On Eating Roadkill

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Date:  2021-03-11

The thought of eating a roadkill is entertaining to some people but knee-jerking to others. However, it depends on whether one has the ethics of eating it or not. For the privileged people, they can afford to debate about the ethics surrounding the eating of the roadkills since they have a lot of eating choices. But, for others, they eat it just for the love or need it for survival for they have no time to debate on the ethics. Ethically, roadkills are mostly accidental meat killed by vehicles, and they should be eaten. Therefore, if the roadkill is fresh, salvage it instead of leaving it to waste away.

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It is important to note that savaging the roadkills causes a significant change in the total meat consumption in many countries. Brendan says that an estimate by an Automobile Insurance company shows that 20 million pounds of free game meat are savaged (2013). Comparing this to the 23 billion pounds of meat produced in the US in 2011 it may not be much but certainly reduces some pounds which is economical. Talking of economics, if a deer is hit, it will save money and physics. A deer according to insurance companies messes a car more since it is big in size thus the likelihood of being paid more for the damage. Also, the same deer is large and massive which makes it stays edible for some time thus making it advantageous.

Vegetarians who cannot eat meat need to join this venture of eating roadkill. For those who give their reasons as the animal was murdered or have environmental implications need to relax. The meat is simply from an animal that was not meant to be eaten and definitely not murdered for its meat. It simply got into an accident that killed it. Thats free meat. Dont leave it there just take it and make a delicious meal out of it instead of leaving it to waste or release an awful smell. Also, for the others who simply cant or are on the fence, the use of glue, gelatin which ends up in ice cream or some gummy bears, soap, among many other are evidence that we use the accidental meat. So, embrace it. But, for those who simply find the meat icky-gross just leave it to those who truly find it very delicious

The legal measure has restrained, and others helped in the eating of the roadkills. In Illinois, the title chain is complicated while in West Virginia, the roadkill has to be reported within 12 hours after collection to the state. In Massachusetts, a permit has to be acquired and then submit the roadkill for inspection. In Alaska, they practice roadside socialism which means that all roadkills belong to the state, and they later feed the families in need. It is in Montana that the roadkill was recently legalized (Brendan, 2013). The law will enable collection of antelopes, deer and other animals with permits being granted by peace officers. Fears arise that with the legalization, there will be increased rates of poaching. But, in Wisconsin, where the legalization was implemented along time ago, such problems have not existed thus no need to worry. However, Washington, Texas and California are some of the few states that agree that collection and eating of roadkill is illegal for they worry it may lead to poaching.

Questions arise on how to prepare and cook the roadkills which hinder collection of these animals. But, there are wild cook books which give detail information on how to prepare delicious meals out of the meat. Others can use their past experiences or use their own power of smell and sight. If not collected, the deer in Wisconsin are hauled into nearby landfills by contractors. In some cities, they have their own animal control agencies or hire one to collect and remove the carcasses from the roadside, and they end being eaten by other carnivorous animals. Also, if not cooking some of these carcasses end up in rendering plant where they end up as products like soap, glue, pet food, and gelatin.

Finally, roadkill meat is healthier for the consumer. Roadkill animals like deer and antelopes grow in the wild eating wild food and without being in contact with the outside world. Therefore, it is free from the hormones, antibiotics and growth stimulants that are associated with today's home reared animals. Nowadays, meat produced seems to be contaminated with a lot of chemicals thus making it unhealthy. Hence, roadkill emerges as a much healthier option.

In conclusion, it is important to be moral imperative on the eating of the roadkill. On one hand, it forces us to address the imposed danger on our wildlife as a result of us driving our cars. On the other hand, it helps in reducing food wastage. So, let embrace the idea of eating the roadkill that is truly accidental.


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