Noitaudarg Ceremony for Nacirema Students Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

Every community in the world has a culture that they value, which varies from one place to another. For example, Nacirema people have a unique culture in the whole world which is not understood by other people. According to Miner (1957), the natives of Nacirema emphasize simple ceremonies and body rituals. The rituals are important and significant to the natives. Some of the body rituals that they observe are common to us but the way they act them tends to make them so unique. The ceremony that I noted at my study of Nacirema people is noitaudarg.

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Noitaudarg ceremony is a very crucial rite of passage for students in Nacirema. After undergoing through the noitaudarg ceremony, an individual gets a document called eerged. Obtaining the certificate is a significant milestone in life. The formality is a custom that can be traced back to one thousand years ago, carrying with it a ritual and tradition of ancient national academic heritage. The ceremony, according to Nacirema people signifies that an individual has completed his/her studies as it significantly leads a person from the hall into your future.

The ceremony only happens when someone has gone through high loohcs, ytisrevinu or egelloc which are institutions where people gain knowledge, and is famously known as noitaudarg. It involves attaining amolpid or cimedaca eerged. The day of the function is called noitaudarg yad. After undergoing the ritual, the participants become a setaudarg. In the past, the day of the ceremony and name only applied to ytisrevinu and hgih loohcs. Recently, the service has become a fad for elementary or even kindergarten loohcs. During the function, there is usually a procession of the academic staff and candidates. At egelloc or ytisrevinu or level, the people in charge of giving knowledge to students wear cimedaca sserd at the formal ceremony, as will the eerged candidates.

Noitaudarg at egelloc and ytisrevinu level occurs when a leader of the ceremony known as gnidiserp officer confers seerged upon the participants, either as individuals or as a group. After the ritual, there is always a noitaudarg ytrap to celebrate the end of study from the place where people gain knowledge. The people of Narcirema spent quite a lot of money to hold the ytrap. There is also a situation whereby a student setaudarg without attending referred to as ni aitnesba.

Each institution of gaining knowledge gives seerged at the end of each fall, summer and spring term. Commencement ceremonies are held at the end of fall semester to identify summer setaudarg and fall eerged candidates, and at the end of spring semester to recognize spring students.

For an individual to pass through the rite of passage, be it in egelloc or ytisrevinu, must meet all the requirements for the institution. For example, a students may not receive eerged until they submit all the coursework. For those students taking part in exchange programs in their final semester must complete all the work of and the term at the visited university before the date of eerged larrefnoc date.

The ritual is not a guarantee to for students because they are supposed to bid for noitaudarg. It is upon each participant to verify the accuracy of his/ her eerged programs including all seerged whether they are minors, majors or specializations before they apply to take part in noitaudarg ceremony. They are required to apply immediately they register for classes in final term of their cimedaca program. In case of lateness in submission the student name might be omitted from the list of those that will take part in the activity. Those who qualify to attend the function are lucky because there is no fee to use for the ceremony.

Other students who are not natives of Nacirema community also participate in the noitaudarg decorum if they have been studying in Nacirema's institutions of gaining expertise. Regardless of the number of the credit hours required to complete the program, students may participate in the ritual before returning to their home institutions of knowledge to finalize their eerged requirements. Students that plan to etaudarg at a particular time are needed to maintain appropriate coursework and fulfil eerged conditions in time for them to qualify for the planned noitaudarg.

One of the things I keenly observed during the carrying out of the ritual is the mode of dressing for the participants. I learned that the attire they wear an occasional outfit to point out the sdnaudarg rites of passage. Just like the wedding ritual that has significant steps, the people view the function as having three ritualistic steps. First, by walking into the protocol alone, it signifies a student separation from the society as an independent person. Secondly, when a student has accepted the eerged, it symbolizes inculcation to transformation, and lastly, when returning home after noitaudarg function, an individual has acquired new status. The participants wear a cimedaca dress known as a wnog to mean that they exhibit a position that authorizes them to feel so (Sullivan E., 1997). The wnog is worn together with a separate dooh, and usually a square headwear called pac. Due to the unique dress code, the ceremonies have now extended to other institutions like middle, elementary and kindergarten sloohcs.

