Nursing and Conflict Management Questions and Answers Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-19

Please discuss the point that you think is most important in safe and effective delegation and what ideas in the article will teach delegation best.

The most important point to consider in the effective delegation in nursing is upholding patient protection. All nursing activities focus on protecting the health of patients and helping them to regain a healthy status in society (Dekker, 2016). When registered nurses delegate some duties to unlicensed assistants, they need to make sure that the assistants understand the tasks clearly. Caregiving is sensitive and avoiding mistakes is paramount. The article presents communicating the accountability, responsibility, and responsibilities as ideas to enhance delegation in nursing. It also describes the conditions and times when registered nurses can delegate tasks to unlicensed personnel.

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Conflict management

Discuss a strategy, which you think is most likely to resolve conflict successfully. Discuss the strategy in detail and justify your choice.

The collaborative strategy is best positioned to solve conflicts successfully. The procedure entails deliberation of varying opinions and the conflicting parties agreeing on a common concept (Rahim, 2017). The collaborative approach allows the parties in a conflict to explain their points of view to the other parties. Each party presents its opinion and justification for a course of action in the process of building consensus. Collaborative conflict resolution enhances the acceptance of a decision and strengthens the support structures in place. However, the strategy consumes comparatively more time than other ways of solving conflicts but gives better odds for success in conflict resolutions.

Identify behaviors that you observed that you think fall below the standard of care. If you were the supervisor of this employee, how would you deal with the behavior? Be specific and present your rationale.

The disruptive behavior of poor teamwork falls below the standard of care (Dekker, 2016). If I were the supervisor and identified an employee whose work falls below the standards of care, I would nurture the employee through benchmarking in other departments where there are active employee teams. To develop teamwork, I would expose the employee to other teams and workshops that explain the benefits of collaboration in a professional setting. The ability to work with others is imperative in the nursing profession since most patients have different medical conditions and nurses can only learn through the exchange of information with team members in the process of caregiving.

What factors are identified as the cause of medication errors?

Most medical errors rise from the use of abbreviations in place of names (Dekker, 2016). Using abbreviations for drugs and diseases is a common practice and mistakes occur when nurses have no prior pharmacological knowledge regarding an acronym.

What new technologies have been adopted to increase patient safety with medications?

Recent technologies adopted to enhance patient safety with medication include the use of technological communication models such as Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) and advanced databases to store patient records (Dekker, 2016). Enhanced communication and patient records reduce chances of misdiagnosis and wrongful dosage.

Discuss one of the three team beliefs about interpersonal context, i.e., psychological safety, perceived team task interdependence, or group potency. Include the definition and how this belief interacts in team functioning. Be specific.

The group potency context occurs where members of a group believe in forming a useful unit. Group members exhibit confidence in the abilities of one another and liaise in performing tasks (Galegher et al., 2014). In this context, the group members deem their group as a union that can solve a variety of functions. A group is not only made for one purpose but rather many situations and duties that require collective action. Group potency is useful in management and change psychology because the members inject positivity in facing change with the belief in achieving success. However, group potency causes problems when members are overconfident and take up tasks in a field where they are not qualified.

Discuss two ways in which you think team interviews are more effective and successful than the more traditional one-on-one interviews. What disadvantages can you identify? Be specific.

Team interviews are more effective than one-on-one interviews because they cause relaxation of candidates leading to answers that are more honest (Dipboye, 2017). Traditional one-on-one interviews involve a candidate and a panel of interviewers that can cause anxiety in a candidate preventing him from expressing his or her actual beliefs. Team interviews allow the panel to observe the reactions of candidates in a team experience. Team interviews have the significant disadvantage that they take a longer time to execute compared to one-on-one interviews. Team interviews may disadvantage qualified candidates who are quiet. Team interviews hinder the human resource departments from understanding the potential of candidates at personal levels.


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