Obedience in Social Psychology - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-29


My initial reaction to the second video concerning Milgram's obedience theory is an ethical dilemma. The dilemma takes various shapes with close relation to and this makes the outcome of this to be unpredicted. However, t theory asks whether it is right. Also, the article looks at the point of evaluating man's struggle between obedience and morality. I am also shocked by the nature of how Milgram's experiment was conducted, and I feel that the quality of the research was inhumane. The first video is an artificial task to measure conformity I think that it is a biased sample. I also noted that the video had all males belonging to the same age.

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If I were a sample in the experiment, I would buck those individuals in authority to prevent eventualities of not and never hurting any individual. It, therefore, means that the study shows how people are faced with making judgments just the same way Arch used. Arch wanted to investigate a situation where all participants could be in no doubts. It, therefore, means that the study has a low ecological validity and generates results and it is impossible to generalize to other real-life situations conformity.

There are many ways which I can use to understand or analyze authority compliance situations. According to Banyard and Grayso (2017), the two experiments provide the real subjects as the Confederates. For instance, the subjects were all seated in a classroom and were subjected to announcing what they think of the length of several lines which were drawn on a series of displays. The subjects were supposed to respond by giving feedback. The subjects showed extreme discomfort. As a result, people conform to what the majority agree.

The two experiments used are both famous in the field of social psychology. In the second experiment (Milgram), the subjects in the study attributed themselves and their poor eyesight and the manner in which they made judgments (Gibson, 2013). In Milgram's analysis, the subjects blamed the experimenter with an objective of explaining what indeed behavior and obedience are. It, therefore, means that the concept of conformity may be much salient as compared to pressure from various authorities. The Asch experiment can be used as empirical evidence which is usually relevant to some ideas.

The outcomes of the experiments also clearly indicate that many individuals are in a position to subjectively follow instructions and orders given out by a person who belongs to an authoritative position. Many individuals have much respect for the authority. It, therefore, suggests that there is a possibility of matters concerned with ethics getting an opportunity to be applied in various fields. These fields include business and politics. It is a crucial point of positive psychology about the application of social psychology.

On the other hand, Claidiere and Whiten (2012) says that matters of ethics describe the beliefs, cultures and the value of the study. Psychologists employ these methods and put them in place with a primary objective of decreasing vital situations where those who participate in the experiments are subjected to forms of distress through an electric shock with varying degrees of intensity. The essential ethical concept is deception which is applied at the moment when participants are giving out - sometimes the respondents may be in a position to give unbiased feedback. Such a situation happens when are aware of the true nature of the experiment they are engaging themselves in, and as a result, they may not take sides.


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