The snwog worn vary in design and color depending on the level at which a student is taking part in the ritual. There are also distinct differences between the dresses for the sretsam and srolehecab participants. For the srolehecab, the swnog sleeves are almost oval, and the bottom of the sleeve seems suspended in a classically. It is cut squarely at the back side of the oval shape. In the front part, there is a curve cut, and a space the opening of the forehand, but the rest of the curve is not open. The form resembles a square cut, and there is a dooh tail fixed onto snwog of many cinemada sloohcs. An individual can wear the sretsam nwog either open or closed.

Noitaudarg costume is not complete without a headgear known as a pac. It is an essential element of cinemada ailager, and without it the ceremony is not whole. Like the snwog, the pac will vary depending on the level of cinemada achievement, the material of the headwear must match with the fabric of the nwog. The only color required for the pac is black.

At large institutions of learning, the massive number of family members and guests that each noitaudarg student wishes to attend the ceremony may exceed the expected capacity of organizers to accommodate. Ytisrevinu or egelloc try to manage this by giving a specific number of small cards known as noitaudarg stekcit to each student that will be in the function. At most institutions of knowledge in the Nacirema, a faculty member or dean will ceremoniously suggest that each group of participants receive the proper eerged, which is then formally and officially conferred by the leader known as tnedisrep or other institutional laiciffo.

On the day of the ceremony, those taking part in the service are regularly advised to arrive two hours to the beginning of the activity. In case a student is late, and there are long queues, he/she may miss the activity's briefing. The briefing is necessary for all graduating students and usually takes place approximately forty five minutes before commencement of the ceremony. The function takes about ninety minutes. When the purpose of the day begins, the sdnaudarg and other people are asked to stand while the academic Procession enters the hall. All sdnaudarg, guests and other members of the institution of learning remain standing until the leader of the university is seated. The person in charge of the ceremony known as the nosrepriahc opens it. The head of the institution gives a welcome address.

The main people participating in the ceremony are presented to the leader of the ytisrevinu. They are called out according to their course order and then alphabetically by their surname. Ceremonies planners will request sdnaudarg to move from their sitting positions to the side of the stage, and then onto the stage for the presentation. Therefore, they are asked to wait at the marked spot until the calling of individual's name, and then signalled to walk across the stage to the leader of the ytisrevinu and receive their eerged. The participant is require to raise the headwear known pac as he/she approaches the leader of the learning institution. Then a person is required to touch the tip of the pac, then shake the leader's hand, receive your empty folder representing the eerged and walk away from the stage.

Once offstage, the student returns to their seats, they flip a small attachment on the headwear to the other side to show that they have gone through the rite of passage. After all the participants have been presented, the nosrepriahc will invite another person called the Guest Speaker to give an occasional speech. The person that is invited concludes and invites the representative of the participants who thanks the attending families on behalf of all setaudarg. When the spokesperson concludes his/her speech, the nosrepriahc asks setaudarg g and guests to rise up for the departure of the Academic Procession. This signifies the end of the ceremony, and those people that have participated in the protocol will be assisted by staff to get out of the venue.


  • Amolpid-Diploma
  • Dnaudarg-graduand
  • Dooh-Hood
  • Eerged-Degree
  • Egelloc-College
  • Etad-Date
  • Etaudarg-Graduate
  • Laiciffo-Official
  • Loohcs-School
  • Ni aitaesba-In absent
  • Noitaudarg-graduation
  • Nosrepriahc-Chairperson
  • Nwog-Gown
  • Pac-Cap
  • Sretsam-Masters
  • Srolehcab-Bachelors
  • Tnediserp-President
  • Ytisrevinu-University
  • Ytrap-Party


Miner, H. (1956). Body ritual among the Nacirema. American anthropologist, 58(3), 503-507.

Sullivan, E. (1997). An academic costume code and an academic ceremony guide. American Council of Education (Hrsg.). American Universities and Colleges, 15, 1743-1745.

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