Essay Example on Company Consolidates Staff for Chain Store Success in USA

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New chain stores in a private company in the unites states of America that typically operates a chain of grocery stores. The company's corporate management has consolidated its staff into various cohesive teams that makes it easy to not only deliver the primary objectives and goals to its employees, but also the entire local community. The groups which comprise of working and welfare teams regularly meet to discuss and brainstorm different agendas that liars with their effective delivery. Nevertheless, poor leadership, arouse of conflicts, and inadequate finance is most likely challenges that may readily impact the team. However, all thee shortcomings could be controlled by promoting teamwork's and advancing in the communication between the green teams for the various stores.

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Steps for Creating and Maintaining a Cohesive Team

New Seasons has ensured that it follows specific procedure and guidelines before creating and maintain teams, such as teamwork’s, and mission statements. For instance, the market has created a fundamental policy by ensuring that they a have "a workplace that truly believes that taking good care of our co-workers, our customers and our environment" (Schermerhorn & Bachrach, 2017). Moreover, New Seasons has cultivated a culture of teamwork that motivates an employee to communicate and share ideas that leads to the achievement of the staff, employees and local community's goals. Also, the company believes in the power of individual creativity and innovation skills; thus, most worker restrictions have been out lifted. Finally, there are proper interrelations within the company, as workers are seen to celebrate the victory of their workmates, once they decide to join the carpool programs; hence they are motivated to achieve more in their teams.

Types of Teams

New Seasons Market Inc. works with its Green Teams in two major categories. These are self-managed teams and cross-functional teams. For the self-managed teams, employees are fully responsible for the activities that are targeted towards the production and delivery of goods, and services (Schermerhorn and Bachrach, 2017, 39). Therefore, employees at the New Seasons Market works independently of their projects to ensure that they deliver their stated deliverables most effectively. However, the Green teams coordinate with each other during the process. Moreover, workers can use cross-functional teams. For this type of a team, corporate managers and key store workers, or team leaders mutually collaborate to identify challenges and collectively address them (Schermerhorn and Bachrach, 2017, 39). At New Seasons Market Inc. team leaders for the various Green Teams often take their recommendations to the corporate managers, before they are practically done.

The Success of the Green Teams

The Green Teams for the New Seasons Market have managed to start and deliver their projects to completion, which is one of the success indicating factor. Since the company was established in1999, several projects which were initiated by the self-managed employee teams and cross-functional teams have progressively advanced. To mention but a few, the plans include, "wilderness and wetland cleanup, painting and weeding at a local elementary school, and helping plant gardens for low-income families” (Schermerhorn & Bachrach, 2017). Most importantly, one of the local store Green Team has managed to deliver a successful carpool program. All the instances of success can be linked to the fact, the groups of local team Green Teams meet every month, to make suggestions, and elect their leaders at the appropriate time.

Problems that the Green Teams Might Encounter

Even though the Green Teams can be associated with several cases of success, the teams must be equally prone to challenges such as poor leadership, poor communication, and lack of creativity. Regular shifts may cause poor leadership in the managerial leaders for the respective teams. At some point, an organisation might lie in the hands of a weak or incompetent leader. This might activate the Green Teams to fallout (Schermerhorn and Bachrach, 2017, 39). Besides, the existence of many teams creates a loophole for effective communication, because an occasion of misunderstanding can quickly emerge. Finally, lack of creativity among the employees and leaders to coherently address the emerging challenges may equally impact the success of these company. Difficulty in member participation and decision-making complexities are additional problems that New Seasons Market may encounter.

Recommendations for Resolving Potential Conflicts

The privately-owned company must ensure that they install measures and strategies of identifying problems before their occurrence. One such method is through creating an active and substantial communication channel that links all the teams and employees to ascertain that any sheds of information flow smoothly. Also, the company should clarify goals to every worker to prevent members from misunderstanding each other during the actual delivery process (Hanaysha, 2016, 300). Engaging the Green Teams in training and development programs is also an efficient measure to ensure that workers gain the necessary knowledge and skills for practice in occasions of decision-making leadership, and even communication.

Steps to Improve the Green Teams’ Performance

The essential practices to leverage the Green Team's performance include but not limited to: enhancing the freedom among employees; improving the channel of communication and flow of information; and improving training programs. Training can improve an individual and even the entire team's performance at the group level. Besides, Hanavsha (2016) articulated that increasing autonomy and creating useful communication model may catalyze employees to be creative. Most importantly, the company may consider expanding the range for the current incentives to enable more workers to receive rewards whenever they show commitment in the group activities.


In summary, New Seasons Market has managed to build a cohesive team structure with a team of employees. These teams have effectively delivered projects, and other advantages to the locals, and the surrounding environment, to ensure that everyone gets the standard satisfaction. Nonetheless, the Green Teams are at a more significant risk potential of facing tremendous challenges such as miscommunication and mismanagement. Good news is that the company can implement strategies such as: having working communication channels, and training programs to manage all the challenges.


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