed using the computers' screens. The advancement in technology has seen more of the clients purchase their food staffs.

The mission statement of Mcdonald's company is a good description of its success in the past and how it will progress with such success. The brand mission of Mcdonald's company is to be the customers favorite place in terms of food and drinks. The global operations are organized in a worldwide strategy referred to as plan to win. The strategy centers on an exception client experience that is products, individuals, promotion, price, and products. McDonald's company is committed to continuously advance their operation and enhancing their clients' experience (Ingaldi and Skurkova, 2014; Chu...

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